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29021 BYRNE & HOULDEN Companion encyclopedia of theology Routledge 1995 1092pp laminated bdg vg £94

3707 CHAMPION S G Eleven Religions and their proverbial lore: a comparative study Routledge 1945 rpt 340pp bdg rb epp sl disc ow g £ 9

27851 DUNKLING L & GOSLING W Everyman's dictionary of first names Dent 1983 xvi 304pp dw & top pp edges slightly marked by damp ow vg £ 9

24260 FARMER D Oxford dictionary of saints OUP 1988 rpt xxiv 478pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £ 5

6780 FERM V Encyclopedia of religion Philosophical Library 1945 844pp ex lib bdg v wk £ 9

10755 KELLY J N D Oxford dictionary of Popes OUP 1986rpt xiv 347pp illus on fr fl & bk brd vg £ 8

30756 MARTIN C T Record interpreter: a collection of abbreviations, Latin words and names used in English historical manuscripts and records Stevens 2nd ed 1910 464pp bdg rubbed sp faded text vg £ 25

13234 MEAKIN T Basic church dictionary & compendium Canterbury 1990 119pp pb bk c sl rb vg £ 5

27254 NORWICH J J Oxford illustrated encyclopedia of the arts OUP 1990 502pp plates illus dw m £20

27772 OXFORD Annals of English literature 1475-1950: the principal publications of each year together with an alphabetical index of authors with their works OUP 2nd ed 1961 vi 380pp dw sl disc ow vg £ 15

35396 OXFORD Oxford classical dictionary OUP 1st ed 1949 971pp bdg fd & mkd pp sl disc vg £ 20

27741 SAVILL S & LOCKE E Pears encyclopaedia of myths and legends: the Ancient Near and Middle East; Classical Greece and Rome Pelham 1976 223pp plates dw sl torn & fd pp edges sl disc ow vg £ 15

27641 SHARPE R et al English Benedictine Libraries: the shorter catalogues (Corpus of British medieval library catalogues 4) British Library 1996 xxx 931pp mint £ 85



25 ABBOTT E Compassion of God and The Passion of Christ a scriptural meditation for the weeks of Lent Bles 1963 96pp pb bd sl mkd epp v sl fx ow g £2

30082 ABBOTT J Young Christian, or a familiar illustration of the principles of Christian duty. Full leather decorated binding with raised bands Waugh & Innes 2nd ed 1833 326pp bdg rb marbled epp text fx g £10

36 ABELARD P Letters of Abelard and Heloise trans with an intro by Betty Radice Penguin 1974 309pp pb covers sl faded & rubbed pp disc ow g £3

63 ACKROYD P R Doors of perception: guide to reading the Psalms Faith 1978 95pp exlib pb vg £2.50

79 ADAM D Cry of the Deer: Meditations on the Hymn of St Patrick Triangle 1991 157pp pb vg £2

34537 ADAM D Desert in the ocean Triangle 2000 123pp pb vg £2.50

21994 ADAM D Edge of glory: prayers in celtic tradition Triangle 1985 107pp pb pp v sl disc ow g £2

80 ADAM D Eye of the Eagle: meditations 'Be thou my vision' Triangle 1990 169pp pb pp disc g £2.75

30674 ADAM D On eagles' wings: the life and spirit of St Chad 1999 122pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £3

30352 ADAM D Open gate: Celtic prayers for growing spirituality 1994 118pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £3

81 ADAM D Power lines: Celtic prayers about work Triangle 1995 112pp pb vg £3

14531 ADAM D Tides and seasons: prayers in the Celtic tradition SPCK 1991 140pp pb pp sl disc vg £2

34260 ADAM D Wisdom of the Celts Eerdmans 1996 48pp dw laminated boards vg £3.50

8257 ADAM P Living the trinity: (GS1) Grove 1986 20pp pamp g £2

29916 ADAM P Roots of contemporary evangelical spirituality (GS24) Grove 1988 24pp pamp vg £2

97 ADAMS J R So you think you're not religious?: a thinking person's guide to the church discussion plans Cowley 1989 40pp pamp g £3

100 ADAMS R Dear God....Dear George Epworth 1980 111pp pb vg £1

34163 ADIE M Held together: an exploration of coherence DLT 1997 136pp pb pp v sl discol ow vg £4

118 ADVENT REFLECTIONS 1997 Deanery of Witherington in the Diocese of Manchester St John the Divine 1997 c30pp pamp g £3

139 AELRED, St of Rievaulx Mirror of Charity: trans of Speculum Caritatis (CFS 17) Cistercian Pubs 1990 324pp pb mint £12.95

138 AELRED, St of Rievaulx Spiritual friendship (CFS No 5) Cistercian Pubs 1977 144pp pb new £7.99

34259 AGAZZO R New Way of the Cross illus M Boscolo St Pauls 1995 47pp pocket size pb vg £3

31263 AKEHURST P R Community, prayer & the individual (M&W18) Grove 24pp exlib pamp g £4

166 ALBERT, St The Great Of cleaving to God: De Adhaerendo Deo - translated from the 15th Century Latin (FDL) Mowbray ne 1954 52pp pb bdg sl soiled sp worn text g £7

31058 ALEXANDER P Lion book of Christian poetry [A treasury of poems and the stories of their writers] Lion 1989 rpt 125pp illus dw v sl faded laminated boards inscription on tp ow vg £5

221 ALLCHIN A M Dynamic of tradition DLT 1981 151pp pb vg £7

24612 ALLCHIN A M Joy of all creation: Anglican meditation on the place of Mary DLT 1984 162pp pb fr cover creased bdg rubbed ow vg £8

222 ALLCHIN A M Kingdom of love and knowledge: the encounter between orthodoxy and the West DLT 1979 214pp pb bdg sl faded ow vg £6

223 ALLCHIN A M Participation in God: a forgotten strand in Anglican Tradition Morehouse-Barlow 1988 85pp pb vg £9

32249 ALLCHIN A M Praise above all: discovering the Welsh tradition [Ann Griffiths, Williams Pantycelyn, Saunders Lewis et al] signed by the author U of Wales Pr 1991 xii 173pp pb vg £10

34143 ALLCHIN A M Resurrection's children: exploring the way towards God CP 1998 124pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £4.50

226 ALLCHIN A M Solitude and Communion: papers on the Hermit life given at St.David`s, Wales in the Autumn of 1975 by Orthodox, Roman and Anglican contributors SLG Pr 1977 rpt 84pp pb vg £7

227 ALLCHIN A M Spirit and the word: two studies in nineteenth century Anglican theology Faith Press 1963 95pp pb bgd sl faded ow g £8

230 ALLCHIN A M Threshold of Light: Prayers & Praises from the Celtic Tradition intro & ed by A M Allchin and Esther de Waal illus from 'Carmina Gadelica' DLT 1986 74pp pb c sl rb pp sl discol vg £2

34250 ALLCHIN A M Women of prayer: Ann Griffiths and Elizabeth of the Trinity SLG Pr 1992 20pp pamphlet vg £2.75

235 ALLCHIN A M World is a Wedding: explorations in Xn spirituality DLT 1978 173pp pb c cr g £7

242 ALLEN C L God's Psychiatry: the 23rd Psalm, the 10 Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, The Beatitudes World's Work 1960 176pp pb g £4

32958 ALLEN M & BURROWS R Letters on prayer S&W 1999 105pp pb vg £4

33979 ALPHONSO H Personal vocation: transformation in depth through the spiritual exercises Gujarat Sahitya Prakash 1997 91pp pb vg £5

273 ALPHONSUS St Stations of the Cross (D283) CTS 1965 31pp pamp c w ow vg £3

20196 AMIEL H-F Amiel's Journal: the journal in time of Henri-Frederic Amiel trans with intro & notes by Mrs H Ward Macmillan 1889 2nd ed rpt 318pp ex-lib epp fx ow vg £11

304 AMIRTHAM S & PRYOR R Resources for spiritual formation in theological education: invitation to the feast of life WCC nd 249p pb vg £9

311 ANCELET-HUSTACHE J Master Eckhart & the Rhineland Mystics (Men of Wisdom) Longmans 1957 190pp pb ex-lib c w ow g £5

34300 ANCILLA Following feet Longmans 1955 132pp ex lib dw faded & worn epp discol ow g £9

358 ANDERSON S R & HOPKINS P Feminine face of God: unfolding of the sacred in women Bantam 1998 253pp pb m £11.50

28185 ANDREW Fr God's adventure Mowbray 1939 149pp pb few pcl mm ow g £4

365 ANDREW Fr Life and Letters of Father Andrew Mowbrays 1961rpt 259pp plates bdg fd text vg £2

375 ANDREW Fr Melody of life: meditations Mowbray 1950 rpt xii 195pp bdg rbd & fd ow vg £7

381 ANDREW Fr Selections from the Psalms: a commentary Mowbray 1955 72pp pb c sl rb & fd vg £3

384 ANDREW Fr Simeon's Song: meditations on the Nunc Dimittis Mowbray 1944 rpt 80pp pb c disc £3 385 ANDREW Fr Song of Redeeming Love: on the Benedictus Mowbray 1941 64pp pb c mkd g £3

387 ANDREW Fr Symbolism of the Sanctuary Mowbray 1935 rpt 62pp frontis dw card covers sp sl rb lacks fr fl ow vg £5

390 ANDREW Fr Way of Victory: Meditations Mowbray 1938 172pp pb vg £5

392 ANDREW Fr Ways of God Mowbray 1947 rpt 95pp c fd ow g £3

34565 ANDREWES L Devotions of Bishop Andrewes: Vol II trans from the Latin by John Mason Neale SPCK 1920 174pp binding faded and soiled back board badly affected by damp (no smell) slight stain on last few pp edges contents pencilled text vg £10

419 ANDREWS C F Christ in the Silence H&S 1933 rpt 315pp bdg s ow g £5

34249 ANKE Sr Creativity of diminishment SLG 1989 9pp pamphlet vg £3

28827 ANSELM St Prayers & meditations trans/intro Benedicta Ward Pg 1973 rpt 287pp new pb £10.99

589 APPLEBY R Glimpses of God: prayers for young adults K Mayhew 1993 111pp pb m £2

591 APPLETON G Acts of devotion SPCK 1963 60pp pamp g £1

596 APPLETON G Entry into Life: the gospel of death DLT 1985 119pp pb vg £2

597 APPLETON G Glad Encounter: Jesus Christ & the Living Faiths of Men SPCK 1978 86pp ex-lib pb pp edges disc ow g £2

598 APPLETON G Glimpses of Faith: 100 meditations Mowbray 1982 100pp pb pp edges disc ow g £3

599 APPLETON G Hour of Glory: Meditations on the Passion DLT 1985 111pp ex-lib pb vg £3

600 APPLETON G Human Search: with Teilhard De Chardin Fount 1979 159pp pb pp sl disc ow g £3

608 APPLETON G Praying with the Bible BRF 1981 68pp pamp vg £2

21731 APPLETON G Quiet heart: prayers and meditations for each day of the year Collins 1983 480pp pb c cr & rb pp sl disc ow g £6.50

24374 APPLETON G Understanding the Psalms Mowbray 1987 180pp pb sp sl fd pp sl disc ow vg £5

610 APPLETON G Way of a disciple Fount 1979 203pp pb pp disc ow g £2

33116 ARIAS J Ultimate dimension Mercier Pr 1977 158pp pb bdg sl faded ow vg £15

21981 ARINTERO J G Stages in prayer Blackfriars 1957 x 178pp ex lib dw rb ow vg £10

654 ARNDT J True Christianity (CWS) SPCK 1979 301pp ex clerical lib pb vg £10

32943 ARSENIEV N Russian piety (Library of Orthodox theology and spirituality) Faith Pr 2nd ed 1975 143pp pb bdg sl faded & rubbed text vg £9

24389 ASHTON C Threshold God DLT 1992 xvi 143pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £7

693 ASHTON J Mother of nations: visions of Mary Lamp 1988 223pp exlib pp sl disc pn on tp g £7

694 ASHTON J People's Madonna: the visions of Mary at Medjugorje Fount 240pp pb ex-lib vg £7

698 ASKEW E Disguises of Love: meditations and prayers Leprosy Mission Int 1983 87pp pb vg £1

23025 ASKEW E Facing the storm: meditations and prayers Leprosy Mission Int 1989 92pp pb vg £1

700 ASKEW E Many voices one voice: meditations and prayers Leprosy Mission 1985 81pp pb vg £1

701 ASKEW E No strange land: meditations and prayers Leprosy Mission Int 1987 85pp pb m £1

702 ASKEW E Silence & a shouting: meditations & prayers LM 1982 87pp pb fr c cr & rb ow g £1

26269 ASSEMBLIES Assemblies address book: useful addresses and other information for Christmas Christian Year Pub 3rd ed 1995 256pp pb mint £4

26396 ASTLEY J & FRANCIS L Christian perspectives on faith development: a reader FW/Eerdmans 1992 xxiv 411pp pb new £20

34302 ATKINSON J B Beauty of holiness Epworth 1953 160pp ex lib dw grubby & torn text vg £8

749 ATTWATER D Saints of the East CBC 1963 190pp dw sl w ow vg £5

32949 ATWELL R Celebrating the seasons: daily spiritual readings for the Christian year CP 1999 578pp ribbon marker vg £16

751 AU W By way of the heart: toward a holistic Christian spirituality Paulist 1990 219pp pb mint £13

768 AUGUSTINE St Confessions trans/intro by RS Pine-Coffin Pg 1961 347pp pb pps disc ow g £3

769 AUGUSTINE St Confessions (EL) JM Dent 1907rpt 348pp g £4

771 AUGUSTINE St Confessions tr EB Pusey Nelson 1938 379pp bdg & pp mkd by liquid few mm £5

22702 AUGUSTINE St Confessions ed/intro by A Symons W Scott nd xx 297pp c rb epp disc ow vg £6

28025 AUGUSTINE St Confessions trans by E B Pusey (EL No 200) Dent 1970rpt 353pp dw vg £6

31340 AUGUSTINE St Confessions edited by E B Pusey, intro by H C Beeching Blackie nd 314pp bdg sl rb epp & pp edges v sl fx ow vg £4

31341 AUGUSTINE St Confessions trans and edited by W H Hutchings Longmans 1910 322pp ex lib bdg sl fd & mkd l on sp epp disc text vg £3

29784 AUGUSTINE St Confessions (Vol XIV of The works of Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo) trans by J G Pilkington [ex college lib, labels inside front cover and on spine only] T&T Clark 1876 xxxvi 416pp orig.bdg worn spine split hinges weak text vg £14

30738 AUGUSTINE St Confessions of Saint Augustine trans out of the original Latin by E B Pusey & ed by T Scott illus by M Armfield intro by A Meynell Chatto 1909 326pp original cloth col frontis & plates vg £18

774 AUGUSTINE St Confessions of St Augustine: translated by FJ Sheed S&W 1944 290pp ex lib binding sl rubbed corners bumped few pen/pencil textual marks ow vg £2.50

775 AUGUSTINE St Confessions of St Augustine: in the trans of Sir Tobie Matthew revised by Dom Roger Hudleston Collins 1960 253pp pp disc ow g £5

776 AUGUSTINE St Confessions: Book VIII edited and trans by CSC Williams B Blackwell 1953 55pp pb sp selotaped pcl & pn tm f £5

777 AUGUSTINE St Confessions: trans and annotated by JG Pilkington with biographical intro Liveright Pub Corp 1943 414pp vg £13

779 AUGUSTINE St Confessions: trans with notes and intro by C Bigg Methuen 1929 rpt 333pp g £6

780 AUGUSTINE St Confessions: Books 1-X revised trans (A&ML) GFOW 1886 227pp bdg v mkd £5

759 AUGUSTINE St Confessions: selections newly trans by W Montgomery CUP 1910 271pp ex lib pb pkt size needs rebdg £5

31353 AUGUSTINE St Heart at rest: daily readings with St Augustine of Hippo DLT 1986 64pp pb cover sl rubbed pp sl disc sm ink stain on base os some pp text vg £3

797 AUGUSTINE St Seventeen short Treatises of S. Augustine Bishop of Hippo (Library of the Fathers) Parker 1847 670pp needs re-bdg pp uncut ow g £20

29767 AUGUSTINE St Seventeen short Treatises of S. Augustine Bishop of Hippo (Library of the Fathers) JH Parker nd 670pp bds fd sp sl damaged epp water mkd 2 pp tm ow text vg £18

34248 AUGUSTINE ST Wisdom of Saint Augustine compiled and introduced by David Winter Lion 1997 48pp dw laminated boards vg £2.25

31682 AUGUSTINE, St Confessions translated and edited by Philip Burton with an intro by Robin Lane Fox (EL128) Everyman 2001 370pp dw mint £8

34299 AUGUSTINE, St Confessions trans by Edward B Pusey intro by Harold C Gardiner Pocket Bks 1953 rpt 301pp ex lib pb c fd & sl cr sp rb front epp & tp loose default opening working copy only £2

34305 AUGUSTINE, St S Augustines Manuell, or little booke of the contemplation of Christ, or of Gods worde, whereby the remembraunce of the heauenly desires whiche is falne a sleepe may be quickned up agayne John Daye 1577 facsimile no pagination ex lib binding sl rubbed pp sl discoloured sl foxing on epp & edges text vg £12

812 AULT N Poets Life of Christ OUP 1924 rpt 275pp vg £7 & 813 bdg rb ow g £6

818 AUSTIN G Journey to Faith SPCK 1992 158pp pb m £5

837 AVANCINI N Life and Teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ SPCK rpt 1950 499pp c s ow g £2

852 AXLING W Kagawa SCM 1932 223pp bdg s ow g £9

35325 BAARS C W & TERRUWE A A Healing the unaffirmed: recognizing deprivation neurosis [A revised version of 'Loving & curing the Neurotic', published 1972] Alba Hs 1976 214pp pb c sl fd & rb text vg £4.50

30559 BACKHOUSE R Feast of Anglican spirituality CP 1998 288pp pb vg £7

894 BAELZ P Forgotten dream: experience, hope and God (Bampton Lectures 1974) Mowbray 1975 148pp dw faded & sl rubbed ow vg £8

895 BAELZ P Prayer and providence (Hulsean Lectures for 1966) SCM 1968 141pp dw vg £5

931 BAILLIE J Christian Devotion OUP 1962 88pp dw w £5 also pb vg £3

932 BAILLIE J Diary of private prayer OUP 1954 rpt 135pp c mk ow g £3

933 BAILLIE J Diary of Readings: anthology...serious thought one for every day of the year gathered from the wisdom of many centuries OUP 1994 rpt 385pp pb c v sl mkd pp sl discol ow vg £5

941 BAIN I Celtic Knotwork Constable 1991 rpt 115pp pb col & b&w illus vg £7

942 BAINES N Hungry for hope Daybreak 1991 148pp ex-lib pb vg £5

956 BAKER A E Prophets for a day of judgement:(Abp Canterbury Lent Bk 1944) E&S 1944 95pp g £5

960 BAKER E Faith of a Methodist Wyvern rpt 1962 127pp pb c sl disc ow vg £3

974 BAKER F A Holy wisdom, or directions for the prayer of contemplation B&O 1964 497pp ex lib dw worn & selotaped to boards usual stamps etc pp edges grubby text vg £18 & 31096 A Clarke dw vg £25

31250 BAKER P Of minstrels, monks and milkmen SCM 1981 186pp ex lib pb covers creased & rubbed pp sl disc ow g £4.50

978 BALD R C John Donne: a life Clarendon 1970 627pp plates ex lib [label on spine/bkplate inside front board only] dw very slightly rubbed vg £20

987 BALL P Adult believing: guide to the Xn initiation of adults Mowbray 1988 102pp ex-lib pb vg £5

31296 BALL P Journey into faith SPCK 1984 52pp pamphlet cover sl faded ow vg £6

1007 BALTHASAR H U von Prayer trans A V Littledale SPCK 1975 246pp dw fd & sl worn ow vg £8

31294 BAMBERG C Cost of being human Dimension Bks 1980 150pp pb covers rubbed ow vg £6

1011 BAMFORD C & MARSH W P Celtic Christianity: ecology and holiness Lindisfarne Pr 1991 rpt 143pp pb vg £5

5831 BANCROFT A Women in search of the sacred: spiritual lives of Sheila Cassidy, Annie Dillard, Danah Zohar, Susan Howatch, Iris Murdoch el al Penguin 1996 182pp pb c cr pp discol ow g £4

1052 BARCLAY W Every day with William Barclay: devotional readings for every day H&S 1973 285pp ex lib dw torn ow vg £9

1066 BARCLAY W In the hands of God Collins 1977 157pp ex-lib pb pp reglued to sp pp disc ow g £5

1082 BARCLAY W Marching orders: daily readings for younger people H&S '76 192pp pb pp disc g £5

1093 BARCLAY W Plain man looks at the Apostles' Creed Collins 1967 384pp pb pp sl disc ow g £3

1100 BARCLAY W Prayers for young people Collins 1974 rpt 95pp pb pp disc ow g £3

1105 BARCLAY W Seen in the passing Collins 1st ed 1966 157pp few pn tm ow g £3

1106 BARCLAY W Testament of faith Mowbrays 1975 124pp ex-lib dw vg £9

1107 BARCLAY W Through the Year with William Barclay: devotional readings for every day H&S 1972 rpt 316pp dw rb ow vg £10 also 23858 pb c rb pp disc ow g £5

1112 BARDSLEY C Sundry times sundry places: a selection of talks & addresses given to all sorts of people, at various times, & in many places Mowbray 1962 157pp pb c & sp w ow g £3

1113 BARDSLEY C K N Changing church: a lecture given by the Bishop of Coventry in Canterbury Cathedral, 19th October, 1966 Gibbs nd 16pp pamp vg £3

1120 BARING-GOULD S Lives of the Saints: February J Hodges 1872 456pp brown decorated binding rubbed & slightly worn at corners, top/tail spine bk hinge w ow g £10

1135 BARKWAY L Introduction to the inner life Mowbray 1955 rpt 85pp vg £3

32373 BARNES J E Cana revisited: a personal pilgrimage CP 1994 85pp pb bdg sl rubbed ow vg £1.50

8223 BARRATT J Glorify God in your body: (GS28) Grove 1989 21pp pamp g £4

26625 BARRETT R & FISHER Journeymen: essays on male spirituality Giant Pr 1999 178pp pb vg £10

1210 BARRIE J M Courage: Rectorial address delivered at St.Andrews University May 3rd 1922 H&S nd 47pp c disc ow g £7 also 1211 1940 sixpenny edition 60pp pb sl fx c rb ow g £5

1229 BARRY F R Sir, we would see Jesus Mowbray 1957 38pp pb g £5

1230 BARRY F R To recover confidence SCM 1974 118pp pb c disc ow vg £3

35073 BARRY W & CONNOLLY J Practice of spiritual direction Harper&Row 1982 xii 211pp pb fr cover sl creased pp sl discoloured ow vg £8

1240 BARTH H M Fulfilment SCM 1980 115pp pb c disc ow vg £3

24341 BARTON J Love unknown: meditations on the death & resurrection of Jesus SPCK 1990 82pp pb vg £2.50

1299 BARTON S C People of the passion Triangle 1994 87pp paperback vg £3.25

1300 BARTON S C Spirituality of the gospels SPCK 1992 161pp pb vg £9

1315 BASSET B Gospel questions and inquiries S&W 1975 rpt 240pp pb sp rb ow vg £5

6505 BASSET E Beyond the Blue Mountains: wisdom and compassion on living and dying Medio Media 1999 240pp dw very slightly rubbed ow vg £9

1317 BASSETT E Love is My Meaning: anthology of assurance DLT 1975 272pp pb c rb ow g £10

1323 BATCHELOR M Lion Christian poetry collection Lion 1995 576pp dw vg £10

1324 BATCHELOR M Lion prayer collection: 1000 prayers for all occasions Lion 1992 416pp dw vg £6

35118 BATCHELOR M Lion prayer collection: over 1300 prayers for all occasions (New expanded edition) Lion 1996 432pp dw vg £9

22030 BATSON CD, BEKER J C & CLARK Commitment without ideology: the experience of Christian growth SCM 1973 207pp pb ex lib ow vg £9

8222 BAUCKHAM R Freedom to choose: (GS39) Grove 1991 21pp pamp g £4

8247 BAUCKHAM R Knowing God incarnate: (GS6) Grove 1983 21pp pamphlet vg £4

23013 BAUCKHAM R & HART T At the cross: meditations on people who were there DLT 1999 xii 132pp pb m £7

31334 BAXTER R Call to the unconverted to turn and live and accept mercy while mercy may be had... RTS nd 134pp bdg worn and marked pn tm epp disc ow g £18

1383 BAXTER R Reformed Pastor: ed by William Brown Banner of Truth 1974 from 1862 abridged ed 256pp pb cover sl faded pp sl disc ow vg £2.50

1390 BAYNE S Mindful of the love: the Holy Communion & daily life OUP 1962 132pp g £5

1391 BAYNE S Now is the accepted time: writings & prayers Foreward Movement 1982 89pp ex-lib pb c fd ow vg £3

34343 BEALES W H Children of God: chapters on conversion and its consequences Epworth 1937 149pp ex lib dustwrapper slightly torn & grubby text vg £5

1439 BEARD R Everyman's search A James rpt 1951 155pp ex lib sp fd ow g £3

1462 BEAUSOBRE I de Creative suffering SLG Pr 1984 rpt 21pp pamp cover v sl faded ow vg £3

1464 BEBB E D The man who got there Epworth Pr 1938 168pp ex lib bdg mke epp fx £3

34453 BECKETT W Sister Wendy's book of meditations Dorling Kindersley 1998 160pp dw slightly faded with small tear laminated boards with one corner slightly bumped ow vg £18

1516 BEHMAN J Dialogues on the supersensual life Methuen 1901 144pp ex lib bdg sl w ow g £6

1523 BELDEN A D One hundred tales worth telling IP 1955 rpt 179pp bds rb ow g £6

31758 BELL A Lives and legends of the English bishops and kings, mediaeval monks, and other later saints G Bell 1904 377pp frontis plates ex lib bdg grubby & w some foxing ow g £10

31757 BELL A Lives and legends of the Evangelists, Apostles, and other early Saints G Bell 1901 284pp frontis plates ex lib bdg grubby & w some foxing ow g £15

1528 BELL B I Holy Week Centenary Press 1936 112pp dw w & fd epp sl fx ow g £5

1529 BELL B I O men of God! Longmans 1936 117pp c fd some pcl mm ow g £5

1551 BELL K N Belief in action G Bell and Sons 1952 84pp dw s ow g £5

1556 BELLARS W Before the Throne: manual of private devotion A&U 1958 rpt 242pp dw w ow g £5

33615 BENA A Events of Medjugorje [illustrated throughout with colour photography] Velar 1989 180pp A4 pb cover sl creased & rubbed top corner bumped text vg £20

22705 BENEDICT St Rule of Saint Benedict trans Abbot Parry intro & comm Esther de Waal Gracewing 1997 rpt xxviii 118pp pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £4

30742 BENEDICT St Rule of Saint Benedict for monasteries: a trans by Bernard Basil Bolton Ladywell Pr 1970 81pp pb covers faded ow vg £6

33945 BENEDICT St St Benedict's rule for monasteries: translated from the Latin by Leonard J Doyle Liturgical Pr 1948 100pp pamphlet cover grubby and al creased text vg £2

33946 BENEDICT St Rule of St Benedict in English ed T Fry Liturgical Pr 1982 96pp pamp vg £2

34257 BENEDICTA Sr Spirituality of Saint Cuthbert SLG Pr 1992 17pp pamp sm stain on bk c vg £3

1597 BENNETT R Emotionally Free Kingsway 1982 253pp pb pps disc ow g £3

1603 BENSON A C At Large Smith Elder & Co 1908 rpt 343pp bdg fd pps sl fx ow g £6

22679 BENSON R M Religious vocation Mowbray 1st ed 1939 315pp few pcl mm ow vg £7

1681 BERKHOF H & POTTER P Key words of the Gospels: bible studies delivered Mexico Meeting of the WCC Commission on World Mission & Evangelism 1963 SCM 1964 126pp ex-lib pb g £5

1689 BERNADETTE Sr Are you there God?: getting in touch with God for the over 10's La Retraite Sisters 1981 15pp pamp g £3

1693 BERNANOS G Diary of a country priest Carroll & Graf 1983 298pp pb c sl fd & rb ow vg £4

1695 BERNAOS G Fearless heart Bodley Head 1952 127pp bdg sl fd ow vg £7

1700 BERNARD Bro Open to God: the Franciscan Life Collins 1986 173pp pb vg £2

1697 BERNARD Bro Threefold gift of Christ (FDL) tr & ed by a religious of C.S.M.V. Mowbray 1954 45pp pb c sl rb ow vg £5

34897 BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX Letters of ... trans by Bruno Scott James B&O 1953 xx 530pp ex lib pb sp taped, loose bdg working copy nice clean text £10

1701 BERNARD St of Clairvaux Love Without Measure: extracts from the writings of St Bernard of Clairvaux intro & arranged by Paul Diemer Cistercian 1990 154pp pb new £4.50

21813 BERNARD St of Clairvaux On Loving God: tr from critical latin ed prepared by Jean Leclercq intro analysis E Stiegman Cistercian 1995 219pp pb m £10.95

1704 BERNARD St of Clairvaux On the Christian Year: selections from his sermons Mowbray 1st ed 1954 167pp binding sl marked hinges exposed ow g £10

22110 BERNARD St of Clairvaux On the Song of Songs I [Sermons 1-20] tr by Kilian Walsh, intro by Jean Leclercq (CFS No 4) Cistercian Pubs 1971 xxx 155pp pb some underlining ow vg £7.50

22111 BERNARD St of Clairvaux On the Song of Songs III [Sermons 47-66] tr by Kilian Walsh, intro by Jean Leclercq (CFS No 31) Cistercian Pubs 1979 xxv 207pp new paperback £8.95

22112 BERNARD St of Clairvaux On the Song of Songs IV [Sermons 67-86] tr by Kilian Walsh, intro by Jean Leclercq (CFS No 40) Cistercian Pubs 1980 rpt xxv 261pp new paperback £8.95

1710 BERNARD St of Clairvaux Sermons on Conversion: a sermon to clerics and lenten sermons on the psalm 'he who dwells' trans with intro by M-B Said Cistercian 1981 282pp pb new £11.99

22014 BERRIGAN D Consequences: truth and ... S&W 1967 x 123pp pb pp sl disc ow g £7

1731 BESSIERE G Jesus Ahead B&O 1975 129pp pb ex-lib c rb ow vg £7

1784 BIBLE Bible & the Christian: a course of sermons on the Bible preached in the Chapel of Pusey House, Oxford Mowbray 1957 60pp pb sp rb ow vg £3

1931 BICKERSTETH C Letters to a Godson: an attempt to give a reasonable account of Christian Doctrine, with suggestions for further studies Mowbray rpt 1914 267pp c mk & fd epp fx ow g £5

1937 BICKNELL E J In Defence of Christian Prayer: a consideration of some of the intellectual difficulties that surround petition Longmans 1925 120pp pb c disc sp rb pps fx & pcl tm/mm f £3

21722 BILLHEIMER P E Love covers: a viable platform for Christian unity CLC 1981 164pp pb c sl damaged ow g £3

1986 BISAGNO J Power of positive praying Zondervan 1965 95pp pb c fd pn mm ow g £5

1994 BISHOPS Bishops on the Bible: eight Bishops on the role and relevance of the Bible today SPCK 1994 136pp pb m £5

30478 BITTLINGER A Gifts and ministries H&S 1974 127pp ex lib pb covers creased pp disc ow g £3

1998 BLACK F On Suffering: letters to a friend Novalis 1988 96pp pb c sl fd ow m £5

1999 BLACK H Culture and restraint H&S 1901 383pp ex-lib epp disc ow g £5

2009 BLACKER T Pilgrimage of Dreams Turnstone 1973 164pp pb vg £5

2513 BLAKESLEY J Paths of the heart: prayers of medieval Christians with foreword by Brother Ramon Triangle 1993 xiv 128pp pb bdg sl rubbed pp v sl disc ow vg £3

2042 BLAMIRES N Looking on Glass: thoughts for every day Epworth 1992 122pp pb m £6

2043 BLANCH B & S Heaven a dance: an Evelyn Underhill anthology Triangle 1992 144pp pb bdg sl rubbed fr c sl creased ow g £4

2044 BLANCH S Burning Bush: signs of our times Lutterworth 1978 116pp pb vg £5

24789 BLANCH S Christian militant: Lent with St Mark's Gospel SPCK 1978 63pp pamp g £4

2049 BLANCH S Way of Blessedness H&S 1985 231pp pb few highlighted sentences ow g £3

2067 BLESSED Blessed Sacrament & the Life of Communion: a meditation Horne nd 24pp pamp g £3

35493 BLIGH J Our Divine Master (Scripture for meditation 3) St Paul 1969 168pp pb bdg fd & rb vg £5

2084 BLOOM A God and man DLT/SVS Pr rpt 1971 125pp dw sl rb ow vg £2.50

2085 BLOOM A Living prayer DLT 1969 rpt 125pp pb pp sl disc ow g £1.75

2086 BLOOM A Meditations on a theme: a spiritual journey Mowbrays rpt 1972/76 125pp pb g £2.50

2087 BLOOM A School for prayer by Metopolitan Anthony of Sourozh DLT 1989 rpt 70pp pb bk c sl creased pp sl disc ow vg £4

2095 BLUE L Backdoor to heaven: an autobiography Collins 1985 141pp pb pp edges disc ow g £6

2096 BLUE L Bolts from the Blue H&S 1986 159pp dw vg fr epp cut ow m £5

2097 BLUE L Guide to the here & hereafter Collins 1989 226pp pb vg £6

2102 BLUNT A W F For beginners in prayer Mowbray 1943rpt 80pp ex lib pb sp sl rb ow g £3

34319 BODINGTON C Books of devotion ( Oxford library of practical theology) Longmans 1903 319pp ex lib binding faded & sl marked spine sl nicked at top epp disc text vg £4.50

34346 BOEHME J Signature of all things with other writings (EL) Dent nd 295pp ex lib binding slightly rubbed spine faded ow vg £6

31053 BOEHME J Way to Christ, described in the treatises: Of true repentance, Of true resignation, Of regeneration, Of the super-sensual life Watkins 1927 302pp ex lib bdg sl faded epp disc text vg £10

2142 BOFF L Path to hope: fragments from a theologian's journey Orbis 1993 134pp pb vg £9

2150 BOGO M de C Led by Love: a missionary war of the cross St Paul 1990 61pp pb vg £3

2181 BONHOEFFER D Cost of discipleship: revised and unabridged edition containing material not previously translated SCM 1969 285pp dw sl disc ow vg £12

2187 BONHOEFFER D I Loved This People SPCK 1966 62pp pb vg £5

26290 BONHOEFFER D Life Together: a discussion of Christian fellowship Harper & Row 2005 rpt 122pp new paperback £7.50

2190 BONHOEFFER D Narrow Path: daily readings edited by A Taylor DLT 1990 62pp pb vg £3

2193 BONHOEFFER D Psalms: Prayer Book of the Bible SLG 1982 25pp pamp vg £3

2209 BONNKE R Evangelism by fire Kingsway 1989 253pp pb vg £5

2230 BOOTH H Healing Experiences: a devotional and study guide BRF 1985 83pp pb vg £5

2232 BOOTH H Stepping stones to Christian maturity BRF 1980 64pp pamp vg £3

25787 BORCHARD T J Woman, why are you weeping? a lenten companion for women Crossroad 1999 95pp pb mint £7.50

2255 BOROS L God is With Us B&O 1967 199pp dw rb few pcl tm ow vg £7

2256 BOROS L Hidden God Search 1973 126pp ex-lib dw vg £7

2258 BOROS L Meditations Search 1973 110pp dw mk ow vg £7

35319 BORRIELLO L Spiritual doctrine of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity: Apostolic contemplative Alba House 1986 154pp pb cover sl rubbed spine faded ow vg £8

2267 BORSCH F H God's Parable SCM 1975 116pp c sl creased few pencil marks ow vg £3

29810 BOSSHARDT A Guiding hand: a story of miracles and answered prayer in China Harold Shaw/H&S 1973 190pp cover soiled pp slightly discoloured ow g £7

8181 BOTTING M Beginners guide to spirituality: (GS2) Grove 1990 24pp pamp g £2

29912 BOTTING M Christians in retirement (GS18) Grove 1986 29pp pamphlet vg £2

8226 BOTTING M Guidance: (GS27) Grove 1988 20pp pamp g £2

8278 BOTTING M Praying in Groups: (GS30) Grove 1989 21pp pamp g £4

2288 BOULDING M Coming of God Fount 1984 208pp pp disc ow vg £3 also 26852 cover & pp edges slightly discol ow vg £3

2291 BOULDING M Marked for life: prayer in the Easter Christ 1985 116pp pb c cr pp disc ow g £4 &

23874 1995 116pp pb vg £4

34345 BOUYER L Christian initiation B&O 1960 148pp ex lib dw sl fd with small tear ow vg £8

2319 BOUYER L Christian Mystery: Pagan myth to Xn Mysticism T&T Clark 1990 303pp dw m £18

2324 BOUYER L History of Christian Spirituality 3 volumes non-matching set B&O Vol 1 original issue with sl torn dw, Vol 2 ex lib minimal mks with dw, Vol 3 no dw all vg £110

24757 BOUYER L LECLERCQ J et al History of Christian Spirituality Volume I: Spirituality of the New Testament and the Fathers B&O 1963 xx 541pp dw with edge tears ow vg £45

2323 BOUYER L LECLERCQ J et al History of Christian Spirituality Volume III: Orthodox Spirituality & Protestant & Anglican Spirituality B&O 1968 vi 224pp no dw label inside front board ow mint £45

2336 BOWDEN J By Heart: a lifetime companion SCM 1996 120pp pb vg £5

2340 BOWDEN J Voices in the wilderness SCM 1977 85pp pb vg £1.50

2342 BOWDEN J Who is a Christian? SCM 1970 124pp pb ex-lib pcl tm/mm ow vg £3

2350 BOWEN W E In the Beginning: sermons H&S 1st ed 1939 326pp c disc & fd epp fx ow g £3

33014 BOWIE F & DAVIES O Hildegard of Bingen: an anthology SPCK 1996 rpt 157pp pb bk cover sl creased ow vg £8

21748 BOWKER J Year to live (cycle of meditations on the transforming power of the Christian story) SPCK 1991 186pp pb mint £10

23017 BOWMAN-EADIE R & DODDS G Communities of hope DLT 1998 xii 112pp pb m £3

33376 BOWSHER A Demolishing strongholds: evangelism and strategic-level spiritual warfare (GEv21) Grove Books 1993 25pp pamphlet vg £4

2382 BOYD M Am I Running with You God SPCK 1978 143pp pb sp & c fd ow g £5

2383 BOYD M Are you running with me, Jesus?: prayers SCM 1967 118pp pb sp rb ow g £5

24916 BOYD M Book of days Heinemann/SCM 1968 182pp pb c rb ow vg £3

2389 BOYLAN M E Difficulties in mental prayer Gill 1943 rpt 130pp dw pp edges & epp disc g £2.50

2393 BOYLE N S S Gospel of salvation: notes of addresses on spiritual healing no imprint 16pp pamp c disc pp damaged by staples ow g £3

2411 BRADLEY I Celtic Way DLT 2003 134pp pb new £8.99 also 30423 pb vg £6

34341 BRANDON O Battle for the soul: aspects of religious conversion H&S 1960 96pp ex lib pb binding slightly faded text vg pb £4

2444 BRAYBROOKE N Teilhard De Chardin Libra 1965 128pp pb c/pp sl disc g £3

2448 BREDERO A H Bernard of Clairvaux: between cult and history Eerdmans 1996 320pp dw m £16

2460 BRENDA MICHAEL Sr This is the Word of the Lord SLG 1986 24pp pamp vg £3

9437 BRENGLE S L Heart talks on holiness Salvationist Pub 1960 rpt tatty paperback some pen marks reading copy only £3

2462 BRENT C H Mount of Vision: being a study of life in terms of the whole Longmans 1918 124pp sp fd epp disc ow g £3

2463 BRENT C H Mount of vision: being a study of life in terms of the whole Longmans Green 1918 124pp ex-lib epp fx sp fd ow g £5

2464 BRETHERTON J Purpose of prayer: popular treatment of the philosophy of prayer SCM 1920 270pp ex lib bdg rb & disc pn tm £3

2484 BRIDGES Building bridges: Lent 1996 a workbook for group members CCBI 1995 65pp pb m £3

2495 BRIGGS F R Do you know your Prayer Book? 201 questions and answers reprinted from Cof E Newspaper Cof E Newspaper nd 68pp ex lib g £3

2496 BRIGGS G W Daily Reading: for school and home Penguin 1963 283pp pb pp disc ow g £2

24936 BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP By request from 'Ten to eight' on Radio 4 (by Cyril Fletcher, R S Thomas, Joyce Grenfell, Arthur Calder-Marshall et al) BBC 1968 rpt 72pp pb c sl fd ow g £4

2578 BROOKS P Christian Spirituality: essays in honour of Gordon Rupp by G W Lampe, M D Knowles, A G Dickens O Chadwick, G F Nuttall et al SCM 1975 346pp dw vg £10

2580 BROOKS P Law of growth & other sermons Macmillan 1910 421pp bdg rb few pcl mm pp uncut ow vg £5

2583 BROOKS P Light of the World: & other sermons Macmillan 1905 373pp bdg rb epp sl fx vg £5

2613 BROWN D & FULLER Signs of grace: sacraments in poetry & prose Cassell 1995 178pp dw m £8

2632 BROWN K B Point Counter, Signs of Life & Inside Out 3 vols in slipcase (Mental Touchstones for the searching of the spirit) Lifetimes 1988 154pp/143pp/139pp dw m set £13

2643 BROWN R E Adult Christ at Christmas: essays on the three biblical Christmas stories Matthew 2 & Luke 2 Liturgical Pr 1988 50pp pb vg £5

2676 BROWN S My World BRF 1989 112pp pb vg £2

2672 BROWN S & REID G Brushing up on believing: a fresh look at basic Christianity and prayer BRF 1991 115pp pb vg £2

2677 BROWN S & REID G Brushing up on believing: a fresh look at basic Christianity and prayer illus by Taffy BRF 1991 115pp pb vg £2

34317 BROWNE H Darkness or light: an essay in the theory of divine contemplation Herder 1925 286pp ex lib binding sl rubbed spine faded epp disc text vg £12

2702 BROWNE T Religio Medici CUP 1963 154pp ex-lib g £7

21890 BROWNE T Religio Medici and Christian morals edited by WA Greenhill Macmillan 1923 lvi 392pp c rb epp sl disc ow vg £6

34274 BROWNE T Religio Medici, and, Hydriotaphia (urn-burial) Blackie & Son nd 236pp frontis binding sl rubbed ow vg £6

2738 BRUCE M Science of Prayer SPCK 1937 134pp dw disc pcl tm/mm ow vg £3

6013 BRUNN E Z & EPINEY-BURGARD G Women mystics in medieval Europe Paragon House 1989 xxxvi 233pp pb few pcl mm ow vg £12

2764 BRUNNER E Faith, hope and love Lutterworth 1957 79pp ex-lib c fd ow vg £6

2773 BRUNNER E Our Faith SCM rpt 1956 123pp pb c cr & rb epp disc ow g £5

2778 BRUNNER E Word & the World SCM 2nd ed 1932 127pp pcl tm ow g £6

2782 BRUTON PARISH CHURCH That we may find the way of the cross to be the way of life: a lenten devotional Bruton 1992 42pp pamp g £3

2785 BRYAN Z Let's talk to god SU 1969 63pp pb g £3

2796 BRYANT C Contemplation in the Christian spiritual tradition: lectures given in Guilford Cathedral 1978 SSJE nd 10pp pamp pn underlining ow g £3

2798 BRYANT C Heart in pilgrimage: Christian guidelines for the human journey Mowbray 1980 rpt 195pp pb few pn tm ow vg £2.75

2800 BRYANT C Journey to the centre: explorations in the realm of the Spirit DLT 1987 89pp pb vg £6

2804 BRYANT C River within: the search for God in depth DLT 1978 rpt 152pp pb pp sl disc vg £6.50

2805 BRYANT C Sunday Meditations SPCK 1968 59pp pamp g £5

2806 BRYANT C What is Faith? (CKB) SPCK 1966 8pp pamp vg £3

2807 BRYANT C Why prayer? (Hillingdon papers 5) 1979 rpt 15pp pamp g £3

2846 BUCKINGHAM H Feeling good Epworth 1989 137pp pb m £5

2848 BUCKINGHAM J Power for living: commissioned by the Arthur S DeMoss Foundation Rev ed Sept 1985 141pp pb col & b&w illus g £5

2847 BUCKINGHAM H How to be a Christian in trying circumstances Epworth 1985 104pp pb vg £5

2852 BUCKLEY M Seeking his peace K Mayhew 1977 pb 110pp c sl rb ow vg £4

2856 BUDD R Moving Prayer: introduction to a deeper devotional life Marc 1987 187pp pb g £3

2884 BULL P B Threefold Way: an aid to conversion Longmans 1916 181pp c fd & cr ow g £3

2886 BULLEN A Catholic Prayer Book DLT 1970 207pp ex-lib pb fr epp missing ow g £2

31056 BULLEN A Catholic Prayer Book DLT 3rd ed 1982 207pp pb bdg sl faded ow vg £3

2890 BULLETT G English Mystics M Joseph 1950 239pp ex-lib dw w ow g £8

2891 BULLETT G English Mystics M Joseph 1950 239pp no dw few pencil marginal marks ow g £4

2919 BUNDAY P Thermals of the spirit: intro to biblical meditation Hammond Pr 1993 73pp pamp m £3 29909 BUNTING I Developing a sense of the eternal (GS14) Grove 1985 25pp pamphlet vg £4

2927 BUNYAN J Grace abounding Dent 1976 rpt 136pp pb c sl fd ow vg £5

2923 BUNYAN J Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners Cassell 1886 192pp sp t c disc ow g £5

2922 BUNYAN J Grace abounding to the chief of sinners, and, The life and death of Mr Badman Dent nd 304pp dw fd & rb ow g £4

2928 BUNYAN J Holy War: made by Shaddai Upon Diabolus for the regaining of the metropolis of the World; or, the losing & taking again of the town of Mansoul RTS nd 347pp c & sp v w fr c nearly detached sl fx £8

2930 BUNYAN J Pilgrim's Progress Collins nd 328pp bdg fd ow vg £6

2936 BUNYAN J Pilgrim's Progress: from this world to that which is to come, delivered under similitude of a Dream illus by Clarke Hutton SCM 1947 320pp vg £6

2937 BUNYAN J Relation of the holy war: concerning the city or town of Mansoul besieged by Diabolus, and its final recovery by Emmanual SPCK 1926 139pp sp fd ow g £8

2946 BURGESS H J Prayer Book Spirituality Fort 1987 28pp pamp some pn underlining ow g £3

34552 BURGESS R Book of blessings & how to write your own Wild Goose 2002 rpt 169pp pb vg £10

24919 BURKE C Don't turn me off, Lord and other Jail House meditations Collins 1973 128pp pb pp sl disc ow g £4

2968 BURN J H Day book from the Saints & Fathers Methuen 1950 2nd ed 239pp ex lib bdg sl fd vg £5

29683 BURNHAM A Manual of Anglo-Catholic devotion CP 2001 670pp ribbon marker vg £18

2998 BURROUGHS E A Way of Peace: a study of the earliest programme of Christian Life Novographic rpt 1938 160pp sp fd epp sl fx ow g £3

32372 BURROWS R Carmel: interpreting a great tradition S&W 2000 173pp pb vg £5

3016 BURTON J Transport of delight SCM 1976 200pp illus pb fr c sl cr bdg sl faded ow vg £7

8203 BURTON R Discipline: the path to humanity (GS13) Grove 1985 21pp pamp g £4

32206 BURTON R Introduction to the Imitation of Christ (GS65) Grove Bks 1998 24pp pamphlet vg £2

3019 BURTON U Vicky: a bridge between two Worlds DLT 1st ed 1991 112pp pb vg £5

33062 BUTLER A Lives of Patron Saints edited and with additional material by Michael Walsh B&O 1987 476pp dw sl faded & rubbed pp sl disc ow vg £9

3042 BUTLER B C God's kingdom future or present?: Drawbridge Memorial lecture 1977 Christian Evidence Society 1977 15pp pamp g £3

3049 BUTLER C Why Christ Libra 1968 164pp ex lib pb pp disc ow g £5

3051 BUTLER D C Ways of Christian life: old spirituality for modern men S&W 1932 256pp g £6

3054 BUTLER J Analogy of Religion (EL) Dent 1906rpt 280pp ex lib c rb ow vg £5

3055 BUTLER J Analogy of religion natural and revealed: to the constitution and course of nature Routledge 1885 312pp ex-lib bdg s & rb epp & pp edges v sl disc ow g £6

3060 BUTLER J Studies subsidiary to Works of Bishop Joseph Butler edited by William Gladstone Clarendon Press 1896 377pp ex lib cover faded & worn epp sl foxed ow g £12

3086 BUTTRICK G A Prayer Abingdon-Cokesbury Pr c1941 333pp ex lib bdg rb & wk ow g £8

3087 BUTTRICK G A So we believe so we pray Abingdon rpt 1992 256pp pb vg £5

3089 BUXTON E D Prayer + Plus: prayers linked with Bible verses Churchman 1990 132pp m £5

3094 BY By an Unknown Disciple H&S 1946 265pp bdg s ow g £3 also H&S 1st ed 1918 264pp c rb ow vg & 35th ed 1937 315pp c dirty & rb both £3

13099 BYRNE L Sharing the vision: creative encounters between religious & lay life SPCK 1989 101pp pb vg £5

34158 BYRNE L Time to receive: preparing for Easter... H&S 1997 170pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £3

3102 BYRNE L Women before God SPCK 1988 111pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £2

3108 BYRNE P Family prayers 30 days P Byrne 1990 99pp pamp g £3

3109 BYROM J Prayer the passion of love SLG 1981 32pp pamp vg £3

23063 CALLENDER A Paths through pain DLT/Pilgrim Pr 1999 xiv 146pp pb c sl cr/mkd ow vg £6

31104 CALVERT M God to enfold me: praying in the Celtic tradition Grail 1993 184p pb c v sl fd vg £4

3206 CAMMAERTS E Devil takes the chair Cresset Pr 1949 157pp bdg fd & w ow g £5

3207 CAMMAERTS E Flower of Grass Cresset 1944 160pp dw t & dirty ow g £5

3208 CAMMAERTS E Flower of grass Cresset Pr 1944 160pp g £5

22317 CAMPBELL E Fabulous gift; inspirations on silence & solitude Aquarian 1994 no pag. dw vg £5

3253 CAMUS J P Spirit of St Francois De Sales ed and trans with intro by CF Kelly Longmans 1953 299pp epp disc ow g £7 also 3254 trans HLS Lear Longmans pkt ed 1921 349pp c rb sl fx ow g £5

23856 CAMUS J P Spirit of St Francois De Sales tr HLS Lear Rivingtons 1872 411pp exlib libbdg vg £9

33103 CANFIELD J & HANSEN M V Chicken soup for the soul: stories that restore your faith in human nature Vermillion 1999 304pp pb vg £3

30974 CANFIELD J et al Chicken soup for the Christian family soul: stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit Health Communications Inc 2000 406pp pb vg £5.50

3258 CANHAM E Praying the bible BRF 1988 97pp pb vg £6

3264 CANT R Christian Prayer Faith Pr 1961 160pp ex-lib c sl disc ow vg £3 & 3265 dw fd ow vg £5

3267 CANTON W Childs book of Saints (EL) JM Dent 1928 rpt 243pp illus g £6 also ex lib bdg sl fd £5

3274 CAPON R F Bed & board: ...about marriage Simon/Schuster 1965 172pp pb c sl s few pn tm £9

3288 CARAMAN P Saints and Ourselves: personal studies CBC nd 138pp bd sl s pp sl disc ow g £6

23636 CARDEN J Procession of prayers: meditations & prayers from around the world Cassell 1998 346pp pb cover sl faded & creased bottom corner of pp bent text vg £12

3304 CAREY G Great God robbery Collins 1989 140pp pb ex-lib vg £5 also 3305 pb vg £6

35336 CAREY G My journey, your journey: the Archbishop of Canterbury, with Simon Mayo, Lord Soper, and many others, explores the Christian faith Lion 1996 159pp pb bk c sl creased ow vg £3.50

3308 CAREY G New Archbishop Speaks Lion 1991 152pp pb vg £5

32262 CAREY J John Donne: life, mind and art F&F 1981 303pp dw rubbed & torn ow vg £17.50

3318 CAREY M Giver of life: exploration of the spirit in meditations for Lent SPCK 1979 47pp pamp c fd ow vg £3

3324 CAREY W J Have you understood Christianity Longmans 1916 111pp epp disc pcl tm ow g £3

3325 CAREY W J Kingdom that must be built SPCK rpt 1929 88pp pb c disc & rb epp fx ow g £5

3326 CAREY W J Life in Grace Longmans 1914 176pp c mk epp disc ow g £5

3330 CAREY W J Prayer & some of its difficulties Mowbray 1915rpt 93pp ex lib sp rb pp sl disc g £3

3336 CARMICHAEL A Sun dances: prayers & blessings from Gaelic Floris 1960 124pp pb c sl fd vg £2

30086 CARNEGY P Christianity revalued: a selection from articles which first appeared in The Times (authors include R C Zaehner, F R Barry, C F D Moule, H A Williams, Kenneth Leech) Mowbrays 1974 127pp pb c sl creased ow vg £3

3342 CARNEY M Score of saints St Michael's Abbey Pr 1984 No 399 of 500 xvi 120pp m £8

3346 CAROTHERS M R Power in Praise Coverdale rpt 1975 163pp pb g £4

3356 CARPENTER R Life in the City of God: introduction to the religious life B&O 1964 186pp vg £5

3371 CARPENTER W B Thoughts on prayer Hamilton Adams & Co nd 151pp ex-lib g £3

3378 CARR J St Clement, C.S.S.R.: patron of Vienna (1751-1820) Sands 1939 223pp ex-lib bdg fd £6

3379 CARR J & SORLEY I Too busy not to pray: a homemaker talks with God Abingdon 1978 112pp pb pp disc ow g £3

3388 CARR W Tested by the cross Fount 1992 175pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £2.25

3390 CARRETTO C Blessed are you who believed B&O 1982rpt 85pp ex lib pb vg £2

3396 CARRETTO C I sought and I found: experience of God & the Church Orbis 1984 154pp dw rb vg £7 & 27570 DLT 1984 154pp pb g £3

26447 CARRETTO C Letters from the Desert: DLT 1972 146pp pb bdg sl fd & rb default opening g £2

3401 CARRETTO C Love is for living: trans by Jeremy Moiser DLT 1977 rpt 158pp pb g £5

3433 CARTER H Methodist: a study in Discipleship Epworth Pr 1955 79pp dw rb ow vg £6

28974 CARTHUSIAN From Advent to Pentecost: Carthusian Novice Conferences 1999 248pp pb m £12

22176 CASHMORE G & PULS J Clearing the way: en route to an ecumenical spirituality (Risk Book 43) WCC 1990 xiv 64pp pb m £5

3471 CASSERLEY J V L No Faith of my own Longmans 1950 204pp ex lib sp rb few pcl mm ow g £3

25803 CASSIAN J Conferences trans & preface by Colm Luibheid intro O Chadwick (CWS) Paulist Pr 1985 xvi 208pp ex lib pb vg £12

30918 CASSIAN J Conferences trans and annotated by Boniface Ramsey (Ancient Christian Writers) Newman Pr 1997 886pp dw new £30

3474 CASSIDY M Bursting the wineskins H&S 1983rpt 288pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £5

22738 CASSIDY S Good Friday people DLT 1991 x 195pp pb pp sl disc ow g £2

3478 CASSIDY S Sharing the Darkness: spirituality of caring DLT 1988 164pp paperback cover slightly rubbed pp slightly discoloured ow vg £4.75

3480 CASTEEL J L Rediscovering Prayer H&S 1955 192pp pb c v rb ow g £3

3487 CASTLE T Perfection of Love: an anthology from the spiritual writers Fount 1986 188pp pb vg £5

3488 CASTLE T Prayers of Christini Rossetti (Christian Spirituality Series) MP 1989 32pp pamp vg £3

3489 CASTLEY P Day by day through Lent Collins Dove 1985 61pp pb vg £3

30629 CATHERINE St of Siena Dialogue trans & intro by Suzanne Noffke (CWS) Paulist 1980 398pp pb cover rubbed ow vg £15

27100 CATHOLIC CHURCH Key of heaven, compiled from approved sources edition with the Epistles and Gospels Vassalli 1958 143pp pocket ed flexi black lth ribbon gold pp edges vg £10

3624 CAUSSADE J P de Abandonment to divine providence Catholic Records Pr c1921 377pp bdg sl rb sp fd back hinge uncovered ow vg £15

3631 CAUSSADE J P de Self-abandonment to divine providence trans by Algar Thorold, rev & ed by PH Ramiere BO&W 1933rpt 148pp bdg sl mkd spine faded epp disc ow g £18

3632 CAUSSADE J P de Spiritual Letters: on the practice of self-abandonment to divine providence trans A Thorold BO&W 1948 rpt xiv 152pp bdg sl rubbed 4pp loose (never bound in) ow vg £12

3651 CELL Cell of Self-Knowledge: seven early English Mystical Treatises printed by Henry Pepwell in 1521 ed intro & notes by EG Gardner Cooper Square 1966 xxviii 134pp frontis vg £12

29052 CELL Cell of self-knowledge: early English mystical treatises G&M 1981 128pp pb vg £5

3700 CHAMBERS O My utmost for His Highest: the classic best loved treasury of daily devotional readings Oswald Chambers 1995 381pp pb m £5

3701 CHAMBERS O My utmost for His Highest: selections for every day Oswald Chambers 1936 375pp ex lib bdg fd ow g £3 plus other better copies, various prices - please ask for details

31700 CHAN S Pentecostal theology and the Christian spiritual tradition (Journal of Pentecostal Theology SS21) Sheffield AP 2000 129pp pb vg £12

3712 CHANDLER A Ara Cceli: an essay in mystical theology Methuen 2nd ed 1909 186pp sp fd c rb epp disc pcl tm ow g £5

3713 CHANDLER A Cult of the Passing Moment: some suggestions towards a theory of the spiritual life Methuen 1914 217pp epp disc & fx few pcl tm ow g £5

3716 CHANTRY GROUP No discouragement: exploring faith Chantry Group 1997 296pp pb m £6

3722 CHAPMAN J Fresh Start H&S 1983 198pp pb g £3

3728 CHAPMAN R Glimpse of God SCM 1973 128pp pb sp fd g £1

3729 CHAPMAN R Glory of God SCM 1978 88pp pb c sl fd ow vg £1.75

3730 CHAPMAN R Kind of Praying SCM 1970 121pp pb c sl rb & cr ow g pb £1.75

3731 CHAPMAN R Loneliness of Man SCM 1963 124pp pb g £5

3732 CHAPMAN R Out of the whirlwind SCM 1971 120pp pb sp fd ow vg pb £1.75

31052 CHAPMAN R Stations of the nativity: meditations CP 1999 93pp pb vg £3

33890 CHAPMAN R Stations of the resurrection: meditations on the fourteen resurrection appearances CP 1998 66pp pb vg £3

3737 CHARDIN P T de Activitation of Energy Collins 1970 416pp ex lib dw sl rb ow vg £10

3739 CHARDIN P T de Future of Man Collins 1965 rpt 319pp ex-lib vg £4 also 23850 pb pp disc g £2

3740 CHARDIN P T de Heart of matter Collins 1978 276pp ex lib dw f & w ow vg £10

3741 CHARDIN P T de Human Energy Collins 1969 191pp dw sl disc pcl tm ow vg £8

3743 CHARDIN P T de Le Milieu Divin Editions Du Seuil 1965 pb in french c s ow vg £6

3744 CHARDIN P T de Le Milieu Divin: an essay on the Interior Life Collins 1960 rpt 160pp ex lib dw frontis sl fd & t bdg sl mkd text vg £3 also 26104 pb pp sl disc ow g £1.50

3745 CHARDIN P T de Let me Explain Collins 1974 189pp epp fx ow vg £5

3746 CHARDIN P T de Letters from a Traveller Collins 1962 380pp ex lib plates bds rb ow vg £10

3747 CHARDIN P T de Letters to Two Friends 1926-1952 Collins 1972 236pp ex-lib pb pp disc g £5

3748 CHARDIN P T de Making of a mind: letters from a soldier-priest 1914-1919 Collins 1965 316pp ex lib frontis dw s & rb sellotape on epp ow vg £8

3749 CHARDIN P T de Man's Place in Nature Collins 1971 124pp pb pp disc g £2

29057 CHARDIN P T de Phenomenon of man Collins rpt 1959 320pp bds sl rb epp sl disc ow vg £4

3752 CHARDIN P T de Science and Christ Collins 1965 230pp dw w pencil textual marks ow vg £4.50

3753 CHARDIN P T de Vision of the Past Collins 1966 285pp ex lib dw vg £7

3754 CHARDIN P T de Writings in Time of War Collins 1968 315pp ex-lib dw w pcl tm ow g £7 & 3755 vg £9

3757 CHARITON I Art of Prayer: orthodox anthology F&F 1966 287pp ex lib minimal marks dw vg £18 3762 CHARLES J One Mans Journey Mowbray 1972 209pp ex-lib pp disc ow g £5

3763 CHARLES P Prayer for all times tr by R Waterfield from La Priere Toutes Les Heures Collins 1983 157pp pb vg £3 also 3764 Sands 1929 179pp bdg wk ow g £1.75

3802 CHAVASSE C M Two dreams: 1.Good Friday/2.Easter Day SPCK nd 46pp illus pamp c sl rb vg £5

3804 CHAVCHAVADZE M Man's concern with holiness: within the Anglican, Catholic, Reformed, Lutheran, Orthodox traditions H&S nd c1970 188pp pb c fd & sl cr text vg £7 & 3805 dw sl t vg £10

3806 CHAVEZ F A Song of St. Francis: illustrations by Judy G Sheldon 1978 59pp dw sl disc ow m £5

3809 CHEERFUL Cheerful Courage: by J.E. R Scott 1917 128pp pb sp w c rb few pn mm ow f £3

3824 CHESTERTON G K St Thomas Aquinas H&S 1943 159pp bdg & epp disc few tm ow g £6

24440 CHINNICI J P Living stones: history & structure of Catholic spiritual life in the United States Orbis 2nd ed 1996 xx258pp pb vg £8

3862 CHITTISTER J Fire in these ashes: contempory religious life Gracewing 1997 178pp pb m £6

3868 CHOLMELEY K Margery Kempe: genius and mystic CBC 1948 118pp sp fd epp disc ow g £7

3871 CHRIST Christ, the Lord of all life: syllabus for Church Crusades ICF 3rd 1930 164pp pp sl fx g £3

3879 CHRISTENSON E What Happens when women Pray Scripture 2nd ed 1984 143pp pb m £3

3882 CHRISTIAN (Journal) Vol 1 No 1 to Vol 4 No 2 missing Vol 2 No 4, Vol 3 No 3 The Lot £3

3887 CHRISTIAN Christian mysteries intro A F Winnington-Ingram SPCK rpt 1972 78pp pb bk covers sl creased 3 pen marginal marks text vg £4

3899 CHRISTIAN YEAR Christian Year in The Times: a selection of Saturday articles from The Times arranged in the order of the Christian Calendar Times 1930 284pp sp fd epp sl fx ow vg £5

3900 CHRISTIANITY Christianity According to St Paul: a course of sermons preached in the Chapel of Pusey House, Oxford Mowbray 1959 59pp pb c sl fd ow g £3

32995 CHURCH OF ENGLAND Cybernauts awake!: ethical and spiritual implications of computers, information technology and the internet (GSMisc 569) CHP 1999 94pp pb vg £4

34288 CHURCH OF ENGLAND Way of renewal: a report by the Board of Mission (GS Misc 533) CHP 152pp pb vg £4

24381 CHURCHILL J H Finding communion Churchman 1987 97pp pb vg £5

4419 CLARK S B Building Christian Communities: strategy for Renewing the Church Ave Maria Pr 1972 189pp pb c cr ow vg £7

4425 CLARKE C P S Everyman's Book of Saints Mowbray 1921rpt 357pp b&w illus sp fd epp disc g £2

4427 CLARKE C P S Saints and Heroes of the Christian Church Mowbray 1931 272pp b&w illus vg £7

32067 CLEMENT O On human being: a spiritual anthropology New City 2000 155pp pb vg £6

30967 CLEMENT O Roots of Christian mysticism: text & commentary New City 1997 380pp pb vg £12

4463 CLEMENTS B 7.55 a.m.: twelve broadcast morning talks SCM 2nd ed 1941 44pp pb c detached few pp corners folded ow g £3

4464 CLEMENTS B Christ and everyman SCM 1st ed 1946 98pp sp fd epp disc few pn mm ow g £3

4465 CLEMENTS B Church, Peter & Good Friday SCM 1943 rpt 63pp pb c disc vg £2.50

4466 CLEMENTS B Learning to be a Christian SCM 1938 92pp sl fx ow vg £5

4467 CLEMENTS B Members of Christ Longmans rpt 1935 64pp c fd epp fx ow g £3

4469 CLEMENTS B More Sermons from Margaret Street Mowbray 1943 93pp dw fx ex lib ow g £3

4470 CLEMENTS B Philip cometh to Andrew Longmans 1930 110pp c mk epp t sl fx ow g £5

4472 CLEMENTS B Royal banners Longmans 1937 dw cr & t pp fx pn & pcl tm ow g £3

4473 CLEMENTS B Speaking in parables: last broadcasts SCM 1943 120pp g £3

4474 CLEMENTS B When ye pray SCM 11th ed 1955rpt 93pp pb vg £1.50

4495 CLEOBURY F H Armour of Saul: reconsideration of the Easter Faith Clarke 1957 126pp pcl tm £3

4500 CLIFFORD J Mellow Years: thoughts & prayers Foundery 1988 37pp pamp c rb t m £3

4528 CLISSOLD S St. Teresa of Avila Sheldon 1982 272pp pb c rb ow vg £6

4529 CLISSOLD S Wisdom of the Spanish Mystics Sheldon 1977 88pp pb vg £5

4539 CLOUD OF UNKNOWING Cloud of Unknowing: and other treatises by an English Mystic of the Fourteenth Century: comm A Baker ed J McCann BO&W 5th ed 1947 215pp c rb sp sl fd ow g £6

4540 CLOUD OF UNKNOWING Dart of longing love: daily readings from 'The Cloud of Unknowing' and 'The Epistle of Privy Counsel' trans & intro by R Llewelyn DLT 1983 rpt 71pp pb g £2

28011 CLOUD OF UNKNOWING [Underhill] Book of Contemplation which is called The Cloud of Unknowing in the which a soul is oned with God: ed by E Underhill from British Museum MS Harl 674 Watkins 2nd ed 1922 315pp spine sl faded & rubbed epp disc text vg £5.50

4555 COATS R H Realm of Prayer Macmillan 1920 335pp ex-lib bdg sl fd ow vg £5

31136 COBB M & ROBSHAW V Spiritual challenge of health care Churchill Livingstone 1998 206pp pb vg £25

4558 COBURN J B Life to Live - a Way to Pray Seabury 1973 143pp pb vg £5

4559 COBURN J B Prayer and Personal Religion Westminster Pr c1960 96pp pb g £5

4560 COBURN J B Twentieth Century Spiritual Letters: an introduction to contemporary prayer SPCK 1968 170pp dw sl mkd ow vg £7

4563 COCK A A Problem of Prayer: delivered at St. Deiniol's Library, Hawarden, near Chester, at the Founder's Day Celebrations, June 29, 1932 No imprint 14pp A4 pamp stapled together sl fx & disc £3

4584 COGAN B We bring good news: guide to preaching & the celebration of the word Veritas 1989 126pp pb vg £5

4587 COGGAN D Christian Priorities Lutterworth 1963 172pp dw & pp edges mkd ow vg £5

4588 COGGAN D Convictions H&S 1975 320pp dw vg £5

4591 COGGAN D Heart of the Christian Faith Collins 1979 94pp pb ex-lib vg £3

4593 COGGAN D Ministry of the Word: the N T concept of preaching, & its relevance for today Lutterworth 1964 rev ed 128pp pb fr ep cut ow vg £6

4594 COGGAN D Name above all names (Lent book) SPCK 1981 48pp pamp c sl fd & rb text vg £3.50

4601 COGGAN D Sinews of Faith H&S 1969 94pp pb ex-lib pp disc ow g £3

4610 COGNET L Post-reformation spirituality (Faith & Fact 41) B&O 1959 143pp bdg sl rb w vg £6

35323 COHEN A Who has the courage to stand alone in the truth?: a spiritual teacher speaks out about the corruption plaguing the modern spiritual world Moksha Foundation 1992 42pp pamp vg £5

24402 COHN-SHERBOK D Jewish mysticism: an anthology One World 1998 rpt 210pp pb vg £7

4636 COLEMAN P Experiments in Prayer SCM 1962 rpt 114pp pb c soiled ow g £3

28759 COLLEDGE E Mediaeval mystics of England John Murray 1962 309pp dw vg £10

4649 COLLINGWOOD C Divine dance of love: sharing in the mystery of Christ Canterbury Pr 1996 159pp pb vg £6

34331 COLLINS P Unveiling the heart: how to overcome evil in the Christian life Veritas 1995 128pp pb vg pb £5

4703 COMMUNITY OF ST DENYS Closer Walk with God: a workbook course in Spirituality, the interaction of prayer & life no imprint 128pp A4 document £3

32077 COMPER F M M Life of Richard Rolle together with an edition of his English lyrics with eight illustrations Dent 1933 xx 340pp spine & epp slightly discoloured ow vg £12

4704 CONCERNING Concerning Prayer: its nature, its difficulties & its value Macmillan 1916 504pp c fd epp fx ow g £5

30419 CONGAR Y Jesus Christ G Chapman 1966 223pp ex lib dw selotaped to bds text vg £6

4739 CONNELL J M Devotional classics: Martha Upton lectures delivered at Manchester College, Oxford Longmans 1924 152pp c fd & mk pp sl disc ow g £3

4791 COOKE L E Above every name: a preachers reflections on St. Pauls Epistle to the Philippians IP 1962 258pp dw fd ow vg £3

4792 COOKE L E Faith Stakes a claim IP 1949 171pp dw w pp disc ow g £3

4826 CORBISHLEY T One body one spirit Faith 1973 92pp pb vg £2

4827 CORBISHLEY T Spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin Fount 1971 126pp pb pp edges sl disc vg £3

4858 COTTER J Pleasure, pain and passion: some perspectives on sexuality and spirituality Cairns 1988 117pp pb fr cover sl faded ow vg £4.25

33054 COTTER J Pleasure, pain and passion: some perspectives on sexuality and spirituality Cairns 2nd ed 1993 122pp pb vg £5

4861 COTTER J Prayer at night J Cotter 2nd ed 1985 rpt 100pp (pocket edition) pamp c rb ow vg £3

4862 COTTER J Prayer at Night: J Cotter 1983 142pp spiral bound small pamp g £5

4860 COTTER J Prayer at Night's approaching [Originally published as Prayer at Night] Cairns 2001 xxiii 183pp paperback vg £5

4883 COULSON R G Into God: exercise in contemplation Murray 1956 175pp ex-lib dw w epp mkd £6

4884 COULSON R G Threefold reality: an exercise in contemplation Sparta Press 1966 181pp dw vg £6

3643 COUNCIL OF CHURCHES FOR BRITAIN AND IRELAND Have another look: Lent 94 -a booklet for planners and group leaders CCBI 1993 58pp pb c v sl rb ow vg £3

4893 COUPLAND S Midwinter Spring: coming late to prayer DLT 1984 80pp pb vg £5

33873 COURTOIS G Before his face: meditations for priests and religious (2 volume set) Herder 1961/62 349/291pp Vol 1 exlib dw rubbed & selotaped to boards Vol 2 dw sl fd both copies text vg £12

31776 COUSINS E H Christ of the 21st century Element 1992 206pp pb vg £10

31555 COVENTRY J Reconciling SCM 1985 136pp pb bdg sl rubbed pp disc ow g £6

24577 CROPPER M Evelyn Underhill: with a memoir of Lucy Menzies by Lumsden Barkway Longmans 1958 xxii 244pp dw fd & sl t bds sl fd ow vg £3.75

33720 CULLEN P Stations of the Cross book [16 scripturally based meditations] Mayhew McCrimmon 1981 36pp illus pamphlet cover faded & sl creased text vg £2

5105 CUNDIFF M Cost of living a personal journey in St Johns Gospel chapters 11-21 Triangle 1987 118pp pb vg £3

5129 CUPITT D Revelation of Being SCM 1998 116pp pb m £7

5146 CURTAYNE A Saint Catherine of Siena S&W rpt 1931 rpt 214pp bdg fd ow g £6

5153 CURZON C E Man ( Exeter booklet v) SPCK nd 11pp £3

34061 DALDY D M People of the New Covenant George Mann Publ 1998 158pp pb vg £4

5203 DALE R W Epistle of James & other discourses H&S 1895 315pp ex lib bdg rb sl pcl tm sl fx g £5

29711 DALES D Called to be angels: an introduction to Anglo-Saxon spirituality (Rhythm of Life) CP 1998 97pp pb vg £3.50

34209 DALES D Living through dying: the spiritual experience of St Paul Luttterworth 1994 97pp dw pp sl disc ow vg £7

5212 DALRYMPLE J Letting go in love: reflections on spiritual formation DLT 1986 xxviii 144pp pb ex-lib vg £5

5218 DAMMERS H Christian life style H&S 1986 141pp pb vg £5

33858 DAN J Early Kabbalah (CWS) Paulist 1986 xiv 205pp ex clerical library vg £9

27845 DANIELOU J Prayer: the mission of the church (Ressourcement: retrieval and renewal in Catholic thought) T&T Clark 1996 xvi 124pp pb new £12

30633 DANIELOU J Scandal of truth B&O 1962 154pp ex lib dw sl faded rubber stamps ow vg £6

5268 DARK S Lift up your Hearts: anthology of encouragement E&S 1942 174pp dw disc pp edges fx £3

5289 DAVEY C J Talking round the Calendar: addresses to children & young people Lutterworth 1955rpt 134pp pb sp cr ow g £4

5291 DAVEY R Unfinished Journey: Corrymeela Press c1987 no pagination ex-lib g £5

27730 DAVIDSON D Discourses with Malachi: opening to spiritual guidance (Arimathean Foundation Monograph) Leaders Partnership 2000 128pp pb mint £7

5307 DAVIDSON J T Talks with young men H&S 1885 286pp ex lib epp fx ow g £5

35341 DAVIDSON R Go by the book: thoughts on biblical themes St Andrew Pr 1996 94pp PAPERBACK vg £2.75

5321 DAVIE D New Oxford book of Christian verse OUP 1988 rpt 320pp paperback cover slightly creased pp edges sl disc ow vg £1.75

5345 DAVIES H Varieties of English Preaching 1900-1960 SCM 1963 276pp dw vg £11

5381 DAVIES J T Corner Pieces IP c1953 144pp dw rb ow g £5

5383 DAVIES J T Lord of All IP 1st ed 1951 184pp c fd ow vg £5

32435 DAVIES O Living beauty: ways of mystical prayer DLT 1990 x 79pp pb vg £6

30632 DAVIS C English spiritual writers B&O 1961 233pp ex lib dw selotaped to bds label & rubber stamps text vg £9

5445 DAY M Beyond Easter: through grief to growth (reflections & prayers from Easter to Ascension) Triangle 1997 158pp pb c sl cr few pcl mm ow vg £5

5451 DE BLANK J Address and Charges 1957-60: Electric Printing Co nd no pagination text vg £5

5452 DE BLANK J Call of duty: church membership considered OUP 1956rpt 116pp pb c mkd ow vg £5

5454 DE BLANK J Life of Jesus, a series of talksbroadcast in BBC Home Service 12-17 April 1965 (Lift up your hearts No 25) BBC 1965 14pp pamp m £5

5455 DE BLANK J Members of Christ (SOT) Mowbray 1956 96pp dw fd epp fx ow vg £5

5456 DE BLANK J Out of Africa H&S 1964 160pp pb pp disc ow g £5

5459 DE BLANK J This is conversion H&S 1957rpt 75pp pb c sl rb ow vg £5

5460 DE BLANK J Uncomfortable Words Longmans 1958 120pp pb c disc tp mkd ow g £3

5461 DE BLANK J Working Faith: sermons for the man in the street Lutterworth 1960 108pp hb vg £5

5465 DE CANDOLE H Being the Church Today: a collection of sermons & addresses Faith 1974 159pp pb sp rb ow g £5

34517 DE GRUCHY J Cry justice: prayers, meditations and readings from South Africa Collins 1986 261pp pb cover sl rubbed & creased ow vg £2.50

5479 DE JAEGHER P Anthology of mysticism ed with intro & biographical notes BO&W 1935 275pp lacks fr fl ow g £9

5480 DE LA BEDOYERE M Francis: biog of the Saint of Assisi Collins 1976 288pp pb pp disc vg £2

5481 DE LA BEDOYERE M Francois De Sales Collins 1960 256pp hb vg £8

5484 DE LA BEDOYERE M Life of Baron Von Hugel: illus with 8 pages of photographs JM Dent 1951 366pp ex-lib c rb ow vg £9 also sl fx £8

35209 DE LUCA G Altar, gift and gospel: 53 meditations on certain gospel passages St Paul 1967 175pp dustwrapper sl rubbed ow vg £8

23057 DE MELLO A Heart of the enlightened: story-meditation Doubleday 1991 190pp pb m £11

5495 DE MELLO A Sadhana: a way to God: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash 1979 rpt 134pp dw faded & worn sp faded text vg £9

5497 DE MELLO A Song of the bird Loyola U Pr 1983 220pp pb binding sl faded ow vg £6

5498 DE MELLO A Taking flight: a book of story meditations Doubleday 1988 190pp dw vg £7 also 34442 pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £5

5499 DE MELLO A Walking on Water Crossroads 1998 144pp pb m £12

5500 DE MELLO A Wellsprings: a book of spiritual exercises Doubleday 1984 rpt 240pp pb mint £9

34420 DE MONTMORENCY J E G Thomas a Kempis: his age and book Methuen 1906 312pp illus ex lib spine v faded & sl torn epp discoloured text vg £18

33202 DE WAAL Celtic way of prayer: the recovery of the religious imagination H&S 1996 197pp pb cover sl rubbed pp sl discol ow vg £7

5515 DE WAAL E God under my roof: Celtic songs and blessings (Christian spirituality series) MP 1989 40pp pamphlet few pen tm ow vg £2

34264 DE WAAL E God under my roof: Celtic songs & blessings SLG 1985rpt 25pp pamp c sl fd vg £2

5512 DE WAAL E Life-giving way: a commentary on the Rule of St Benedict G Chapman 1995 233pp pb epp clipped cover sl rubbed some pen mm & underlining ow vg £5.50

5516 DE WAAL E Living with contradiction: reflections on the Rule of St Bernard Collins 1989 164pp pb pp sl disc pcl tm ow vg £5

5517 DE WAAL E Seeking God: the way of St Benedict Collins 1984 160pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £2

5525 DEAN F R Tragedy of the Cross: a meditation Skeffington nd 112pp sp rb pcl tm ow g £3

5528 DEANE A World Christ knew: the social personal and political conditions of his time Guild 1946 96pp c t & disc pps disc f £3

26523 DECLOUX S Ignatian way Loyola UP 1991 x 139pp pb vg £20

5565 DEHQANI-TAFTI H B Design of my world: pilgrimage to Christianity Lutterworth 1982 rpt 80pp pb signed by author vg £5

5577 DELARUE J Holiness of Vincent de Paul Chapman 1960 132pp ex-lib dw w ow vg £11

5592 DEMPSTER G F Touched by a loving hand H&S 1956 rpt 126pp pb c v w ow g £3

5612 DENNISTON R Partly living: some understanding of experience G Bles 1967 126pp dw sl s vg £5

5629 DESERT FATHERS Lives of the Desert Fathers, the Historia monachorum in in Aegypto tr N Russell, intro Benedicta Ward Mowbray/Cistercian 1981 181pp pb new £8.99

5630 DESERT FATHERS Sayings of the Desert Fathers: the alphabetical collection trans with foreword by Benedicta Ward Cistercian 1975 xxxvi 269pp paperback new £10.99

5627 DESERT FATHERS [WADDELL, H] Desert Fathers: trans from the Latin with an intro by Helen Waddell Constable 1987 rpt x 312pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £7

26807 DESERT FATHERS [WADDELL, H] Desert Fathers: trans from the Latin with an intro by Helen Waddell Constable 1977 rpt x 312pp dw vg £10

31525 DESSAIN C S Newman's spiritual themes Veritas 1977 154pp bdg sl faded pp disc ow vg £12

35143 DEWAR F Give yourself a break (Everyday spirituality) Hunt & Thorpe 1992 64pp pb vg £3

31803 DEWAR F Invitations: God's calling for everyone - stories and quotations to illuminate a journey SPCK 1996 170pp pb vg £9

5648 DEWAR F Live for a change: discovering & using your gifts DLT 1994 178p pb pp sl disc vg £10

5650 DEWAR L Imagination & religion P Allan 1933 167pp g £5

5656 DEWAR L Training in Prayer Rich & Cowan/Mowbray 1939 240pp ex-lib pb epp fx ow vg £3

35210 DHOERTY C de H Doubts, loneliness, rejection Alba House 1981 93pp pb c fd ow vg £10

5670 DICKEN E W T Crucible of Love: a study of the mysticism of St Teresa of Jesus & St John of the Cross DLT 1st ed 1963 548pp ex-lib dw selotaped to bds text vg £35

5671 DICKEN H Full face to God SPCK 1971 118pp pb c disc ow g £3

23721 DICKSON J Hanging in there Matthias Media 2000rpt 122pp pb bk c v sl cr ow mint £3

29560 DICKSON J Sneaking suspicion Mathias Media 2000 124pp pb vg £5

5700 DIETRICH S de Free men: meditation on the Bible today (RBC 141) SCM 1961 127pp pb c sl rb ow vg also ex lib g £3

5704 DIGGLE J W Quiet Hours with the Ordinal: a series of addresses Longmans 1908 83pp c disc few pcl tm ow g £5

30243 DILLARD A For the time being Vintage 1999 205pp pb mint £8

5708 DILLARD A Teaching a stone to talk: expeditions and encounters HarperCollins 1992 rpt 175pp pb mint £9.99

5721 DILLISTONE F W Dramas of Salvation G Bles 1967 127pp pb c mkd vg £2.50

5776 DODD C How Can We Be Free? DLT 1992 85pp pb vg £3

5781 DODD C H Benefits of his passion: 6 broadcast talks Lutterworth 1947 32pp pamp s ow g £5

5803 DODD C H Three Sermons: 1-The Incarnation 2-The Meaning of the Cross 3-The Resurrection of Christ SCM 1954 32pp pamp ex lib c damaged pp v sl fx ow g £4

5811 DODS M Prayer that teaches us to pray H&S 1896 176pp bdg fd sp rb ow vg £5

5812 DODSON P Contemplating the word: a practical handbook SPCK 1987 106pp pb pp sl disc pencil textual marks ow vg £2

24034 DOHNAVUR FELLOWSHIP His thoughts said... His Father said... SPCK 1958 iv 125pp pb c fd v few pn tm ow g £5

5818 DOIDGE R & E Epilogues: for Youth Clubs, Church groups, Community centres etc NSSU rpt 1963 128pp dw sl t ow vg £3

5846 DONALDSON C Meditation on the Acts of the Apostles: studies with a view to principles of Church extension F&F 1937 108pp ex-lib epp sl fx ow g £5

5856 DONDERS J G In the spirit of hope: daily scripture prayers and practices Twenty-Third Pub 1997 30pp pamp vg £3

5863 DONNE J Complete poetry & selected prose ed by John Hayward Nonesuch Press 1929rpt 795pp ex lib bdg fd & mkd text m £10

5864 DONNE J Poems ed EK Chambers intro G Saintsbury in 2 vols (Muses' lib) George Routledge nd 252/326pp top edges of sp rb ow vg £13

5865 DONNE J Poetry & prose with Izaac Walton's Life appreciations by Ben Jonson, Dryden, Coleridge & others into & notes HW Garrod OUP 1946 rpt 126pp frontis ex lib sp sl bumped ow vg £9

5866 DONNE J Selected poems edited with an intro, notes and commentary by James Reeves Heinemann 1966rpt 108pp ex lib dw disc ow vg £8

5868 DONNE J Sermons: selected passages with an essay by Logan Pearsall Smith Clarendon 1950 rpt lii 264pp ex lib bds mkd corners b sp title fd ow g £9

22708 DORCY M J Our Lady's feasts: considerations on feasts of Queen of Heaven S&W 1946 vi 96pp dw tatty bds sl m & fd ow g £10

5909 DOWELL G Heart has seasons: travelling through the Xn year Churchman 1989 151pp pb m £6

26976 DOWNSIDE ABBEY Catholic prayerbook: school prayers T&T Clark 1999 213pp ribbon marker mint £10

5971 DRURY J Angels and dirt: an enquiry into theology and prayer DLT 1972 104pp pb vg £7 also pb c rb fr epp loose £5

5974 DRURY J Pot & the Knife SCM 1979 114pp pb vg £5

5980 DU BOULAY S Teresa of Avila H&S 1991 258pp dw m £8

33174 DUFFY G J Come, walk with me: praying the Stations of the Cross McCrimmon 1983 71pp pamphlet epp disc ow vg £3

6016 DUKE M H Break of glory: prayer and prose SPCK 1970 57pp pamp g £2.50

31014 DUNCAN A Lord of the dance: an essay in mysticism Helios 1972 109pp vg £3

6039 DUNCAN A Mind of Christ: meditations Element 1990 152pp pb few pn tm vg £5

6040 DUNCAN A D Pray and live SPCK 1966 107pp pb ex-lib few pn tm ow g £3

33173 DUNCAN D Creative silence: through inner silence to the harvest of the spirit A James 1980 140pp ex lib pb (1 label on fr epp) ow vg £3

6057 DUNKERLEY R At the House of the interpreter IP 1956 103pp pb sp rb ow vg £5

6060 DUNLOP C Is church-going necessary? CLS nd 8pp pamp c disc ow g £1

36063 DUNLOP M V Intro to contemplative meditation F’ship of Meditation 1970 63pp pamp m £2 26064 DUNLOP M V Stillness and Strength: studies in contemplative meditation with Contemplative meditation F’ship of Meditation 1958rpts 57pp vg £3: pb vg £3 & Alden Pr 1949 46pp pb c w g £3

6085 DUNN R Don't just stand there...Pray something! Scripture Pr 1992 256pp pb pp edges disc vg £5

6087 DUNNE J S Church of the Poor Devil: reflections on a riverboat voyage & a spiritual journey SCM 1983 180pp dw vg £5

6089 DUNNE J S House of Wisdom: a pilgrimage SCM 1985 172pp pb vg £5

6090 DUNNE J S Reasons of the Heart: a journey into solitude & back again into the human circle SCM 1978 172pp dw m £7

6091 DUNNE J S Search for God in time and memory Sheldon Pr 1975 237pp pb c s ow g £9

6092 DUNNE J S Time and Myth: a meditation on storytelling as an exploration of life & death SCM 1979 132pp pb ex-lib vg £6

6093 DUNNE J S Way of all the Earth: an encounter with Eastern Religions Sheldon 1977 rpt 240pp pb pp disc ow vg £6

6106 DUNSTAN G R Marriage Covenant: a sermon preached before the University of Cambridge on Sunday 13th November 1960 Church Army Press 1961 15pp pamp c disc ow vg £3

32982 DUQUOC C & GUTIERREZ G Mysticism and the institutional crisis (Concilium 1994/4) SCM 1994 111pp pb bdg sl rubbed pp sl disc ow vg £10

35476 DUSEN H P van Spirit, Son and Father: Christian faith in the light of the Holy Spirit A&C Black 1960 180pp ex lib dustwrapper faded & worn ow vg £7

30024 DYCKMAN K M & CARROLL L P Inviting the mystic, supporting the prophet: an introduction to spiritual direction Paulist Pr 1981 xiv 92pp pb mint £6.99

22316 EADIE B J Embraced by the light: what happens when you die? Aquarian/Thorsons 1994 xii 147pp dw pp v sl disc ow vg £5

6153 EARECKSON J & MUSSER J Joni P&I 1978 208pp pb g £5

6156 EARLY DOMINICANS Selected Writings: ed with intro by Simon Tugwell (CWS) SPCK 1982 508pp pb vg £11

6166 EATON A W Alive to God: a guide to positive churchmanship H&S 1964 160pp pb g £3

6179 EBELING G Lord's Prayer in Today's World SCM 1966 139pp pb ex-lib c fd ow vg £3

33072 EBERLE H R Complete wineskin [restructing the church for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit] Winepress Publ 3rd ed 1993 rpt 156pp pb vg £6

6188 ECCLESTONE A Night sky of the Lord DLT 1980 232pp pb c rb ow vg £3.50

6189 ECCLESTONE A Scaffolding of Spirit: reflections on the gospel of St John DLT 1987 137pp pb pp disc ow vg £4

6190 ECCLESTONE A Staircase for silence DLT 1977 152pp pb cover faded & rubbed ow g £6

6191 ECCLESTONE A Yes to God DLT 1978 133pp pb ex-lib [1 stamp inside front cover] vg £2.75

6203 ECKERSLEY P Making a private retreat Community of St Clare 1984 11pp pamp g £2

6246 EDMEE Sr Prayer the Work of the Spirit: a talk given to the Mothers' Union at the Convent of St Mary & the Angels SLG 1985 10pp pamp m £3

6252 EDNA M Pattern of Faith H&S 1966 95pp pb c disc ow vg £3

6253 EDNA M This World & Prayer SPCK 1965 85pp pb c disc ow vg £3

22508 EDNA MARY Sr Religious life Penguin 1968 250pp pp sl disc ow g £1.50

33528 EDNA MARY Sr & M MARSHALL Pattern of faith H&S 1966 95pp pb c sl fd & rb text vg £3

19941 EDNA MONICA Sr Death the gateway to life: adapted from the teaching of Gilbert Shaw SLG Pr 1980 rpt 11pp pamp cover slightly creased ow vg £2

6255 EDNEY V Living Religiously Axiology 1990 93pp pb m £3

6292 EDWARDS J R Something to shout about: 34 talks to young people of all ages Carey Kingsgate Press 1962 120pp pb vg £3

26599 EILEEN MARY Sister Pilgrimage and possession: conversion in the writings of St Teresa and St John of the Cross SLG Pr 1983 46pp pamp vg £4

6337 ELCHANINOV A Diary of a Russian Priest: translated by H Iswolsky, English ed prepared by KT Ware Faber 1967 255pp ex lib dw selotaped to epp usual labels text vg £10

6338 ELDER E R Roots of the modern Christian tradition (Spirituality of Western Christendom II) Cistercian 1984 337pp pb vg £10.50

6341 ELEY J Aspects of Prayer Collins 1990 138pp pb m £5

6375 ELLIOTT C Praying the Kingdom DLT 1985 150pp pb sp sl fd ow vg £2

6383 ELLIOTT W H As I Was Saying Nicholson & Watson 1938 166pp c sl fd v sl fx ow g £3

6384 ELLIOTT W H Prayer of the Passion: meditations on Anima Christi Mowbray 1943 1st ed 79pp pb c fd ow g £3

6385 ELLIOTT W H Rendezvous: the life that some call death J Murray rpt 1943 96pp pb sp w c fd pcl tm ow g £3

6408 ELPHINSTONE-FYFFE J M Three Hours: a new form of the Good Friday Service OUP 1961 105pp vg £5

6410 ELSTON P Travelling on: illus by Sarah Ingrey Angel 1986 116pp pb m £5

6452 ENGLISH D Evangelism Now Methodist Church Pub 1987 30pp pb m £3

6453 ENGLISH D Everything in Christ BRF 1988 104pp pb m £2

6456 ENGLISH J Choosing life [significance of personal history in decision-making] Paulist 1978 228pp pb bdg sl faded ow vg £5

6457 ENGLISH J Spiritual freedom Loyola 2nd ed 1995 311pp pb mint £10

34262 ENZLER C Everyman's Way of the Cross Ave Maria Pr 1984 rpt 22pp pamphlet vg £2

31935 ERRICKER C & ERRICKER J Contemporary spiritualities: social and religious contexts Continuum 2001 xx 252pp pb new £11

25611 ESSER A, OVERZEE AH & ROLL S Re-visioning our sources: women's spirituality in European perspectives Kok Pharos 1997 218pp pb vg £10

6522 EUSTACE C J Infinity of questions: a study of art & of the art of religion in the lives of 5 women, Helen Foley, Katherine Mansfield, France Pastorelli, Elizabeth Leseur & St Theresa of Lisieux Dobson 1st ed 1946 170pp sp rb pcl mm ow vg £6

6562 EVANS S H & SOUTHCOTT E W Unto a full-grown man: method of corporate mental action for study groups NS/SPCK c1942 120pp ex lib pb c rb ow g £3

35159 EVELY L Suffering B&O 1968 rpt 160pp dustwrapper sl faded ow vg £4

6570 EVELY L That Man is You Mercier 1967 rpt 297pp dw w ow vg £6

22032 EVENING M Who walk alone: consideration of the single life H&S 1974 222pp dw rb ow vg £8

6600 EYRE R Faith in God? Churchman 1990 66pp pb m £5

6612 FABER H Above the Treeline: towards a contemporary spirituality SCM 1988 104pp pb vg £5

32277 FALCONER A Man alone: meditations on the seven last words of Jesus on the cross Columba Pr 1987 72pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £10

6642 FARICY R Praying for inner healing SCM 1979 86pp pb newspaper cutting on fr epp ow vg £2

6652 FARMER H H Servant of the Word Nisbet rpt 152pp g £1.50

6665 FARR R Will you go back? Dorothy Kerin Trust 1972rpt 105pp ex lib pb c s ow g £2

6681 FARRER A Crown of the Year: weekly paragraphs for the Holy sacrament Dacre 1st ed 1952 72pp dw rb ow vg £7 also 6679 1954 rpt 72pp ex lib c sl fd ow vg £6

6688 FARRER A Lord I believe: suggestions for turning the creed into prayer Faith 1955 82pp pb c s g £2 & 21915 Faith 2nd ed 1958 95pp dw pcl tm ow vg £4

6694 FARRER A Said or Sung: an arrangement of homily and verse Faith 1960 190pp dw rb & fd few pn tm ow vg £4

6705 FARRER A Triple victory: Christ's temptations according to Saint Matthew Faith Press 1st ed 1965 96pp pb bdg sl faded & rubbed ow vg £5

22305 FELLOWSHIP OF MEDITATION Fourteen meditations c1996 v 90pp pamp mint £5

6757 FENELON F de Meditations and devotions: from the writings of Francois de Fenelon selected and translated by EC Fenn (Fleur de Lys Series) Mowbray 1954 71pp pb c rb ow g £5

31572 FENELON F de Selections from the writings of Fenelon, with a memoir of his life by J R G Hassard... P O'Shea 1864 374pp ex lib bdg fd & rb bdg wk fr hinge exposed text vg £14

30318 FENHAGEN J C Invitation to holiness H&R 1985 98pp dw sl rb l removed from fl pcl tm vg £8

6761 FENTON J Good News (RBC 230) SCM 1976 87pp pb vg £1

6763 FENTON J C Passion according to John: intro notes & meditations SPCK 1961 73pp exlib pb vg £5

22101 FERGUSON J Interpreted by love Allenson 1960 168pp dw fd ow vg £8

6775 FERGUSON R Chasing the wild goose: the story of the Iona Community Collins 1988 208pp pb spine faded ow vg £4

6793 FERRE N F S Know your faith Epworth 1960 127pp pb c & epp disc ow vg £5

6794 FERRE N F S Making religion real Collins 1969 159pp ex-lib pb pp disc ow g £3

24272 FERRE N F S Making religion real Collins 1956rpt 191pp dw sl fd ow g £5

6795 FERRE N F S Strengthening the spiritual life Collins 1956 64pp g £5

6811 FFRENCH-BEYTAGH G Encountering Darkness Collins 1973 283pp ex-lib dw rb ow vg £8

6808 FFRENCH-BEYTAGH G Encountering Light Fontana 1975 95pp pb ex-lib pp disc ow g £3

6809 FFRENCH-BEYTAGH G Glimpse of glory DLT 1986 114pp pb bdg sl faded ow vg £2.25

6810 FFRENCH-BEYTAGH G Tree of Glory DLT 1988 94pp pb m £5

6839 FINCH A Journey to the light: spirituality as we mature New City 1991 172pp pb vg £5

22313 FINLAY I Columba W&R Chambers 1992 254pp plates pb pp sl disc ow g £4

6854 FINLEY J Merton's Palace of Nowhere: a search for God through awareness of the True Self Ave Maria 1978 158pp dw vg £7 also pb vg £5

6874 FIRTH P Love that moves the sun: searching for God DLT 1996 x 134pp pb m £5

6879 FISCHER K Women at the well: feminine perspectives on spiritual direction SPCK 1989 215pp pb vg £5

6906 FISON J E Fire Upon the Earth Edinburgh House 1958 118pp pb c rb ow g £5

6934 FLETCHER G Christ's Victory & Triumph: and other poems of the seventeenth century GFO&W nd 287pp ex-lib sl fx ow g £5 also 6935 ex lib working copy only £3

30757 FLOOD E Everybody's prayerbook: finding God in my life S&W 1991 106pp pb c sl fd ow vg £5

6995 FOR For all God's People: Ecumenical prayer cycle SPCK/CTS 1978 234pp pb vg £5

21630 FORD D F Shape of living Fount 1997 xxviii 194pp pb few pcl underlinings pp sl discol vg £4

21841 FORD D W C Christian faith explained Olive Pr 1950rpt 91pp pb c v sl fd ow vg £5

7013 FORD D W C Preaching at the Parish Communion 3: Year 2 Mowbray 1975 118pp pb c fd g £3

34156 FOREST J Ladder of the beatitudes Orbis 1999 163pp pb vg £6

35078 FORMAN M Praying with the Desert Mothers Liturgical Press 2005 viii 106pp pb new £7.99

7068 FOSDICK H E Greatness of God Collins 1961 255pp uncorrected proof ex lib pb vg £6

7074 FOSDICK H E Manhood of the Master SCM 1916 158pp binding sl rb one ribbon marker good £3

7075 FOSDICK H E Meaning of prayer SCM 1943 rpt 196pp dw soiled ow g £3

7076 FOSDICK H E Meaning of Service SCM rpt 1933 284pp ex-lib g £3

7090 FOSTER R Celebration of Discipline: the path to spiritual growth H&S 1978 179pp paperback cover rubbed pages discoloured ow g £1.75

7092 FOSTER R Freedom of simplicity Triangle 1981 200pp pb c fd & mkd pp disc text vg £3

7095 FOSTER R Study Guide for Celebration of Discipline H&S 1983 91pp pb epp & pp sl disc vg £3

24598 FOUCAULD C de Letters from the desert tr B Lucas B&O 1977 151pp pb c & sp fd & s vg £10

7111 FOWKE R Growing through crises: how to turn problems into opportunities Marshalls 1985 158pp pb vg £3

7115 FOWLER J W Stages of faith: the psychology of human development and the quest for meaning HarperSanFrancisco 1995 332pp pb new £13.99

7121 FOX A English hymns and hymn writers with 8 plates in colour & 22 b&w illus ( Britain in pictures) Collins 1947 48pp dw sl w epp disc ow vg £4.50

7127 FOX E Ten commandments: master key to life Harper & Row 1953 158pp dw vg £5

7129 FOX M Original Blessing: a primer in creation spirituality Bear & Co rpt 1983 357pp pb vg £6

7131 FOX M Passion for creation: Meister Eckhart's creation spirituality selections from Breakthrough Doubleday 1995 156pp pb vg £5

7133 FOX M Whee! We, wee All the way home: a guide to sensual prophetic spirituality Bear & Co 1981 254pp pb vg £9

7150 FRANCIS D N About prayer Epworth 1957 64pp pb c fd ow g £3

7162 FRANCIS, St Little Flowers: and the life of Bro Giles (WC's) OUP 1947 rpt 319pp ex-lib vg £7

7166 FRANCIS, St of Assisi Little Flowers of the glorious Messer St Francis & of his friars: done into English with notes by W Heywood Methuen 2nd ed 1950 278pp original blue binding gold tooled design fr board corners/spine bumped few sm marks/binding spine faded blue pp edges patchy £5

7167 FRANCIS, St of Assisi Little Flowers and the Life of St Francis with the Mirror of Perfection (EL) Dent 1917 rpt xxiv 397pp sp v fd text vg £4

7168 FRANCIS, St of Assisi Little Flowers of St Francis with five considerations on the sacred stigmata trans & intro by Leo Sherley-Price Penguin 1959 202pp pb pp disc ow vg £5

7175 FRANCIS, St of Assisi & others Little Flowers, legends, and lauds edited by Otto Karrer and translated by N Wydenbruck S&W 1979 302pp pb vg £8 & 7165 dw v worn epp sl disc ow vg £6 also

24593 ex lib pb c cr & mkd pp sl disc ow g £4

34978 FRANCIS, St of Sales Athirst for God: daily readings with St Francis de Sales, introduced and edited by Michael Hollings DLT 1985 64pp pb front cover sl creased ow vg £2.50

7178 FRANCIS, St of Sales Introduction to the devout life: trans & intro by JK Ryan Harper 1966 258pp ex lib g £6

11549 FRANCIS, St of Sales Of the love of God: by Francis De Sales Bishop and Prince of Geneva trans H L S Lear Rivingtons 1888 420pp bdg & c sl w ow g £6

31894 FRANCIS, St of Sales Spiritual letters of St Francis de Sales: trans by H L Sidney Lear Longmans 1895 302pp aeg gold blocked binding sl rubbed sp sl worn text vg £11

7207 FRASER A C Book of Prayers: for various seasons & sundry occasions Blkw 1947 70pp c fd g £3

23102 FRASER I M Salted with fire: life-stories, meditations, prayers St Andrew Pr 1999 152pp pb m £6

7213 FRASER I M Strange fire: life stories and prayers Wild Goose Pub 1994 189pp pb vg £5

23018 FREEDOM Freedom of obedience: Carthusian novice conferences by a Carthusian Cistercian 1998 vii 177pp pb m £7

28346 FREEMAN A Gospel treasure SPCK 1999 101pp pb vg £7

30061 FREEMAN F Readiness for ministry through spiritual direction Alban Inst 1986 97pp pb c sl faded v few pen marginal marks ow vg £12

7232 FREEMAN L Light within: inner path of meditation DLT 1986 115pp pb pp edges sl disc vg £4

31029 FREMANTLE A Protestant mystics Mentor 1965 317pp pb vg £4

7307 FROST B Art of Mental Prayer Philip Allan 2nd ed 1931 xviii 269pp bds fd & mkd epp disc few pn tm ow g £3

7309 FROST B Glastonbury Journey: Marjorie Milne's search for reconciliation Becket 1986 195pp pb vg £6 also 7310 pb c rb pp edges sl disc ow g £5

7312 FROST B Lent with Saint Benedict: readings in the Holy Rule Mowbrays 2nd ed 1942 144pp epp fx vg £5

7319 FROST B Women and forgiveness Collins 1990 83pp pb c cr ow g £3

7343 FULLER D O Valiant for the truth: a treasury of evangelical writings Oliphants 1962 460pp dw s ow vg £9

34067 FULLER T Good thoughts in bad times: Good thoughts in worse times: Mixt contemplations in better times E Howell 1863 397pp bdg mkd sp w top/bottom fr hinge exposed epp & pp sl fx text vg £10

7372 FURLONG M Bird of paradise: glimpses of living myth Cassell 1995 132pp pb bdg sl rubbed corner sl bumped ow vg £6.50

24031 FURLONG M Christian uncertainties H&S 1975 128pp pb pp disc ow g £3

7373 FURLONG M Contemplating Now H&S 1973 rpt 128pp pb pps sl disc ow g £5

7380 FURLONG M Travelling In H&S 1971 124pp dw vg £6

7382 FURLONG M With Love to the Church H&S 1970 rpt 95pp pb cover slightly faded ow vg £1.50

7389 FYNN Mister God this is Anna: illustrated by Papas Collins 1974 190pp dw sl faded ow vg £5

7427 GARBETT C F We would see Jesus Longmans 1941 84pp pb c disc ow g £5

7453 GARRONE C Poor in Spirit: the spirituality of Jeanne Jugan DLT 1975 93pp ex-lib pb vg £5

7458 GARVEY J Modern spirituality: an anthology DLT 1986 144pp pb vg £6

27440 GATELEY E Psalms of a laywoman A Clarke 1988 rpt 116pp pb glue marks on fr epp ow vg £5

7479 GATTA J Pastoral Art: spiritual guidance in the English Mystics DLT 1987 117pp pb m £3

35320 GELIN A Poor of Yahweh Liturgical Pr 1964 125pp pb spine sl faded ow vg £3.75

7514 GEORGE B Classic Christianity: life's too short to miss the real thing Study Guide Harvest House 1990 129pp pb m £5

7515 GEORGE B Growing in Grace Harvest Hs 1991 215pp pb m £5 & Study Guide 131pp pb m £3

7534 GERTRUDE, Sr Christian prayer (WCB 27) United Soc Christian Literature 1959 79pp pb f £3

7552 GIBBARD M Dynamic of love: believing, praying & being human Mowbrays 117pp pb vg £3

22681 GIBBARD M Guides to hidden springs: a history of Christian spirituality through the lives of some of its witnesses SCM 1979 94pp pb c sl cr ow g £3

7553 GIBBARD M Jesus liberation and love: meditative reflections on our believing and praying maturity and service Mowbray 1982 127pp pb pp disc ow g £5

7556 GIBBARD M Twentieth-Century Men of Prayer - Charles de Foucauld, Von Hugel, Simone Weil, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Teilhard de Chardin, Dag Hammarskjold, Thomas Merton, Michel Quoist, Anthony Bloom & Bro Roger SCM 1974 120pp pb vg £2.50

7558 GIBBARD M Why Pray? SCM 1970 rpt 125pp pb c rb & fd ow vg £3

7575 GIBRAN K Prophet Pan 1980 114pp g £3

7576 GIBRAN K Self-portrait: trans & ed by A R Ferris Heinemann rpt 1974 93pp dw rb g £5

35200 GIBSON J Way out of loneliness Gateway Bks 1991 90pp pb vg £3

7589 GILBERT T W Reality of Christ: sermons Epworth 1949 61pp dw disc ow g £3

7608 GILL R Gifts of love Fount 1991 144pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £6

7619 GILLET L Shepherd: addresses delivered at Pleshey Fellowship of St Alban & St Sergius 1968 38pp pb ex lib g £5

7621 GILLETT C S Three Talks on Religion W.Heffer 1932 61pp pb pps fx f £3

23070 GILLIES R A Healing: broader & deeper with biblical study notes Handsel Pr 1998 184pp pb m £6

7660 GLAZEBROOK M G Faith of a Modern Churchman J Murray 1918 118pp hb c rb ow g £3

7672 GLOVER T R Disciple CUP 1942 62pp dw disc ow g £3

7678 GLYN C In him was life Gollancz 1975 256pp b/w illus dw vg £7

7685 GOD God who created me: a book for the quiet time SPCK on behalf of Federation of University Women's Camps for schoolgirls 1934 pb c v fd & w pp v sl fx £7

32192 GOLDINGAY J Evangelical spirituality in the light of Paul's letter to the Romans (GS41) Grove Bks 1992 25pp pamphlet vg £4

34179 GOODACRE N W Meditation outlines: 130 outlines for use from Advent to the end of Trinitytide SPCK 1967 151pp pb binding sl faded & rubbed ow vg £2.50

7745 GOODIER Five meditations on the passion BO&W 1942rpt 50pp ex lib c disc ow g £5

7746 GOODIER A Crown of sorrow - quadragesima - meditations on the passion of our Lord Washbourne 1918 140pp ex lib pp sl s ow g £5

31100 GORDON E Wholetime: a handbook for workshops Grail Pub 1996 176pp spiral bound vg £9

7801 GORE C Prayer and the Lord's prayer WG&D 1906 92pp pb bdg faded & rubbed sp worn pp fx fair (good reading copy) £4

33570 GORE C Prayer and the Lord's prayer WG&D c1898 80pp ex-lib binding fd pp fx epp disc bk epp corner missing ow g £4

7841 GOUDGE E Book of Faith H&S 1976 352pp pb vg £4.50 & 22304 dw very torn ow vg £9

7844 GOUDGE E God so loved the world: a life of Christ H&S 1951 286pp sp sl fd epp sl disc ow g £2

26986 GRAEF H God & myself: spirituality of John Henry Newman Davies 1967 206pp ex lib dw vg £7

7887 GRAEF H Light & the Rainbow: a study in Christian Spirituality from its roots in the OT & its development thro’ the N.T. & the Fathers to recent times Longmans 1959 414pp ex-lib dw rb ow vg £13

29708 GRAEF H C Way of the mystics Mercier Pr 1942 160pp bds fd epp disc ow vg £8

34208 GRAHAM A Contemplative Christianity: an approach to the realities of religion Mowbrays 1974 131pp dw sl faded ow vg £6

7890 GRAHAM A Love of God: an essay in analysis Collins 1964 287pp pb bd vg £6 also pb c rb sm hole in fl ow g £5

7892 GRAHAM B Angels: God's secret agents H&S 1985 rpt 160pp pb pp edges disc ow g £5

7896 GRAHAM B Peace with God Clowes rpt 1964 (CB15) 206pp pb pps disc ow g £2 also Kingswood 1959 rpt 207pp dw w ow vg £5 & pb g £3

7899 GRAHAM E Waymarks of the Passion Longmans 1961 85pp sp sl fd ow vg £7 also pb vg £5

7942 GRASSI J Healing the heart: the power of biblical heart imagery Paulist 1987 137pp pb vg £7

7988 GREEN A Jewish spirituality: from the Bible through the Middle Ages (WS 13) RKP 1986 450pp dw few pcl mm ow m £20

7991 GREEN B Saints Alive! Wyvern rpt 1960 128pp pb c sl disc pps disc ow g £3

23971 GREEN D Gold in the crucible: Teresa of Avila & the Western mystical tradition Element 1989 x 215pp pb c sl cr ow vg £10

7998 GREEN J God's fool: life and times of Francis of Assisi H&S 1989 (orig pub Harper) 273pp pb pp very slightly discoloured ow vg £5 also 32649 hardback with dw vg £12

24044 GREEN M New life, new lifestyle H&S 1973rpt 159pp pb c rb pp sl disc ow g £5

8023 GREEN M Why bother with Jesus: H&S 1983rpt 64pp pb pp sl disc ow g £1

8024 GREEN M You must be joking: popular excuses for avoiding Jesus Christ H&S 1976 159pp pb c sl cr ow g £3

30074 GREEN M & STEVENS R P NT spirituality Eagle 1995 rpt 227pp pb pp discoloured ow vg £8

8030 GREEN P Personal religion & public righteousness: a book for Lent Longmans 1923 rpt 113pp c soiled epp disc ow g £3

8033 GREEN P Studies in the Cross WGD 1914 119pp bdg w epp fx pn tm ow g also ex lib g each £5

8035 GREEN P This Holy Fellowship: thoughts on the Holy Communion Longmans 1935 114pp f £3

8038 GREEN P Watchers by the Cross: thoughts on the Seven Last Words Longmans rpt 1936 104pp pb c w & soiled lots pcl tm ow g £3

8039 GREEN R God's catalyst Christina 1997 287pp pb vg £6

8043 GREEN R H Journeying home Pentland Pr 1992 72pp pb vg £5

8047 GREEN T H Darkness in the marketplace: the Christian at prayer in the world Ave Marie Pr 1984 128pp pb binding sl faded ow vg £8

35163 GREEN T H Prayer and common sense Ave Maria Pr 1995 118pp dustwrapper sl faded ow vg £8

8082 GREEVES F Christian Way SCM 1945 128pp g £3

8083 GREEVES P W My glimpses of glory: PW Greeves 1992 156pp pb m £3

32255 GREGORY Lady Voyages of St Brendan the navigator and stories of the Saints of Ireland forming a book of saints and wonders Colin Smythe 1973 116pp pb binding sl faded & rubbed ow vg £15

8120 GRIFFIN W Fleetwood Correspondence: a devilish tale of temptation H&S 1989 166pp pb vg £5

8124 GRIFFITH A L God's time & ours: sermons for the Xn Year L’worth 1964 212pp dw fd & w g £5

8125 GRIFFITH A L What is a Christian?: sermons on Xn life Lutterworth 1964 rpt 223pp dw sl w vg £5 8130 GRIFFITH L Crucial encounter: personal ministry of Jesus H&S 1965 158pp pb pp disc ow g £5

8141 GRIGG-SMITH T Church teaching for Confirmation & after Grosvenor 1954 176pp pb sp fd vg £5

33499 GRIGOR J C Grow to love: developing caring relationships (A resource book for groups) Saint Andrew Pr rev ed 1980 226pp pb bdg sl rubbed ow vg £4

8158 GROOME C Question of Faith Home Evangelism 1991 38pp pamp f £2

8169 GROU J Manual for Interior Souls: a collection of unpublished writings BO&W c1948 xvi 415pp binding slightly faded ow vg £7

8317 GRUBB E True way of life: reply to Mr J St. Loe Strachey Headley nd 64pp ex lib epp fx ow g £5

34151 GUARDINI R Living God, and, The rosary of Our Lady Longmans 1957 200pp laminated boards epp sl disc ow vg £8

32254 GUIVER G Everyday God SPCK 2002 rpt 83pp pb vg £2

8350 GULLIVER T Way of friendship: a Toc H anthology Toc H 1980 132pp pb vg £5 also c cr ow g £5

8364 GUNSTONE J Live by the Spirit H&S 1984 170pp pb g £5

29908 GUPTARA P Indian spirituality (GS10) Grove 1984 24pp pamphlet vg £4

31360 GUROIAN V Inheriting paradise: meditations on gardening DLT 2001 95pp pb cover sl faded pp sl disc ow vg £3

8411 GUYON M Short and easy method of prayer HR Allenson nd 63pp pb sp chipped at tail, some loss at top cover & pp slightly discoloured ow g £5

8437 HACKING R D Such a long journey: a biography of Gilbert Shaw, priest Mowbray 1988 148pp pb sp fd ow vg £6

8458 HAHN C A Sexual paradox: creative tensions in our lives and in our congregations Pilgrim Pr 1991 224pp pb vg £8

8498 HALL J Epistles on subjects fit for consideration at all times but especially adapted for the time of trouble selected & edited by WH Hale Rivington 1840 viii 136pp bdg disc epp fx ow g £10

8499 HALL M Impossible dream: spirituality of Dom Helder Camara Xn Journals 1979 96pp pb g £3

33501 HALLOWED Hallowed be thy name: a visual meditation on the Lord's Prayer (pamphlet only NO VISUAL AIDS) Christian Aid nd 32pp pamphlet vg £3

8527 HAMILTON E I stay in the church Vision 1973 183pp dw rb ow vg £6

8543 HAMMARSKJOLD D Markings trans by L Sjoberg & W H Auden Alfred A Knopf 1964 222pp dw discoloured & sl torn binding v sl faded text vg £4.50

8557 HAMON A Vie de la bienheureuse Marguerite-Marie d'apres les manuscrits et les documents originaux Beauchesne 1907 xl 537pp plates ex lib rebound pp disc ow g £20

34178 HANCOCK H N Red letter days: a series of meditations on the Holy Days of the Christian year Longmans 1956 156pp dw sl torn & grubby bdg sl faded epp disc text vg £5

8571 HANDLER B Our Father book: the Lord's Prayer in verse and picture Mowbray 1942rpt 22pp ex lib pamp c sl fd ow g £3

11925 HANDLEY P et al English spirit: the Little Gidding anthology of English spirituality compiled by Paul Handley, Fiona MacMath, Pat Saunders & Robert Van de Weyer DLT 1988 rpt 236pp pb covered with self-adhesive plastic pp sl disc ow vg £5

33504 HANDY C Waiting for the mountain to move: and other reflections on life Arrow 1992 143pp pb bdg sl rubbed pp sl disc ow vg £2

8588 HANSFORD R & M White flower rosary: pro-life weapon Asset 1983 45pp pamp c mkd ow g £3

8618 HANSON R P C Mystery and imagination: reflections on Christianity SPCK 1976 113pp pb vg £6

8625 HAPPOLD F C Mysticism: a study and an anthology Penguin 1963 407pp pb pp sl disc ow g £2

8627 HAPPOLD F C Prayer and meditation: their nature and practice Penguin 1971 381pp ex lib laminated binding pp discoloured ow g £3

8628 HAPPOLD F C Religious faith and twentieth century man Penguin 1966 185pp pb g £3 also 29037 DLT 1980 185pp pb sp fd ow g £5

8645 HARDY A Divine flame: an essay towards a natural history of religion (Studies in Religious Experience) Religious Experience Research Unit 1978 254pp pb ex-lib vg £8.50

35155 HARING B Beatitudes: their personal and social implications St Paul 1976 98pp pb vg £5

8668 HARING B Called to Holiness St Paul 1982 73pp pb ex-lib g £6

8669 HARING B Christian renewal in a changing world: a new approach to moral theology Mercier 1966 480pp pb pp edges disc ow g £5

8672 HARING B Prayer: the integration of faith & life St Paul 1974 145pp pb vg £6

35174 HARNAN N Heart's journey home: a quest for wisdom Ave Maria Pr 1992 162pp dustwrapper sl faded with sm tear ow vg £10

35026 HARPER M Love affair H&S 1982 238pp ex lib pb cover sl faded ow vg £2

8699 HARRIES R Christ is risen Mowbray 1987 131pp pb vg £1.50

30913 HARRIES R God outside the box SPCK 2002 178pp pb vg £7

8702 HARRIES R Prayer & the pursuit of happiness Collins 1985 153pp pb c sl fd ow vg £2

8703 HARRIES R Praying round the clock Mowbray 1983 143pp pb fr cover cr pp disc ow g £2.50

8706 HARRIES R Turning to prayer Mowbray 1978 149pp pb vg £4

35290 HARRIS P Christian meditation: contemplative prayer for a new generation DLT 1996 146pp pb vg £15

8725 HARRIS P Under the bright wings illus by Susan Rubira foreword by John Stott Regent College Pub 2000 rpt (orig pub H&S 1993) 176pp pb vg £11

8730 HARRIS S S Master and his boys Warren & Son 1925rpt 101pp bdg rb ow vg £6

8754 HART A T Clergy and society 1600-1800 (Church History Outlines) SPCK 1968 120pp pb g £6

33195 HART T Coming down the mountain: how to turn your retreat into everyday living Paulist Pr 1988 101pp pb vg £4

8767 HART T N Art of Christian listening Paulist 1980 128pp pb vg £5

35025 HARTON S In pursuit of perfection: a way of Christian life Mowbray 1936 189pp ex lib spine sl marked & rubbed ow vg £2.50

8778 HARTON S Practice of Intercession Mowbray 1939 127pp pb g £5 also spine weak £3

8803 HARVEY R Hidden Word: 52 stories for ministers & their young listeners IP 1959 104pp c s g £5

8827 HASTINGS J Christian doctrine of prayer T&T Clark 1915rpt 448pp bdg sl rb & sl fx ow g £3.50

8197 HATFIELD J Creative Prayer: (GS7) Grove 1983 24pp pamp g £2

8846 HATZFELD A D Saint Augustine Duckworth 1898 155pp sp fd epp disc ow g £7

8851 HAUGHTON R Knife edge of experience DLT 1972 168pp ex-lib vg £6

35166 HAUGHTON R On trying to be human G Chapman 1966 199pp dw sl faded & rubbed ow vg £3

8858 HAUSHERR I Spiritual direction in the early Christian East foreword by Bp Kallistos [Ware] trans by A P Gythiel (Cistercian Studies 116) Cistercian 1990 xxxiv 434pp pb new £16.95

8859 HAVENSTEIN D Democratizing Sir Thomas Browne: Religio Medici and its imitations Clarendon Pr 1999 xii 232pp dw m £27

8865 HAWKER B Spiritual pathways: guide-posts for an inner journey MP 1987 98pp vg £5

8896 HEAD D He sent leanness: book of prayers Epworth 1959 62pp ex lib dw sl rb ow vg £2.75

35027 HEAD D Seek a city saint: [12] letters to Joe [divided into 40 sections suitable for Lent] Epworth 1965 128pp ex lib dustwrapper sl faded & torn ow vg £2

8950 HEBBLETHWAITE M Through Lent with Luke BRF 1986 104pp pb water damage no smell text vg £2

8980 HEDGES S G Is anybody there? Mowbray 1971 100pp pb label on fr epp ow vg £5

22218 HEFLING C C Jacob's ladder: theology and spirituality in the thought of Austin Farrer Cowley 1979 xiv 132pp pb vg £15

8993 HEILER F Prayer: history and psychology Galaxy 1958 376pp ex-lib pb c w ow g £6

9077 HEPHER C Revelation of Love WGD 1908 167pp sp sl rb ow g £3

9085 HERBERT G Country Parson & selected poems SCM 1956 125pp dw epp sl disc ow vg £7

28856 HERBERT G Country parson, The Temple edited, with an intro by John N Wall (Classics of Western Spirituality) Paulist Pr 1981 xxii 354pp pb c rb & v sl creased ow vg £12

9086 HERBERT G Masters of prayer CIO 1984 rpt 43pp pamp vg £2

24655 HERBERT G Poems from The Temple with intro Sewanee UP 1976 40pp pamp c sl rb ow vg £5

9088 HERBERT G Poems of George Herbert: to which are added selections from his prose and Walton's 'Life' W Scott nd 317pp bdg w & wk ow g £7

9089 HERBERT G Poetical works with life, critical dissertation & explanatory notes by G Gilfillan J Nichol 1857 328pp lth bds & sp detached lacks sm piece sp epp sl fx text vg £9

9091 HERBERT G Selection from 'The Temple' no imprint 48pp pamp vg £3 also pamp fx £2.50

9092 HERBERT G Temple: sacred poems & private ejaculations Seeley 1894 252pp gold decorated bds sl rb gold pp edges bdg sl loose ow vg £20

9094 HERBERT G Works of George Herbert: in prose and verse Bell & Daldy 1859 438pp/384pp epp disc ow vg set £45 also Bickers and Son 1873 2 vol set needs re-bdg 438pp/384pp fx ow g £22

9116 HERMAN E Creative prayer J Clarke c1921 240pp dustwrapper sl grubby ow vg £5

35030 HERMAN E Meaning and value of mysticism J Clarke 1925 394pp ex lib binding faded & rubbed spine v worn top/tail epp foxed ow g £3.50

22987 HERMITAGE Hermitage within: spirituality of the desert DLT/Cistercian 1977rpt 152pp pb m £6

26306 HERTZ J H Book of Jewish thoughts selected and arranged by the Chief Rabbi Eyre & Spottiswoode 1935 pocket size rpt 316pp sl fx ow g £5

9136 HERVEY J Meditations & Contemplations T Kelley 1814 403pp full lthr bdg rb small piece sp missing hinges wk some disc of text £22

9139 HESSION B Alone To Pray P Davies 1961 208pp vg £3

9140 HESSION B Gentle Step Peter Davies rpt 1958 216pp g £3

9141 HESSION B Pinnacle of Faith Peter Davies 1960 220pp dw fd ow vg £3

32191 HIGGINSON R Living with affluence: prosperity, prayer and the Christian business person (GS40) Grove Bks 1992 23pp pamphlet vg £4

32236 HILARION OF KIEV Baptism of the Rus: discourse on the law and grace (Calendar book) St Paul 1988 54pp lg spiral bdg 24 col (full page) icons corners creased ow vg £8

32876 HILDEGARD OF BINGEN [FLANAGAN] Secrets of God: writings of Hildegard of Bingen selected and translated by Sabina Flanagan Shambala1996 xii 186pp pb new £9.99

9213 HILDEGARD, of Bingen Book of the rewards of life OUP 1994 290pp pb m £13

9256 HILTON A C Works of Arthur Clement Hilton: together with his life and letters Macmillan & Bowes 1904 219pp ex-lib fr epp written on ow g £7

24022 HILTON W 8 chapters on perfection & Angels' song trans... Rosemary Dorward SLG Pr 1983rpt x 22pp pamp mint £2

9262 HILTON W Scale of Perfection: ed from MS. Sources with an intro by E Underhill JM Watkins 1948 464pp ex lib dw g £10

32185 HILTON W Scale of perfection: abridged and presented by Illtyd Trethowan Chapman 1975 x 148pp pb vg £9

9269 HINCHLIFF P & YOUNG D Human potential: Christian faith as an approach to the everday reality of this world DLT 1981 162pp pb vg £5

9310 HOBBS R More Perfect Way : illus by Benedictine Nuns of Turvey A Clarke 1988 32pp pb vg £5

9315 HOCKEN P You He Made Alive DLT rpt 1978 126pp pb vg £5 also c rb pn tm £3

28654 HOCKING C E & HORLOCK M Day by day through the Old Testament Precious Seed Pub 1998 rpt 416pp pb vg £7

23001 HOEY A Adventure into silence: making a private retreat DLT 2000 xiv 97pp pb bk c rb ow m £6

22985 HOEY A Leaves from the tree of heaven: reflections on prayer, foreword by Cardinal Basil Hume DLT 1998 xii 110pp pb vg £7

9385 HOLLAND H S Creed & Character: Sermons Longmans 1897 343pp c rb ow g £5

35324 HOLLINGS M Christ died at Notting Hill: the Way of the Cross today BRF 1985 96pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed back cover sl creased ow vg £3

9406 HOLLINGS M Day by Day Mayhew McCrimmon 1972 125pp ex-lib pb g £4

9407 HOLLINGS M Hearts not garments: Christ is our peace DLT 1982 83pp pb vg £2.50

29234 HOLLINGS M Hey, you! Burns & Oates 1977 rpt 128pp pb back cover creased ow vg £5

9408 HOLLINGS M I will be there Mowbrays 1975 125pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £1.75

9409 HOLLINGS M One who listens: book of prayer Mayhew McCrimmon 1972 rpt 193pp cover slightly rubbed prayer card stapled onto title page ow vg £3

35226 HOLLINGS M Reflections through the church's year: Year A McCrimmons 1995 143pp PAPERBACK pen inscription on title page ow vg £3.50

9411 HOLLINGS M Shade of His Hand: prayers & readings for times of sorrow & times of joy Mayhew McCrimmon 1973 262pp pb vg £2

9412 HOLLINGS M Therese of Lisieux Collins 1984 63pp pb plates vg £5

9413 HOLLINGS M Wedding Prayer Book Mayhew-McCrimmon 1977 111pp m £3

9414 HOLLINGS M & GULLICK E It's me, O Lord H&S 1974 159pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £2

9419 HOLLIS G My Beloved & My Friend SPCK 1920 360pp c s ow g £5

9424 HOLLOWAY R Anger sex doubt and death SPCK 1992 115pp pb pcl underlinings ow vg £4

9426 HOLLOWAY R Behold Your King: meditations on the Death & Resurrection of Christ SPCK 1984 108pp pb vg £5

9427 HOLLOWAY R Beyond belief: the Christian encounter with God Mowbray 1981 164pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed pp disc ow g £2

9428 HOLLOWAY R Consecretion: Risen life in Christ (Catholic Renewal Loughborough conference) CLA nd 10pp pamp sl mkd ow g £3

32653 HOLLOWAY R Crossfire: faith and doubt in an age of certainty Collins 1988 175pp pb bdg sl rubbed pp sl disc ow vg £4

9429 HOLLOWAY R Dancing on the edge Collins 1996 204pp pb cover scuffed ow vg £4.50

9431 HOLLOWAY R Killing: meditations on the death of Christ DLT 1984 77pp c cr pp disc ow g £2

9432 HOLLOWAY R Let God Arise: essays by D Jenkins, R Williams, J Habgood, DL Edwards, AN Wilson, E Templeton Mowbray 1972 171pp vg £5

9433 HOLLOWAY R New Heaven Mowbrays 1978 125pp pb pp disc ow vg £4

9435 HOLLOWAY R Sidelong Glance DLT 1985 86pp pb c rb pp edges sl disc ow g £5

9436 HOLLOWAY R Signs of glory DLT 1982 81pp pb pp sl fd ow vg £1.50

9438 HOLLOWAY R Way of the Cross Collins 1986 121pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £1.50

9441 HOLMER P L C.S.Lewis: the shape of his faith and thought Sheldon 1976 116pp pb ex-lib g £5

23006 HOLMES A Life pleasing to God: the spirituality of the Rules of St Basil DLT/Cistercian 2000 xxii 282pp pb m £12

9444 HOLMES E E Joyful through hope Mowbray 1921 182pp sp fd epp disc ow g £3

9445 HOLMES E E Prayer & Action: or 'The Three Notable Duties' Longmans 1911 175pp pp edges sl fx few pcl mm ow g £3

29913 HOOPER P Being young in an old church (GS19) Grove 1986 24pp pamphlet vg £4

9501 HOPE D Friendship with God Collins 1989 119pp pb m £5 also ex-lib pb vg £3

9525 HORNE B World to gain: incarnation & the hope of renewal DLT 1983 80pp pb pp disc ow vg £7

9527 HORNE L Shining place: poems Friends Fellowship of Healing 1987 26pp pamp g £3

9528 HORNE L Singing murmer: poems Friends Fellowship of Healing 1990 32pp pamp vg £3

9544 HORT G Meeting-place of God and man SCM 1950 87pp pb c fx ow g £3

31109 HOUGHTON E Christian hymn-writers Evangelical Press of Wales 1982 rpt 287pp pb vg £2

9576 HOULDEN J L Truth untold: meditations on the Gospel SPCK 1991 81pp pb c sl cr ow vg £2

9583 HOUSEHOLD Household of God: the Ascot statement on Church & Ministry Church Union 1988 7pp pamp vg £3

32324 HOUSELANDER C Mother of Christ S&W 1978 121pp pb bdg faded & rubbed text vg £8

32323 HOUSELANDER C Stations of the Cross S&W 1977 rpt 144pp pb bdg sl fd & w pp sl disc g £5

9602 HOW J C H Personal Discipleship & the Way of Prayer Longmans 1931 111pp ex lib c fd ow g £3

33592 HOW J C H & BALL E R That last night: a series of liturgical devotions on the events of Maundy Thursday (for use on the evenings of Holy Week) priest's edition Faith Pr 1936 41pp dw sl grubby with ink blots & sm tear alternative hymn nos marked in pen ow g £9

9605 HOWARD C Women in society and the Church no pub 1980 15pp pamp vg £3

9607 HOWARD G Weep not for me DLT 1993 85pp pb m £5

9619 HOWELL A G F St Bernardino of Siena Methuen 1913 373pp ex-lib lib bdg pcl tm ow vg £22

9642 HUDDLESTON T God's world Collins 1966 94pp pb c sl rb pp disc ow g £1.25

9656 HUELIN G Cross in English life & devotion Faith Press 1972 89pp ex-lib pb c fd ow g £5

35037 HUELIN G Kingdom within you [reflections on 12 classics of spirituality with further readings] (Seekers' Library) Skeffington 1960 192pp ex lib epp marked by selotape ow vg £3

24359 HUELIN G Light of the cross: on suffering Bles 1969 95pp pb vg £5

9657 HUELSMAN R J Pray: Participant's handbook Paulist 1976 129pp pb g £3

9659 HUGGETT J Conflict: friend or foe? - creative use of conflict Kingsway rpt 1985 192pp pb g £1.25

33432 HUGGETT J Conflict: understanding, managing and growing through conflict Eagle 1998 256pp pb sp sl faded ow vg £10

9662 HUGGETT J Listening to God H&S 1986 240pp pb vg £4

9663 HUGGETT J Open to God H&S 1990 rpt 192pp illus pb cover sl rubbed ow vg £9

9664 HUGGETT J Reflections for Lent Lion 1991 95pp col & b&w illus vg £5

9667 HUGH Fr Burning-glass: sketch of eucharistic structure Faith Pr 1962 68pp pb ex lib sp w ow g £5

9669 HUGH Fr No Escape from Love: a study in forgiveness Faith Pr 1959 63pp ex lib c s ow g £3

9676 HUGHES G W God of surprises DLT 1988 rpt 162pp pb fr epp clipped ow vg £3.50

27453 HUGHES G W God, where are you? DLT 1997 rpt xiv 270pp pb vg £5.50

9677 HUGHES G W In Search of a Way: 2 journeys of spiritual discovery DLT 1986 174pp pb vg £3.50

9678 HUGHES G W Oh God, why?: journey through Lent for bruised pilgrims BRF 1993 159pp pb vg £2.25

9679 HUGHES G W Walk to Jerusalem: in search of peace DLT 1991 244pp pb vg £3.50

9681 HUGHES H T Life worth living Epworth Pr 1965 108pp ex lib dw vg £5

9682 HUGHES H T Prophetic Prayer: a history of the Christian doctrine of prayer to the reformation Epworth 1947 130pp ex lib c fd & rb ow g £7

9684 HUGHES J M Book of English belief: Bede to Temple Private circulation copy 1987 135pp pb m & SCM Pr 1989 146pp pb m each £5

9686 HUGHES J T Meditations on the Magnificat: arranged for prayer group or private use Mothers’ Union 1959 36pp pamp g £3

9694 HUGHES T New psychology & religious experience A&U 1933 332pp bdg rb sp sl fd pcl mm sl fx £6

9698 HUGHSON S C Contemplative Prayer SPCK 1935 204pp c fd epp disc few pcl tm ow vg £5

9699 HUGHSON S C Spiritual Guidance: Mowbray 1st ed 1954 285pp sp fd epp sl fx ow g £5

9700 HUGHSON S C Spiritual letters Mowbray 1st ed 1953 251pp dw s ow vg £6 also g £5

9701 HUGHSON S C With Christ in God: a study of human destiny SPCK 1956 385pp dw w ow vg £6 also ex-lib c fd £6

20635 HULBERT A Contours of God from Old Testament stories CP 1995 xiv 140pp pb new £5

9715 HUME B Searching for God H&S 1979 192pp pb c cr ow vg £3 also 9716 pb vg £5

9718 HUME B To be a pilgrim: a spiritual notebook SPCK 1984 230pp large format paperback vg £2 also 29043 St Paul 1984 230pp dw vg £4.50

9722 HUME C W Status of animals in the Christian religion: with marginal drawings by Fougasse Universities Federation for Animal Welfare 1957 110pp ex-lib bdg fd ow g £4.50

9741 HUMPHREYS C Search within: course in meditation Sheldon Pr 1977 160pp pb ex lib pp sl disc £6

9746 HUNKIN O World that has lost its way Temple House 1994 77pp pb m £5

9749 HUNT D & MCMAHON T A Seduction of Christianity: spiritual discernment in the last days Harvest House 1985 239pp pb vg £5

9754 HUNT P Let the children come: children in the church Kingsway 1989 158pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £5

9782 HUNTER D & HUNTER P Christus victor: reflections in a believer's year Published privately 1997 576pp pb m £8

9791 HUNTER V Beloved brother Square One 1993 193pp pb vg £6

33437 HUNTLEY M Windows of hope Internat. Communication Counselling Skills 1998 66pp pb vg £3

9814 HUTTON J A Further guidance from Robert Browning in matters of faith: suggested by Ferishtah's fancies H&S 1929 101pp ex lib sp fd & disc ow g £5

9839 HUXTABLE J Faith that is in us IP 1953 70pp dw rb ow vg £6

9878 IKIN A G Great Awakening: glimpses of hope Regency nd 119pp ex-lib pcl tm ow g £3

9916 INGE W R End of an Age: and other essays Readers Union 1949 288pp sp fd ow g £6

9921 INGE W R Gate of Life Longmans 1935 114pp ex lib sp sl fd pcl tm on pp25 g £5 & rpt sp sl fd £5

9923 INGE W R Goodness & Truth Mowbray 1958 190pp sp & c fd & mkd ow g £5

9927 INGE W R Outspoken Essays (Second series) Longmans 1922 275pp g £7

21956 INGE W R Outspoken essays (First series) Longmans 1923 281pp some tm sl fx £2

9929 INGE W R Personal Religion & Life of Devotion Longmans 1924 rpt 96pp bdg fd epp sl disc g £5

9931 INGE W R Rustic Moralist Putnam 1937 387pp epp sl fx ow g £6

9934 INGE W R Speculum Animae: four devotional addresses given in the Chapel of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Jan 14/15 1911 Longmans 1911 56pp c v rb lots of pcl tm ow g £5

9938 INGE W R Vale Longmans 1934 126pp sp sl fd ow g £5.50

9940 INGLE G Lord's Creed Collins 1964 223pp ex-lib dw v w ow g £2

27832 INSTONE A Faith breaks fear [recovery from agoraphobia & anxiety] Author 1998 191pp pb m £9

10009 IREMONGER F A Before the Morning Watch Longmans 1917 172pp c fd pps sl fx ow g £3

10010 IREMONGER F A Way to God: broadcast talks SCM 1st ed 1935 137pp dw s ow g £3

10014 IRESON G W Strange Victory: the gospel of the resurrection Collins 1970 126pp pb g £5 also pps disc couple pn mm ow g £3

10031 ISRAEL M About Prayer CFPSS 1st ed 1974 40pp pamp c fd ow vg £2

31787 ISRAEL M Dark face of reality: study of emergent awareness Collins 1989 158pp pp disc ow g £2

10035 ISRAEL M Gethsemane: the transfiguring love Collins 1987 127pp pb pp disc ow vg £2

21785 ISRAEL M Happiness that lasts Cassell 1999 xii 145pp pb covers creased ow vg £5

21954 ISRAEL M Living alone: inward journey to fellowship (NLPC) SPCK 1982 132pp pb vg £3.50

10042 ISRAEL M Pain that heals: the place of suffering in the growth of the person Mowbray 1988 rpt 192pp pb some pcl underlinings ow vg £3 also 31148 Continuum 2001 pb pcl mm ow vg £8

10044 ISRAEL M Power of the Spirit in everyday living: three lectures delivered in the Chapter House of Guildford Cathedral by permission of the Dean and Chapter White Crescent Press nd 32pp pamp vg £3

10045 ISRAEL M Precarious living: path to life H&S 1976 190pp dw rb ow vg £5 also 31190 pb vg £2

32400 ISRAEL M Quest for identity: spirituality and the integration of personality SLG Pr 1971 12pp pamp cover discol pen marks ow g £2

10046 ISRAEL M Smouldering fire: work of Holy Spirit H&S 1978 190pp dw vg £6 & 31189 pb vg £4

31191 ISRAEL M Summons to life: search for identity thro’ the spiritual Mowbray 1977 159pp pb vg £4

10055 JACKMAN D Humanity SU 1986 96pp pb vg £5

10066 JACKSON G D Judgement & acquittal: lenten addresses SPCK 1962 87pp pb pp sl disc ow g £3

9268 JACKSON L Services for special occasions Mowbray 1982 x 166pp pb vg £5

10075 JACOB W U Three hours' devotion: meditation on the seven words from the Cross Mowbrays 1965 49pp pb c s ow g £3

10099 JAMES B S St Bernard of Clairvaux: essay in biography H&S 1957 192pp ex lib dw rb ow vg £9

10108 JAMES E Spirituality for today: papers from the 1967 Parish & People Conference SCM 1968 175pp pb cover rubbed ow vg £5

10111 JAMES E Word over all: forty sermons 1985-1991 SPCK 1992 191pp pb pen tm on contents list few pcl tm ow g £8

30973 JANE Sister Hidden joy SLG Press 1994 78pp pb vg £3

10156 JANTZEN G Julian of Norwich: mystic and theologian SPCK 1987 230pp pb pp sl disc some pcl tm ow vg £10

10182 JASPERS T Thank God: prayers for teenagers Lion 1982 76pp pb pp edges disc ow g £5

10198 JEFF G Spiritual direction for every Christian SPCK 1987 104pp pb sp fd pp sl disc ow vg £16

4468 JEFFERY G Barnabas Bible Wolfe Pub 1973 256pp dw very slightly rubbed ow vg £6

10202 JEFFERY G Handle with prayer: a church cleaner's notebook CHP 1992 48pp pb m £3

10244 JENKS B Prayers for families H&S 1990 140pp pb vg £3

10248 JENNINGS F They enlisted for Christ Hodder 1st ed 1946 144pp pb c rb epp fx £3

10286 JESSOP T E Effective religion JK Whitehead 1946rpt 120pp ex lib bdg rb ow g £5

30614 JOCELIN OF BRAKELOND Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond: a picture of monastic life in the days of Abbot Samson newly edited by Ernest Clarke (Kings Classics Series) De La More Pr 1903 xliv 285pp frontis nick at top spine bdg sl discol epp fx vg £9

10323 JOHANSEN-BERG J Pilgrims for Peace: a discussion book for the church and other groups Community for Reconciliation 1989 112pp pamp vg £5

10332 JOHN of Kronstadt Spiritual Counsels: select passages from 'My Life in Christ' edited & introduced by WJ Grisbrooke J Clarke 1967 230pp pb vg £6

10337 JOHN PAUL II Crossing the Threshold of Hope J Cape 1994 244pp dw sl rubbed with sm slit corner bumped ow vg £6

33163 JOHN PAUL II [Castle] Through the year with Pope John Paul II compiled and edited by Tony Castle H&S 1981 252pp dw rubbed & nicked on edges couple of pen mm text vg £6

10343 JOHN, Fr Christ is in Our Midst: letters from a Russian Monk trans by Esther Williams DLT 1980 151pp pb c rb ow vg £5

10344 JOHN, Fr Thoughts and counsels of Father John: selected and arranged from 'My Life in Christ' by Cyril Bickersteth & Agnes L Illingworth Mowbray 1900 rpt 390pp bdg sl wk sp rb pocket edition g £7

10348 JOHN, St of the Cross Complete works of Saint John of the Cross trans & ed by E. Allison Peers from ed of P Silvero de Santa Teresa: 3 vols in one Clarke 1978 rpt 457/448/463pp dw sl fd ow vg £26

22698 JOHN, St of the Cross Dark night of the soul trans E Allison Peers B&O 1976rpt 187pp pb m £5

10352 JOHN, St of the Cross Lamps of Fire: daily readings with St John of the Cross intro, edited and illus by Sister Elizabeth Ruth DLT 1987 rpt 63pp pb m £3

22639 JOHN, St of the Cross Living flame of love: trans by E Allison Peers B&O 1997 rpt 216pp paperback cover slightly faded & rubbed ow vg £3.50

22684 JOHN, St of the Cross Lover of God: selections arranged for daily devotional readings by RP Sidey SPCK 1958 x 64pp pb c rb & sl cr ow g £4

24383 JOHN, St of the Cross Poems: Spanish text with a trans by Roy Campbell Collins 1986 rpt 90pp pb pp disc ow vg £3

10357 JOHN, St of the Cross Spiritual Canticle trans by E Allison Peers Image 3rd rev ed 1961 520pp pb sp sl faded ow vg £7

10411 JOHNSTON W Inner eye of love: mysticism & religion Collins ‘78 208pp dw fd few pclmm vg £3

10413 JOHNSTON W Mirror mind: spirituality & transformation Collins1983 181pp pb pp edges disc £2

10417 JOHNSTON W Wounded Stag Collins 1984 203pp pb pp edges sl disc ow vg £5

10429 JONES A Soul making: the desert way of spirituality HarperCollins 1985rpt 222pp pb mint £12

32429 JONES C Study of Spirituality SPCK 1986 xxx 634pp plates dw faded ow mint £30

10455 JONES E J Yes, Lord, I believe Collins 1985 126pp pp sl disc ow g £5

10461 JONES E S Christian Maturity Abingdon 1992 364pp pb vg £5 also ex-lib pb vg £5

10474 JONES J Faith that touches the world DLT 1994rpt 121pp pb some highlighting ow g £3

32660 JONES J People of the blessing: God's love found in the Psalms BRF 1998 187pp pb covers sl creased fr epp missing text vg £5

10476 JONES J Servant DLT 1988 132pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £2.50

23037 JONES K In the nature of Avalon: goddess pilgrames in Glastonbury's sacred landscape Ariadne Publ 2000 vi 211pp pb m £7

33802 JONES P O Small boat, big sea: one year's journey as a parish priest Lion 2001 223pp pb fr c sl creased ow vg £4

10490 JONES R M Luminous Trail Macmillan 1947 165pp dw rb ow g £5

10513 JOSSUA J P Condition of the Witness SCM 1985 88pp pb vg £5

10515 JOUHANDEAU M Saint Philip Neri Longmans 1960 129pp ex-lib g £6

10549 JUENGST S C Like a garden: a biblical spirituality of growth Westminster/John Knox 1996 102pp pb m £6

10554 JULIAN, of Norwich Enfolded in love: daily readings DLT 1980 72pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £2

34979 JULIAN, of Norwich Julian of Norwich (Masters of Prayer) CHP 1984 40pp PAMPHLET vg £2

10555 JULIAN, of Norwich Julian of Norwich: four studies to commemorate the sixth centenary of the Revelations of Divine Love: various articles by AM Allchin, Srs, E Mary, M Paul, Benedicta SLG 1973 rpt 38pp pamp vg £3

28768 JULIAN, of Norwich Shewing of God's love: the shorter version of Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love, ed & partially modernized from the 15th century MS by Sister Anna Maria Reynolds (Inner life series) Longmans 1958 lviii 99pp frontis laminated boards vg £8.50

10552 JULIAN, of Norwich Showings (CWS) Paulist Pr 1978 369pp pb cover rubbed ow vg £11

34093 JULIAN, of Norwich Stations of the Cross: a devotion using 'The revelations of divine love' Friends of Julian of Norwich nd 32pp pamphlet vg £5

33092 JULIAN, of Norwich Wisdom of Mother Julian: an anthology edited by P Franklin Chambers Mowbray 1951 32pp pocket size pb bdg rubbed & torn 1pp pen tm/pn mm ow g £3

35212 KANE T A Happy are you who affirm: a book of reflections House of Affirmation 1980 180pp pb spine faded ow vg £5

35216 KANE T A Healing touch of affirmation: a book of reflections House of Affirmation 1976 126pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £5

10649 KAY U W He Gave Us Eyes To See Them: a year of Ursula's Nature Diary (1978) U Kay 1988 no pagination pb vg £5

10658 KEATING C J Who we are is how we pray: matching personality and spirituality Twenty-Third Publ 1988 rpt 147pp pb m £6

10670 KEBLE J Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year Kegan Paul 1882 291pp frontis top edge gold black/red printing bdg s & w pp untrimmed text vg £30

10671 KEBLE J Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year J Parker 82nd ed 1865 xii 399pp black lth spine/corners rubbed marbled epp gold pp edges v sl fx ow g £9

10672 KEBLE J Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year J Parker authorised ed 1827 383pp brown leather bdg worn gold pp edges fr epp missing text mint £12

29744 KEBLE J Christian year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and holydays through the year Parker 1873 145th ed (215mm x160mm) 383pp lth bdg with raised bands & blind/gold tooling sl bumped aeg two colour printing on quality paper with vignettes tp clipped epp fx text vg v nice copy £150

10682 KEBLE J Miscellaneous poems J Parker 1869 310pp red lthr tooled bdg rb (sp v rb) & hinge sl loose gold pp edges text vg £12

10680 KEBLE J, NEWMAN J H et al Lyra Apostolica [key to signatures added by previous owner] Mozley 1843 250pp aeg new cloth reference binding with headbands pp very slightly discoloured ow vg copy £40

10695 KEE A From bad faith to Good News: reflections on Good Friday & Easter SCM 1991 147pp pb vg £5

27256 KELLER W P Gardener looks at the fruit of the spirit P&I 1981 rpt 187pp ex lib pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £3

10730 KELLER W P Shepherd looks at the Lamb of God Pickering 1982 124pp pb vg £6

10731 KELLER W P Walking with God Kingsway 1980 160pp pb pp sl disc ow g £3

10736 KELLY A D Claims of spirituality: can they be harmonized with science, morals and religion? WGD nd 96pp pb c fd ow g £7

10737 KELLY A D Values of the Christian Life: preface by Rt Revd William Temple SPCK 1925 282pp epp & pps sl fx ow g £3

10740 KELLY G Guidance for Religious Herder 1956 321pp ex-lib dw w ow vg £7

10749 KELLY J N D Aspects of the Passion Faith Press 1970 92pp pb c s ow vg £5 also pb vg £6

10762 KELLY T R Testament of devotion: with a biographical memoir by DV Steere H&S 1957rpt 114pp pb sp sl rb ow vg £8

31810 KELSEY M T Other side of silence: a guide to Christian meditation SPCK 1997 314pp pb covers sl faded & rubbed ow vg £6

10771 KELSEY M T Through defeat to victory: stories and meditations of spiritual rebirth Element Books 1991 115pp pb fr c sl cr ow vg £6

10773 KELSEY M T Transcend: guide to the Spiritual Quest Crossroad 1981 220pp pb cs bpd ow vg £6

10785 KEMP E W Square words in a round world Collins 1980 91pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £3

10788 KEMPE M Book of Margery Kempe: trans by BA Windeatt Penguin 1985 330pp pb vg £5

10787 KEMPE M [Butler-Bowden W] Book of Margery Kempe a modern version by W Butler-Bowden with introduction by R W Chambers J Cape 1936 385pp bds sl rb epp & pp sl fx text vg £10

10796 KENDALL E L City not forsaken: English masters of the spiritual life Faith Press 1962 167pp pb c rb ow g £5

10799 KENDALL E L Watchmen upon thy Walls: European Masters of the Spiritual Life Faith Press 1963 147pp pb c fd ow vg £5

10803 KENNABY N M To Start You Praying: everyman's guide to intercession for the world wide church SPGFP rpt 1954 64pp pb g £3

34296 KENNEALLY C Stations of the cross Veritas 1979 21pp pamphlet vg £2

10815 KENNETH Bro From the fathers to the churches: daily spiritual readings mainly from The Divine Office Collins 1988 rpt 872pp back cover sl marked 2 ribbon markers front epp clipped vg £25

31117 KENNETH Bro More saints of the twentieth century Mowbrays 1980 172pp pb pp disc ow vg £5

10847 KERIN D Living touch G Bell 1917 rpt 96pp bdg w pp fx & disc g £3 also Wessex Press 1959 rpt 92pp dw vg £5 and 1948 ed dw w & fd pp disc ow g £5

10858 KETTLEWELL S Thomas A Kempis and the brothers of common life KPT 1885 392pp ex-lib sp rb bdg sl w text vg £13

10896 KILLGALLON Becoming Catholic even if you happen to be one ACTA Foundaton 1980 201pp ex-lib pb g £5

10898 KILLINGER J You are what you believe: Apostles creed for today Abingdon 1990 127pp ex-lib pb vg £6

10922 KING E Spiritual Letters ed BW Randolph Mowbray 1910 rpt 184pp frontis bdg rb epp disc g £5

10935 KING S My daily walk with Jesus Officers Christian Union nd 12pp pamp g £3

10939 KING U Towards a new mysticism: Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions Collins 1980 318pp dw sl fd ow vg £13 also ex-lib dw sl fd ow vg £11

34520 KING U Women and spirituality: voices of protest and promise Macmillan 2nd ed 1993 275pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £5

10959 KIRBY R Mission of Mysticism SPCK 1st ed 1979 240pp dw m £6

24028 KIRSCHKE W Scenes from animal life: nine pairs of fables for the enneagram types SLG Pr 1998 x 100pp pb mint £7.50

10994 KITCHENER M Victory of Hope: journey from Good Friday to Easter SPCK ‘94 103pp pb vg £5

11037 KNAPP-FISHER E G Belief and prayer DLT 1964 194pp ex lib binding sl faded ow vg £3.50

35224 KNIGHT D M Lift up your eyes to the mountain: as guide to the spiritual life Dimension Bks 1981 174pp dw sl rubbed ow vg £7

22699 KNOWLES A Discovering prayer Lion 1985 128pp pb c rb ow vg £4

11112 KNOX R A Retreat for Priests S&W 1959 185pp bdg v sl s ow vg £7

11118 KNOX W L Meditation & Mental Prayer Philip Allan 1st ed 1927 151pp c fd ow g £5 also Alban 1990 150pp pb m £5

31932 KOLODNY D R Blessed bi spirit: bisexual people of faith - an anthology Continuum 2000 xviii 280pp pb new £9

11153 KONSTANT D Way of the Cross: a meditation Catholic Trust Society nd 31pp pamp vg £3

22729 KROLL U Lament for a lost enemy SPCK 1977 131pp pb vg £7

26991 KROLL U Spiritual exercise book Firethorn Pr 1985 149pp illus pb c rb & corners cr ow vg £9

11207 KROLL U Trees of life: the prayer of intercession and its cost illustrated by Rebecca Abrey Mowbray 1997 128pp pb mint £9

11208 KROLL U Vocation to Resistance: contemplation and change DLT 1995 176pp pb vg £6.50

22309 KUPFERMANN J When the crying's done: journey through widowhood Robson Books 1992 207pp pb vg £4

11257 KUSHNER H Who needs God Simon & Schuster 1989 208pp dw m £11 & pb c v sl rb ow vg £6

11279 LACHMAN B Journal of Hildegard of Bingen: a novel Bell Tower 1993 186pp dw m £9

35284 LACY M Woman wants God Bagster 1970 80pp dw sl faded & torn front epp clipped ow vg £6

11346 LAMDIN K Monday Matters: a study guide looking at faith and life (Faithworks 1) NS/CHP 1990 32pp pamp vg £3

11372 LANDAU R Letter to Andrew F&F 1943 223pp c fd pps sl disc ow g £5

11379 LANE B C Landscapes of the sacred: geography and narrative in American Spirituality Paulist Pr 1988 xii 237pp pb vg £12

11403 LANGRIDGE D W Politics of the Kingdom: a study of the Lord's Prayer IP 1st ed 1939 139pp epp disc ow g £3

33442 LAPLACE J Experience of life in the spirit: ten days in the tradition of the spiritual exercises T Shand Publ 1983 rpt 190pp pb some pn underlining ow vg £6

34714 LAW W Liberal and mystical writings of William Law: with an introduction by William Scott Palmer & a preface by W P DuBose Longmans 1908 xviii 166pp ex lib binding sl marked spine faded & sl rubbed pp v sl foxed ow g £15

31830 LAW W Practical treatise upon Christian Perfection edited by L H M Soulsby pocket edition tp printed in red & black, pp outlined in red Longmans 1901 xx 200pp bdg slightly rubbed & sp faded aeg few tiny pcl ticks vg £18

11472 LAW W Selected mystical writings edited with notes & twenty-four studies in the mystical theology of William Law & Jacob Boehme & an enquiry into the influence of Jacob Boehme on Isaac Newton by S Hobhouse Rockliff 4th ed 1949 425pp ex lib lib bdg bds sl marked text vg £10

11473 LAW W Selected Mystical Writings: ed with notes and 24 studies in the mystical theology of W Law and J Boehme by S Hobhouse C W Daniel Co. 1938 395pp ex lib (no. on sp) cloth bdg rb & s epp fx ow g £14

11478 LAW W Serious call to a devout and holy life ed & intro by JC Reid Collins 1965 252pp pb vg £5

11476 LAW W Serious call to a devout and holy life adapted to the state and condition of all orders of Christians Methuen 7th ed 1950 rpt 499pp cover sl rubbed epp sl discoloured ow vg £5

35199 LAW W Serious call to a devout and holy life preface by William Sloane Coffin Jr. (Vintage spiritual classics) Random House 2002 xxx 319pp new paperback (slight rub bottom of spine) £8.99

11475 LAW W Serious call to a devout and holy life: adapted to the state and conditions of all orders of Christians Griffith Farran Browne nd 287pp bdg sl mkd pp disc ow g £6

11477 LAW W Serious Call: to a Devout & Holy Life SPCK 1910 408pp c mkd epp disc ow g £5

11479 LAW W Serious Call: to a devout and holy life (EL) JM Dent 1951 rpt 355pp bds sl marked & rubbed v feint pencil marginal marks text vg £3

29434 LAW W Serious Call: to a Devout & Holy Life (EL) JM Dent rpt 1906 355pp cover faded & rubbed binding weak spine split ow g £3

11482 LAW W Spirit of prayer or, The soul rising out of the vanity of time into the riches of eternity [includes Appendix 'Spirit of Love' a letter to a friend] Griffith Farran c1900 143pp ex-lib binding sl rubbed pp sl discoloured ow g £14

11484 LAWRENCE Bro Oratory of the Heart: daily readings, arranged and intro by R Llewelyn DLT 1984 64pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £2.50

11487 LAWRENCE Bro Practice of the Presence of God and Selections from The Little Flowers of St Francis ed H Martin SCM 1956 167pp ex-lib g £5

28024 LAWRENCE Bro Practice of the Presence of God: being conversations and letters...trans by E M Blaiklock H&S 1981 93pp pb pp disc ow vg £3

35305 LAWRENCE E Jesus present and coming: daily meditations on the Advent and Christmas masses Liturgical Pr 1982 128pp pb spine sl faded ow vg £5

11510 LAWSON W Life of Blessed Marie Therese De Soubiran CBC 1953 170pp ex-lib pp disc g £5

11550 LEAR H L S S. Francis De Sales: bishop & priest of Geneva Rivingtons 1877 272pp ex-lib bdg rb ow g £5

31646 LECLERCQ J Bernard of Clairvaux and the Cistercian spirit Cistercian 1976 180pp pb cover discoloured bk c sl cr ow vg £17

11575 LEE H L Message of Brother Lawrence: the practice of the presence of God for today (Highway series) Henry E Walter nd 13pp pamp c sl cr ow vg £3

31791 LEE P Nunneries, learning and spirituality in Late Medieval English Society: the Dominican Priory of Dartford York Medieval Pr 2001 243pp mint £40

11584 LEECH K Julian reconsidered SLG 1988 35pp pamp vg £4

11596 LEECH K True prayer: introduction to Christian spirituality Sheldon Pr 1980 202pp pb cover sl faded 6pp with little pen underlining ow vg £8

34207 LEEN J By Jacob's well: a planned retreat BO&W 1947 263pp dw sl grubby ow vg £4

11607 LEESON S Holy Communion: attempt at a devotional study Longmans Green 1943 74pp pb ex lib c & tp sl t ow g £3

11614 LEFEVER R Spirituality for atheists and agnostics Promis 1988 35pp pamp vg £3

11618 LEGENDA Legenda Monastica & other poems 2nd ed Mowbray nd 172pp bdg w pp disc ow g £6

11641 LENT EXTRA Lent Extra Magazine Redemptorist Pub nd 31pp A4 pamp vg £3

28917 LEONARD A Telling our stories: wrestling with a fresh language for the spiritual journey DLT 1995 xii 153pp paperback vg £6

11656 LEONARD Bro of Taize Listening to people of hope Mowbray 1984 169pp pb vg £3

33440 LEONARD C Affirming love: reflections into the heart of God BRF 1999 160pp pb vg £3

11650 LEONARD G Firmly I believe and truly Mowbray 1985 94pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £3

11652 LEONARD G Life in Christ Mowbray 1986 97pp pb vg £3

11676 LEVASTI A My servant Catherine Blackfriars 1984 406pp ex-lib dw few pcl tm ow vg £8

11701 LEWIS C S Beyond personality: Christian idea of God Bles 1944 rpt 63pp dw sl fd & rb vg £3

11702 LEWIS C S Broadcast talks G Bles 1942 rpt 62pp vg £4

11703 LEWIS C S Business of Heaven: daily readings Collins 1984 349pp pb front epp clipped ow vg £3

11704 LEWIS C S Christian behaviour: a further series of Broadcast Talks G Bles 1st ed 1943 63pp dustwrapper sl worn ow vg £3

11705 LEWIS C S Christian reflections G Bles 1st ed 1967 176pp hb without dustwrapper outside pp edges slightly foxed ow g £8

31819 LEWIS C S Four loves Fontana 1991 rpt 128pp pb c rb & sl disc pp disc ow g £1.50

22290 LEWIS C S God in the dock: essays in theology Collins 1979 rpt 108pp pb c cr pp sl disc ow g £5

11711 LEWIS C S Grief observed HarperCollins 2001 rpt xxxi 76pp pb new £5.99

25546 LEWIS C S Grief observed F&F 1985 rpt 60pp pb cover slightly rubbed & discoloured smudge on last page opening ow g £3

11713 LEWIS C S Letters to an American lady H&S 1969 121pp ex-lib lacks 1/2 tp vg £5 also pb g £3

11714 LEWIS C S Letters to Malcolm: chiefly on prayer Fontana 1966 124pp c cr pp disc £1.75

11716 LEWIS C S Mere Christianity: rev & amplified ed... of Broadcast talks, Christian behaviour & Beyond personality G Bles 1953 rpt 177pp bdg discoloured front epp cut out sl fx ow g £5

11720 LEWIS C S Pilgrim's regress: an allegorical apology for Christianity reason and romanticism G Bles 1947 rpt 199pp cover marked ow g £3.5

30884 LEWIS C S Prayer: letters to Malcolm Fontana 1974 rpt 124pp pb bdg sl faded pp disc default opening ow g £3

30885 LEWIS C S Reflections on the Psalms Fount 1963 rpt 134pp pb c rb & cr pp disc ow g £1.75

11725 LEWIS C S Screwtape letters, and, Screwtape proposes a toast G Bles new ed 1961 157pp hb binding sl faded & top edges worn corners sl bumped epp & pp edges v sl foxed ow g £3

11729 LEWIS C S Screwtape letters: letters from a senior to a junior devil Fount 1989 rpt 160pp pb sp sl fd pp disc ow vg £3

11730 LEWIS C S Screwtape proposes a toast and other pieces Collins 1974rpt 126pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed pp disc ow g £2

1316 LEWIS C S Surprised by Joy Bles 1955rpt 224pp sp sl rb lacks fr fl few pcl tm 1pen tm on pp224 ow vg £10

11731 LEWIS C S Surprised by Joy: the shape of my early life Collins 1977 rpt 190pp pb bdg sl faded pp disc ow g £1

24805 LEWIS C S Till we have faces: a myth retold Harcourt 1980 313pp new paperback £10 also

33737 Collins 1979 320pp dw top of page edges slightly dusty ow vg £16

11734 LEWIS C S Transposition and other addresses G Bles 1st ed 1949 64pp ex lib paperback label inside front cover ow vg £10

11740 LEWIS D Saint Teresa CTS nd 32pp pamp g £5

11746 LEWIS H Life as service chapters on being Christianly useful SPCK1909 160pp exlib bdg fd fx £3

11784 LIBRARY OF CHRISTIAN CLASSICS Vol XII Western Asceticism: selected trans, intro and notes by Owen Chadwick SCM 1958 368pp binding very slightly rubbed ow vg £18

31163 LIBRARY OF CHRISTIAN CLASSICS Vol XIII Late Medieval mysticism edited by R C Petry SCM Pr 1957 424pp vg £18

11789 LIBRARY OF CHRISTIAN CLASSICS Vol XXV Spiritual and Anabaptist Writers edited G H Williams SCM 1967 421pp vg £18

33857 LIECHTY D Early Anabaptist spirituality: selected writings (CWS) Paulist 1994 xxiv 304pp pb ex clerical lib vg £10

11892 LINK M You: prayers for beginners & those who have forgotten how Argus 1976 156pp pb vg £2

31832 LINN M et al Healing religious addiction: reclaiming healthy spirituality DLT 1995 150pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £8

11920 LITTLE Little book of the contemplation of Christ tr by a religious of C.S.M.V. Mowbray 1951 91pp ex monastic lib binding soiled ow g £5

11921 LITTLE Little book of the Inner Life Sands & Co 1906 66pp pb ex lib c detached sl fx £3

11928 LITTLE W J K Treasury of meditation: or suggestions as aids to those who desire to live a devout life Skeffington 1896 363pp sp fd c rb ow vg £5

11936 LIVES Lives of the Saints: the voyage of St Brendan Bede, Life of Cuthbert Eddius Stephanus, Life of Wilfrid Penguin 1965 206pp pb c rb pp disc ow g £5

22983 LLEWELYN R Circles of silence: explorations in prayer with Julian Meetings DLT 1994 rpt iv 162pp pb mint £7

11947 LLEWELYN R Contemplative prayer in relation to T.M. no imprint 4pp pamp sl cr ow vg £1.50

11948 LLEWELYN R Doorway to silence: contemplative use of the Rosary DLT 1986 84pp pb c rb g £3

11952 LLEWELYN R Love bade me welcome DLT 1984 85pp pb c sl rb ow vg £1.50

11953 LLEWELYN R Our duty and our joy: the sacrifice of praise DLT 1995 rpt 56pp pb vg £3

11954 LLEWELYN R Positive role of distraction in prayer Fairacres 1981 rpt 8pp pamp vg £3

32914 LLEWELYN R Prayer and contemplation (originally published as Fairacres Publication 46) Marshall Pickering 1989 77pp pamphlet vg £4

11955 LLEWELYN R Prayer and healing (reprinted and expanded) Julian Shrine nd 13pp pamp g £3

11956 LLEWELYN R With pity not with blame: reflections on the writings of Julian of Norwich and on The Cloud of Unknowing DLT 1982 148pp pb c sl fd ow vg £4

11958 LLOYD H M Christus Rex: a Holy Week Pilgrimage SPCK 1968 49pp pamp vg £3

11966 LLOYD R Glorious Liberty: Longmans 1946 89pp c s v sl fx £3

11967 LLOYD R Inspiration of God G Bles rpt 1944 93pp pps sl disc ow g £3

22714 LLOYD-JONES D Faith on trial IVF 1965 125pp sl fx few pcl tm ow g £6

11982 LLOYD-JONES D M Sanctified through the truth Kingsway 1989 153pp pb pp sl disc ow g £5

11986 LLOYD-JONES M Daily readings from the works of Martyn Lloyd-Jones selected by Frank Cumbers H&S 1978 rpt 366pp pb pp slightly discoloured ow g £5

11994 LOANE M Voice of the Psalms: studies in one hundred of the Psalms of David Churchman 1990 100pp pb vg £5

31319 LOCKHART R B Halfway to heaven: hidden life of the sublime Carthusians Methuen 1987 xx 153pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

35276 LOGAN K To God be the glory: the vision for North-East Lancashire Hyndburn Christian Fellowship 1986 128pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £3

12038 LOHMEYER E Lord's Prayer Collins 1965 320pp dw torn & discoloured/marked ow vg £6

26147 LONG B To woman in love: a book of letters Barry Long Books 1996 rpt 263pp pb mint £6

21853 LONGRIDGE W H Retreats for laymen Mowbray 1962 140pp ex lib pb sp sl rb ow vg £8

21851 LONSDALE D Eyes to see, ears to hear: an introduction to Ignatian spirituality DLT 1990 viii 184pp pb few pencil mm ow vg £8

32906 LOSSKY V Vision of God (Library of Orthodox theology and spirituality) Faith Pr 2nd ed 1973 139pp dw sl faded ow vg £12

12102 LOUGHBOROUGH CONFERENCE Loughborough Conference Report 1977 Catholic Renewal in the C of E 1977 6pp pamp g £3

12103 LOUISMET S Divine contemplation for all, or, The simple art of communing with God BO&W 2nd ed 1921 195pp ex lib frontis bdg sl rubbed & marked spine faded & worn epp discoloured ow g £28

12104 LOUISMET S Mystical Knowledge of God: an essay in the art of knowing and loving the divine majesty BO&W 1925 150pp pcl & pn tm ow g £6

12111 LOUTH A Discerning the mystery: an essay on the nature of theology Clarendon 1983 xiv 150pp dw faded & rubbed ow vg £23 also 34383 1999 rpt xiv 150pp pb vg £22

12114 LOUTH A Origins of the Christian mystical tradition: from Plato to Denys Clarendon 1981rpt xviii 215pp pb new £25.99

12115 LOUTH A Wilderness of God DLT 1991 x 166pp paperback one page corner creased ow vg £8

31649 LOUTH A Wilderness of God Abingdon 1991 rpt 171pp pb mint £13

12127 LOWE J Lord's Prayer Clarendon 1962 68pp vg £5

12132 LOWRY C W Trinity and Christian Devotion (Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 1946) E&S 1946 144pp ex lib pcl tm dw w & s ow g £5

12138 LOYD P Life according to S. John: 84 meditations Mowbray 1946rpt 319pp lacks fr epp ow g £5

12140 LUBICH C Christian eye New City Pr 1966 165pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £5

12141 LUBICH C Life for Unity New City 1991 181pp pb m £5

12142 LUBICH C Manifesto New City 1975 47pp pb g £3

12144 LUBICH C Why Have you Forsaken Me: the key to unity New City 1985 117pp pb vg £5

12164 LUIS DE LEON Names of Christ (CWS) SPCK 1984 385pp pb vg £11

12174 LUNDY D What's the Point of it All? DLT 1992 82pp pb vg £3

12183 LUSTIGER J M Mass Collins 1990 112pp pb vg £6

12198 LUTYENS W E Will to Love SPCK 1934 145pp sp disc text g £3

24027 LYDDON, E Door through darkness: St John of the Cross and mysticism in every day life New City 1994 204pp pb mint £9

12203 LYNCH P Is there a way through suffering DLT 1992 67pp pb vg £3

12220 MACARTHUR J Anxiety attacked Victor Books 1993 188pp pb m £5

12231 MACARTHUR J Saved without a doubt Victor Books 1992 187pp pb pp loose ow g £3

12233 MACARTHUR J Drawing near: daily readings for a deeper faith Crossway 1993 395pp dw m £6

25461 MACDONALD G A book of strife in the form of the diary of an old soul: daily writings for devotional reflection Triangle 2001 viii 120pp pb covers sl creased & rubbed text vg £6

12260 MACDONALD G George MacDonald: an anthology selected by C S Lewis G Bles 1947 rpt 128pp bdg sl mkd epp sl disc ow vg £6

32877 MACDONALD G Getting to know Jesus Keats Publ 1980 176pp pb bdg sl fd sm cr on fr c vg £15

31584 MACGREGOR G Aesthetic experience in religion Macmillan 1947 264pp dw faded & rb epp disc ow vg £8

12303 MACKAY H F B Difficulties in the way of discipleship Philip Allan 1931 123pp g £5

12305 MACKAY H F B Message of Francis of Assisi Society of SS.Peter & Paul 1924 81pp sl fx ow g £5 also ex-lib £5

12307 MACKAY H F B Pilgrim's Progress in the world today Centenary 1936 rpt 175pp dw w ow g £3

12308 MACKAY H F B Religion of the Englishman: six addresses at All Saints', Margaret Street Longmans Green 1911 63pp g £7 also ex-lib epp fx ow g £5

12309 MACKAY H F B Saints & Leaders P Allan 1st ed 1928 255pp ex-lib c fd sp split ow g £5 also Centenary 1933 rpt sp fd epp disc ow g £5

12318 MACKENNA R God for nothing Souvenir 1984 186pp dw vg £8 & Churchman 1987rpt pb vg £6

12319 MACKENNA R Is there anyone there? [multiple copies available] Fount 1987 128pp pb g £2

12325 MACKENZIE K Fruit of the spirit: exposition Galatians v.22,23 CLA 1937 128pp pb c fd ow g £3

5972 MACKINLAY E et al Aging, spirituality and pastoral care: a multi-national perspective [pub simultaneously as Journal of religious gerontology Vol 12 Nos 3/4] Haworth Pr 2001 190pp pb vg £15

12363 MACLACHLAN L 21 steps to positive prayer: a primer A James 1965 94pp dw sl worn ow vg £4

12364 MACLACHLAN L Teaching of Jesus on prayer J Clarke 1955rpt 96pp pb sp fd ow g £3

12380 MACLEOD G Daily readings ed by Ron Ferguson Fount 1991 124pp pb m £5

12383 MACLEOD G We shall re-build: the work of Iona Community in the Mainland and on the Island Iona Community c1947 139pp plates pp disc ow g £9

12386 MACLEOD J Rambles with young folk IP 1959 89pp pntm on pp27 ow g £3

12393 MACMILLAN W J Heaven and you H&S 1953 96pp ex lib dw rb ow vg £5

34675 MACNUTT F B Classics of the inner life studies on Practice of the presence of God/Bro Lawrence, Imitation of Christ/Thomas A Kempis, Private prayers/Lancelot Andrewes, Confessions/Augustine, Christian Year/Keble, Serious call/Law H&S c1924 210pp ex lib binding sl faded & rubbed epp discoloured ow g £4.50

12413 MACPHERSON I 1100 Sermon plans and outlines from pulpit masters Baker 1976 224pp pb c fd ow g £5

30739 MACQUARRIE J Benediction CLA 1979 rpt 8pp pamphlet vg £2

12436 MACQUARRIE J Paths in spirituality SCM 1972 134pp dw sl rb vg £8 & dw w pnmm ow g £6

12452 MACREA E Sunshine Alley: songs/stories from the slums Epworth 1944 64pp pb c loose sp w £3

12454 MADDOCKS M Christian adventure Triangle 1983 116pp pb vg £5 & ex lib g £3

35315 MADDOCKS M Vision of Dorothy Kerin Eagle 1999 316pp pb vg £3.50

12461 MADELEINE, Sr Solitary Refinement (RBC 210) SCM 1972 126pp pb vg £3

12473 MAGEE D Walking the road: reflecting on the gospel story (Living & sharing our faith) Collins 1990 95pp pb c sl rb ow vg £5

26969 MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI Transcendental meditation (formerly The science of being and art of living) Signet 1963 320pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £5

23002 MAHON D Full face to God: an introduction to the enneagram DLT 1998 iv 202pp pb m £8

32482 MAIN J Heart of creation DLT 1988 108pp pb fr c sl creased pp sl disc ow vg £4.25

12492 MAIN J Joy of believing: daily readings with John Main DLT 1987 62pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £3

35541 MAIN J Moment of Christ: the path of meditation DLT 1984 114pp pb c sl rb pp v sl disc g £2

12493 MAIN J Present Christ: further steps in meditation DLT 1985 121pp pb g £5

34160 MAIN J Silence and stillness in every season: daily readings with John Main DLT 1997 366pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £8

28763 MALCOLMSON A Miracle plays: seven medieval plays for modern players Constable 1960 142pp ex lib dw text vg £6.50

32387 MALLING ABBEY Life in Christ: talks given to the Community 1986 73pp pb c s ow vg £6

12530 MALLISON J Creative ideas: for small groups in the Christian community: (No 2 in the Abridged Small Group series) SU 1981 rpt 249pp pb vg £4

35153 MALONEY G A Everlasting now: meditations on the mysteries of life and death as they touch us in our daily choices Ave Maria Pr 1980 222pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £6

12565 MANS Man's Dilemma & God's Answer SCM 1944 216pp epp disc ow g £3

12622 MARCUS AURELIUS Golden Book of Marcus Aurelius: translated from the Greek by Meric Casaubon Dent rpt 1911 182pp c fd £5 also 12626 1946 rpt retitled as Meditations bdg sl disc ow g £5

12623 MARCUS AURELIUS His meditations concerning himself: trans with notes by Meric Casaubon ed WHD Rouse J M Dent 1900 216pp c w ow vg £6

12624 MARCUS AURELIUS Meditations of Marcus Aurelius: trans by J Collier rev with intro & notes by Alice Zimmern Walter Scott 1887 212pp sp c & pps disc ow g £5

34673 MARECHAL J Studies in the psychology of the mystics BO&W 1927 344pp ex lib binding sl faded & rubbed epp sl discoloured ow vg £12

12631 MARGARET MAGDALEN Sr Furnace of the heart DLT 1998 xvi 137pp pb m £6

24600 MARIA VELA Third mystic: the self revelation of Maria Vela, a sixteenth-century Spanish nun (trans FP Keyes) Peter Davies 1960 288pp ex lib dw seloptaped to bds ow g £11

12639 MARIAN Our lady speaks to her beloved priests Marian Movement 1983 rpt 428pp pb vg £7

12640 MARIAN To the Priests, Our lady's beloved sons Marian Movement 1991 811pp pb vg £7

32376 MARINEAU R Truths that endure: programme of meditation for Lent SPCK ‘77 48pp pamp vg £4

34131 MARITAIN J Things that are not Caesar's (a translation of 'Primaute du Spirituel' made by J F Scanlan) S&W 1930 227pp ex lib binding sl faded & rubbed bottom corners bmpd epp disc text vg £5

31767 MARKS T His light in our darkness: earthing God's love in a needy world Kingsway 1988 123pp pb pp disc ow g £6

34538 MARKUS G Radical tradition: Saints in the struggle for justice and peace DLT 1992 125pp pb pp sl discoloured owvg £2.50

12686 MARSHALL C Something more H&S 1977 317pp pb c cr pp edges disc ow g £3

12687 MARSHALL C To Live Again P Davies 1958 324pp dw & epp disc ow g £7

12689 MARSHALL E Children's Letters to God Collins 1982 no pagination pb c rb ow g £3

12707 MARSHALL M Creation: Risen Life in Christ Catholic Renewal Loughborough Conference CLA nd 10pp pamp vg £3

34171 MARSHALL M Flame in the mind: journey of spiritual passion Zondervan 2003 217pp pb vg £4

12708 MARSHALL M Glory under your feet: challenge of Catholic renewal today DLT 1978 137pp pb c cr ow g £6 & pn tm £4

32377 MARSHALL M Just like Him! passion of Christ in the Old Testament - Joel, Jacob, Joshua, Jonah, Job, Jeremiah BRF 1989 128pp pb cover faded corner creased ow vg £5

26387 MARSHALL M Restless heart: life & influence of St Augustine E’mans 1987 151pp illus vg £15

12739 MARTIN D Is anyone there?: finding meaning in a confusing world Lion 1995 47pp pb vg £3

24933 MARTIN D V Anxiety - the challenge to the church (Spiritual Healing Booklets 7) Epworth 1957 24pp pamp g £4

12756 MARTIN H Great Christian books SCM 1945 128pp pcl tm ow g £2

12759 MARTIN H Lord's Prayer SCM 1951 128pp sp fd ow vg £2.50 also 20889 lacks spine ow g £1

12765 MARTIN J Suffering man, loving God Collins 1979 109pp pb £1.50

12772 MARTIN P None but he & I & other poems Epworth Pr 1966 56pp pb c sl fd & w inscribed by author £5

12774 MARTIN R Called to Holiness: what it means to encounter the living God 1989 135pp pb vg £3

12775 MARTIN R Hungry for God: help in personal prayer Collins 1975 157pp dw t few pn tm g £5

12790 MARTINDALE C C Sweet singer of Israel S&W 1946 246pp ex lib bdg rb ow g £5

12792 MARTINEAU A What can I tell my child about God? (Enquirer's Library) Mowbray 1981 32pp pamp cr ow g £3

35167 MARTINEZ L M Sanctifier (a translation by Sister M Aquinas of the work El Spiritu Santo St Anthony Guild Pr 1959 rpt 322pp dustwrapper faded ow vg £10

12802 MARTINI C M Letting God free us: meditations on Ignatian spiritual exercises St Pauls 1993 128pp pb m £6

34159 MARTINI M et al Encounters with Christ: meditations on six readings from the gospel (contributors: Brendan Daly, Adrianus Simonis, Jean-Marie Lustiger, Godfried Danneels, George Basil Hume) H&S 1995 92pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

12827 MARY CLARE, Mother Apostolate of Prayer: a paper read at a Conference for Religious Superiors at Spode House February 1972 SLG 1972 16pp pamp g £3

12829 MARY CLARE, Mother Encountering the Depths DLT rpt 1982 81pp ex-lib pb vg £5

12830 MARY CLARE, Mother Learning to Pray: a paper read at a conference for Roman Catholic novices at Spode House, Jan 1970 SLG Press 1976 rpt 21pp pamp c fd ow vg £3

12832 MARY CLARE, Mother Prayer: a talk given at a meeting for official workers of the Mothers Union in the London Diocese MU 1959 rpt 20pp pamp f £3

12833 MARY CLARE, Mother Prayer: Encountering the Depths, based on two talks given at Spode House, Jan 1973 SLG Press rpt 1978 16pp pamp g £3

12834 MARY CLARE, Mother Silence and Prayer: a paper read at a conference for clergy in Winchester Diocese SLG Press rpt 1982 18pp pamp vg £3

12838 MARY PAUL, Sr Loving God for himself alone: an appreciation of the prayers of a Muslim mystic Rabi'ah of Basra SLG 1975 16pp pamp vg £5

12839 MARY PAUL, Sr Word of God SLG 1981 rpt 11pp pamp g £3

12850 MASCALL E L Grace and Glory Faith 1961 82pp pb c fd ow vg £1.75

31817 MASCALL E L Grace and glory: preface by Michael Ramsey SPCK 1975 82pp pb pp slightly discoloured ow vg £1.75

12893 MASON K George Herbert: priest and poet SLG Pr 1980 27pp pamp c sl s ow vg £3

28980 MASON P & LAING R Sathya Sai Baba: the embodiment of love Gateway Books 3rd ed 1993 ix 262pp pb vg £6

27107 MATTHEWS M Both alike to Thee: the retrieval of the mystical way SPCK 2000 x 149pp pb cover sl rubbed some pcl tm ow vg £7.50

12935 MATTHEWS M Finding your story: a lent course + cassette DLT 1993 rpt 88pp pb vg £3

12936 MATTHEWS M Hidden Word: your story in Scripture DLT 1992 161pp pb vg £6

12939 MATTHEWS W R Christian Meditations Daily Telegraph 1974 192pp pb m £5

12954 MATTHEWS W R Search for perfection SPCK 1957 103pp frontis dw fd & w pcl mm ow g £5

12965 MATTISON J Prayers from a woman's heart Lakeland 1973 96pp pb pp disc ow g £3

35292 MATTOX R Christian employee Logos International 1978 220pp pb bdg sl fd bk c sl cr ow vg £7

12974 MAUREN M L Creating Communities of Good News: a handbook for small group facilitators S&W 1992 77pp pb vg £6

13016 MAYESKI MA Women: models of liberation Collins rpt 1991 234pp pb vg £5

13021 MAYFIELD T Thank God for That!: practical steps to Christian Faith BRF 1990 64pp pamp sp disc ow g £3

13025 MAYNE M This sunrise of wonder: letters to my grandchildren Collins 1995 340pp pb vg £4 13032 MAYO S Living with the Story: bible studies for group participation BS no tp 88pp pb vg £5

13047 MCADOO H R Anglican heritage: theology and spirituality Canterbury Pr 1991 120pp pb vg £7

13077 MCCLELLAN B Waters of life: a guide to spiritual reading Mowbray 1985 116pp ex-lib pb pp edges disc ow g £5

13087 MCCORMICK W P G Be Of Good Cheer Longmans 1930 100pp sp/epp disc pcl tm ow g £3

31169 MCCRACKEN G E & CABANISS A Early medieval theology newly translated and edited (Library of Christian Classics Vol IX) SCM Pr 1957 430pp vg £18

35277 MCDOWELL J & WAKEFIELD N Dad difference: creating an environment for your child's sexual wholeness Here's Life 1989 173pp pb cover sl faded epp & pp edges sl discoloured ow vg £5

32883 MCGHEE M Philosophy, religion and the spiritual life (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement: 32) CUP 1992 257pp pb bdg sl faded fr cover sl creased ow vg £14

34026 MCGRATH A Beyond the quiet time: practical evangelical spirituality 1995 111pp pb vg £4

29991 MCGRATH A Unknown God: searching for spiritual fulfilment Lion 1999 123pp dw vg £4

8225 MCGRATH G J Grace and duty in Puritan spirituality: (GS37) Grove 1991 24pp pamp vg £4

28492 McGREAL W At the fountain of Elijah: the Carmelite tradition (Traditions of Christian Spirituality) DLT 1999 134pp pb vg £7

13153 MCILWRAITH N Cities of God (Studies in Prophecy 5) SCM 1983 74pp pamp g £3

13158 MCINTYRE J On the Love of God Collins 1962 254pp dw fd ow g £5

13202 MCNAMARA W Human Adventure: the art of contemplative living Amity 1974 190pp pb m £7

13210 MCNEILE A H Self-training in meditation W Heffer 1917 72pp binding sl faded & rubbed lacks fr fl epp disc text vg £5

30962 MEE K Le Chant: the origins, form, practice, and healing power of Gregorian Chant Rider 1994 169pp dw vg £7.50

34598 MEEHAN B M Healing power of prayer SPCK 2nd ed 1996 122pp pb vg £5

13262 MEN A Awake to Life!: the Easter Cycle Bowerdean 1992 92pp pb vg £5

13263 MENAHEM HANUM OF CHERNOBYL Upright practices/Light of the eyes (CWS) Paulist 1982 290pp pb m £17

13271 MENZIES L Mirrors of the Holy: ten studies in sanctity Mowbray 1928 xxviii 308pp plates ex-lib bdg sl fd epp disc ow g £12

13278 MERCER J E Mystery of Life SPCK 1915 80pp pb c s ow g £3

13289 MERTON T Ascent to Truth Hollis & Carter 1951 252pp ex-lib epp disc ow g £9

32480 MERTON T Dancing in the water of life: seeking peace in the hermitage (Journal of Thomas Merton Vol 5: 1963-1965) HC 1995 363pp dw vg £17.50

13295 MERTON T Elected silence: the autobiography of Thomas Merton Hollis & Carter 1949 rpt viii 381pp ex lib bdg w & wk text g £5

32498 MERTON T Faith and violence: Christian teaching and Christian practice U of Notre Dame Pr 1968 290pp pb bdg sl rubbed ow vg £8

13297 MERTON T Living bread B&O 1st ed 1956 132pp dustwrapper sl faded ow vg £10

13301 MERTON T No man is an island Hollis & Carter 1955 233pp dw rb epp disc ow vg £6

30716 MERTON T Raids on the unspeakable New Directions 1964 rpt 182pp pb mint £7.50

13305 MERTON T Seeds of contemplation Hollis & Carter 1949 201pp dw disc bds sl mkd epp mkd 16 pages of pn tm sp fd ow vg £4 also 33553 1952 rpt no pn tm £6

13306 MERTON T Seeds of contemplation [originally published as New seeds of contemplation] A Clarke 1972 230pp pb bdg sl faded & rubbed sm stain on pp edges text vg £3

13307 MERTON T Seven storey mountain Sheldon Pr 1975 rpt 429pp pb c sl rb ow vg £8

13309 MERTON T Sign of Jonas Hollis & Carter 1953 354pp dw w ow g £4

33834 MERTON T Sign of Jonas Image 1956 352pp pb sp sl faded & creased text vg £2

30898 MERTON T Spiritual direction and meditation, and, What is contemplation? A Clarke 1975 112pp dw sl fd ow vg £12

22214 MERTON T Thoughts in solitude B&O 1975 rpt 120pp pb vg £5

24601 MERTON T What are these wounds? the life of a Cistercian mystic: Saint Lutgarde of Aywieres Clonmore & Reynolds 1952 xvi 164pp ex lib bdg rb s & fd epp disc little pn tm £8

13336 METHODS Methods of Self Examination: by a group of priests Faith Press rpt 1934 26pp pb c disc pps fx £3

13358 MEYER C R Touch of God: theological analysis of religious experience Alba House 1972 156pp bdg v sl fd pp43 print slightly imperfect ow vg £9

13362 MEYER F B Secret of Christian Living MM&S 1980 124pp m £5

32874 MICHAEL Brother Living in Christ: the text of a paper read in July 1974 at the York Conference of Anglican Religious Communities (Fairacres Publ No 45) SLG 1974 19pp pamphlet g £4

13373 MICHAEL C P & NORRISEY M C Prayer and temperament: different prayer forms for different personality types Open Door 1991 204pp pb cover faded ow vg £9

13384 MICKLEM C Contemporary Prayers for Public Worship SCM 1967 141pp dw tatty ow vg £5

26989 MILCENT P Jeanne Jugan: humble so as to love more [Foundress of Little Sisters of the Poor] DLT 1980 230pp plates ex lib pb vg £2

13412 MILES C A Christmas customs and traditions: their history and significance Dover Pub 1976 400pp pb g £7

13414 MILES L W Bible in Prayer: prayers and devotions gathered out of the Holy Scriptures Mowbray nd 16pp pamp vg £2

29907 MILLER H Finding a personal rule of life (GS8) Grove 1984 24pp pamphlet vg £4

34617 MILLER H G Unicorn: meditations on the love of God SLG Press 1989 42pp pamphlet 4pp pen underlining ow vg £3

13441 MILLER J Grassroots to God: toward a loving relationship with our creator Collins 1986 160pp pb vg £3

13476 MILNER-WHITE E Procession of Passion Prayers SPCK 1950 132pp bdg wk pps sl fx £5

13552 MOBERLY R H Great friendship Hamish Hamilton 1934 188pp hole in bdg ow g £5

24591 MOLINARI P Julian of Norwich: the teaching of a 14th century English mystic Longmans 1958 x 214pp ex lib sp fd bds mkd ow g £9

13579 MOLONEY F J Disciples and Prophets: a biblical model for the religious life DLT 1980 225pp ex-lib dw vg £9 also 35189 paperback pp slightly discoloured ow vg £5

31320 MOLONEY F J Life of promise: poverty, chastity, obedience DLT rev ed 1985 175pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £9

13607 MONICA E, Sr Death the gateway to life: adapted from the teaching of Gilbert Shaw SLG 1982 rpt 11pp pamp c fd ow vg £3

13611 MONOD J Etudes Critiques sur les sources de L'Histoire Merovingienne Premiere Partie Introduction - Gregoire de Tours Marius D'Avenches Librairie A. Franck 1872 343pp ex-lib bdg fd pp fx few pcl mm ow g £40

13617 MONTAGUE G T Riding the Wind: learning ways of the spirit Word of Life 1974 98pp pb g £3

13638 MONTEFIORE H To help you to pray (CKB) SPCK 1967 12pp pamp vg £3

13648 MONTGOMERY H H Life's Journey Longmans 1916 149pp epp fx ow vg £3

13658 MOONEY C F Teilhard de Chardin and the mystery of Christ Collins 1966 288pp dw vg £4

13668 MOORE B Gospel day by day through Lent St Paul 1988 111pp pb vg £5

294 MOORE R L Carl Jung and Christian spirituality Paulist Pr 1988 xiv 252pp pb vg £25

13690 MOORE R W Moving of the spirit: approach towards an understanding of the Holy Spirit Longmans Green nd 95pp ex lib pb g £5

13693 MOORE S God is a new language DLT 1967 184pp pb ex lib needs bdg pn tm £3

13712 MOORMAN J R H Path to glory: studies in the Gospel according to St Luke SPCK 1960 rpt x 300pp dw fd & w ow vg £4

13714 MOORMAN J R H Richest of Poor Men: the spirituality of St Francis of Assisi DLT 1977 110pp pb sp sl faded ow vg £7

30573 MORAN P Marian prayer book: a treasury of prayers, hymns, and meditations HC 1992 264pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

34653 MORE H Pietas Privata: the book of private devotion: prayers and meditations, with introductory essay on prayer Ward & Co nd 223pp aeg black leather binding rubbed stitching worn ow g £10

35296 MOREAU A S World of the spirits: a biblical study in the African context Evangel Publishing House 1990 221pp pb cover sl rubbed ow vg £10

30713 MORGAN D But God comes first: a meditation on the Te Deum Longmans 1962 96pp pb cover sl marked ow vg £4

35540 MORK W Becoming a disciple of Christ Dimension 1982 120pp pb bdg sl fd & v sl cr ow vg£10

13772 MORLAND D God DLT 1982 54pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £3

13790 MORRIS A Learning to know God: studies in the N.T. epistles CU nd 72pp pb c soiled ow g £3

13792 MORRIS A Straight course to God Dacre Pr 1959 108pp ex lib pb c rb & s few mm ow g £5

13795 MORRIS C Hammer of the Lord: signs of hope Epworth Pr 1973 160pp pb c rb ow vg £5

32540 MOSCHOS J [John Eviratus] Spiritual Meadow (Pratum spirituale) intro, trans and notes by John Wortley (Cistercian 139) Cistercian 1992 291pp paperback new £14.99

30721 MOSSE B Treasures of darkness: a spiritual companion for life's watching and waiting times CP 2003 160pp pb epp sl disc ow vg £6

13885 MOTHERS' UNION Four talks on the ten commandments in the world of to-day 20pp pamp g £3

13887 MOTHERS' UNION Partners in prayer: the world-wide Mothers' Union MU nd 94pp pamp g £3

13888 MOTHERS' UNION Together we pray no imprint 36pp pamp vg £3

24602 MULLINS E Pilgrimage to Santiago Readers Union 1975 xii 224pp plates dw sl rb ow vg £8

14039 MURRAY A Be perfect Dimension books 1965 171pp c rb few pcl tm ow vg £6

14043 MURRAY A Spirit of Christ: thoughts on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit... Nisbet c1890 394pp scruffy marked binding lacks front epp some pencil marks ow good working copy £4

14051 MURRAY J Daily Life of the Christian SCM 1955 127pp sp t ow g £3

31128 MURSELL G English spirituality from 1700 to the present day SPCK 2001 580pp dw vg £24

14066 MURSELL G Out of the deep: prayer as protest DLT 1989 176pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £6

14106 NASH W Christ, stress & glory: the foundation guide to overload DLT 1997 239pp pb vg £5.50

34457 NASH W Come, let us play: playfulness and prayer DLT 1999 119pp pb vg £9

14107 NASH W Turning the downside up: growing in unexpected places HC 1995 209pp pb m £6

14110 NASSAN M More Meditations on Mary CTS 1982 32pp pamp vg £3

26953 NAZIR-ALI M Cross of Jesus: saving us from ourselves (Series of meditations for Holy Week and Easter) Diocese of Rochester 1998 17pp pamp c v sl mkd ow vg £3

14138 NEARY D Pilgrim in Advent Columba 1994 78pp pb m £2

14140 NEE W Normal Christian Life No imprint details 275pp no tp pp edges sl fx ow g £5

14141 NEE W Normal Christian Worker CBR rpt 1966 114pp pb epp sl mkd ow g £5

14152 NEEDS Needs of the Church today: a course of sermons preached during the Michaelmas term, 1964 in the chapel of Pusey House Oxford Mowbray 1965 55pp pb c loose ow g £5

14171 NEILL S Bible words & christian meanings: meditations for 12 weeks SPCK 1970 132pp pb g £5

14178 NEILL S Crises of belief: Christian dialogue with faith & no faith H&S 1984 304pp pb vg £5

14196 NEILL S C Christian holiness (Carnahan lectures 1958) Lutterworth 1960rpt 134pp ex lib dw t ow vg £8

31813 NEUNER J Walking with Him: a biblical guide through thirty days of spiritual exercises [St Ignatius of Loyola] (No 5 in Series IV: Study aids on Jesuit topics) Gujarat Sahitya Prakbsh 3rd ed 1989 300pp pb vg £6

14221 NEW New weeks preparation: for a worthy receiving of the Lord's supper as recommended and appointed by the C of E.... W Bent 1819 134pp/144pp 2vol in 1 sp rb ow g £9

29671 NEW MANUAL New manual of devotions in three parts Rivington 13th ed xxvi 441pp full calf bdg rb lacks top of sp water mk on 10pp ow g £20

14245 NEWBIGIN J L Good shepherd: meditations on Christian ministry in today's world Faith Pr 1977 158pp pb vg £5

14275 NEWBOLT W C E Ministry of the Word Longmans 1913 135pp c mkd pps fx f £3

32656 NEWELL P One foot in Eden: a Celtic view of the stages of life SPCK 1998 98pp pb vg £5

14291 NEWMAN B Sister of Wisdom: St.Hildegard's theology of the feminine 1987 286pp dw m £20

14309 NEWMAN J H I step, I mount: the vision of John Henry Newman, compiled by Robert Van de Weyer and Pat Saunders Lamp 1989 97pp pb vg £1.25

14310 NEWMAN J H Idea of University: defined & illustrated, in 9 discourses delivered to the Catholics of Dublin in occasional lectures & essays addresses to the members of the Catholic University Longmans Green 1891 xii 527pp ex monastic lib binding marked & slightly weak spine rubbed ow g £6

6137 NEWTON J Heart speaks to heart (Ecumenical studies in spirituality) DLT 1994 132pp pb vg £4

31919 NEWTON J A Fruit of the spirit in the lives of great Christians (Refresher courses for Methodist local preachers, No 1 new series) Epworth Pr 1979 69pp pb fr c cr pp disc v few pn mm ow g £2.50

33840 NICHOLAS OF CUSA Vision of God intro by Evelyn Underhill F Ungar 1969 rpt 130pp pb vg £6

14355 NICHOLL D Holiness DLT new ed 1996 158pp pb vg £5

31594 NICHOLS J A & SHANK L T Medieval religious women Volume one - Distant echoes (Cistercian studies series 71) Cistercian 1984 xii 299pp pb new £10.99

14387 NICODEMUS Renascence: an essay in faith F&F nd 162pp c sl disc ow g £5

25806 NIZAM AD-DIN AWLIYA Morals for the heart trans and annotated by Bruce B Lawrence (CWS) Paulist Pr 1992 x 404pp ex lib pb vg £12

14453 NOLAN A Service of the poor & spiritual growth (Justice papers 6) CIIR 1985 10pp pamp m £3

14478 NORTHCOTT H Lines of Encouragement: from the letters... written between 1930 & 1968 SPCK 1969 72pp pb g £5

14479 NORTHCOTT H Man, God and prayer SPCK 1954 210pp hardback with discoloured dustwrapper and endpapers ow vg £1

14480 NORTHCOTT H Venture of prayer SPCK 1950 300pp bdg sl fd epp disc text vg £2 also

32841 1962 rpt pb binding sl faded epp discoloured text vg £1

31574 NOTT P Moving forward III reflections on a pilgrimage Norwich nd 22pp pamphlet vg £3

23459 NOUWEN Adam: God's beloved DLT 1997 xii 114pp pb m £5

14518 NOUWEN H J M Compassion: a reflection on the Christian life, drawings by Joel Filartiga DLT 1982 145pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed pp discoloured ow g £8

14521 NOUWEN H J M Genesee Diary: report from a Trappist Monastery Doubleday 1981 224pp pb c rb & sl cr ow g £5

14523 NOUWEN H J M In the house of the Lord DLT 1986 85pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £6

14524 NOUWEN H J M In the name of Jesus: reflections on Christian leadershipwith study guide Crossroad 1989/2002 107pp new paperback £9

14533 NOUWEN H J M Way of the Heart: desert spirituality and contemporary ministry DLT rpt 1982 96pp pb vg £5

14558 NUTTALL G F Better than life: loving kindness of God IP 1962 78pp dw w bdg water marked £5

14564 NUTTALL G F Holy Spirit and ourselves Epworth 1966 63pp pb g £8

14591 OAKESHOTT W Sword of the Spirit: a meditative & devotional anthology F&F nd 197pp vg £6

22986 OAKLEY M Collage of God DLT 2001 xviii 110pp pb m £5

14599 OBBARD E R Walsingham prayer book Canterbury Pr 1997 118pp pb m £5

34800 O'BRIEN E Varieties of mystic experience: an anthology and interpretation New American Lib 1965 252pp ex lib pb binding faded & sl rubbed ow vg £7

14604 O'BRIEN K Teresa of Avila M Parish 1951 96pp ex-lib sp fd ow g £5

31141 O'BRIEN M E Prayer in nursing: the spirituality of compassionate caregiving Jones & Bartlett 2003 164pp pb pcl mm ow vg £10

14607 O'BRIEN T Growth to maturity of person and love the fullness of Christ and the Fatherhood of God: the renewal envisaged by Vatican II: a growth process not a formation Process Guild Pub 1982 162pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £6

14608 O'BRIEN W B Cowley Fathers Letters DLT 1962 156pp ex-lib dw vg £9

24078 O'COLLINS G Following the way: Jesus our spiritual director Fount 1999 180pp pb c sl rb vg £6

32832 O'DONOGHUE N Mystics for our time: Carmelite meditations for a New Age T&T Clark 1989 155pp dw vg £12

33021 O'DONOGHUE N D Heaven in ordinarie: prayer as transcendence T&T Clark 1979 rpt xxii 201pp pb tiny crease on corner of cover new book £5

34919 O'DRISCOLL H Word today: reflections on the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary: Year B Volume 1 Anglican Book Centre 2001 116pp pb vg £9.99

14660 O'GRADY R Song of Jesus: reflections on the life of Jesus of Nazareth Dominion 1984 46pp pb vg £5

14661 O'HALLORAN J Least of these: stories Columba Pr 1991 95pp pb c rb ow vg £5

29977 OHLRICH C Suffering God: hope and comfort for those who are hurt Triangle 1983 130pp pb ex lib c rubbed pp sl disc ow g £5

14687 OLIPHANT Mrs Francis of Assisi Macmillan 1885 304pp ex lib bdg w & wk few loose pp g £6

22994 O'LOUGHLIN T Journeys on the edges: Celtic tradition (Traditions of Christian Spirituality) DLT/Orbis 172pp pb mint £8

14699 OLSON D F Inner revolution: a theology for people who don't understand theology Lutterworth Pr 1973 120pp pb c cr & rb ow g £5

14718 ON On the invocation of the name of Jesus by a monk of the Eastern church Fellowship of S. Alban & S. Sergius c1949 32pp pamp c fd ow g £5

14733 OPPENHEIMER H Hope of happiness: a sketch for a Christian humanism SCM 1983 208pp pb pp edges slightly discol ow vg £6

14735 OPPENHEIMER H Looking before and after Collins 1988 160pp pb vg £2

21932 ORCHARD W E Necessity of Christ Dent 1916 164pp sp fd ow vg £6

34173 O'RIORDAIN J J Music of what happens: Celtic spirituality - a view from the inside Columba Pr 1996 119pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

23884 ORTEGA O Women's visions: theological reflection, celebration, action WCC 1995 xii 182pp pb vg £14

14761 ORTHODOX Orthodox Spirtuality SPCK 1945 rpt 104pp bdg sl rb ow vg £8 and 34325 pb vg £5

14778 OSBORN J Wide as God's Love: a commemorative edn of the Silver Jubilee of the Fairacres Chronicle New City 1994 175pp pb vg £5

14779 OSBORN L Creative Christianity DLT 1991 118pp pb m £5

29919 OSBORN L Meeting God in creation (GS32) Grove 1990 24pp ex lib pamphlet vg £4

32205 OSBORNE D Pilgrimage (GS59) Grove Bks 1996 24pp pamphlet vg £2

32835 O'SULLIVAN K Light out of darkness H&S 1993 250pp pb mint £9

35302 OSUNA J Friends in the Lord: a study in the origins and growth of community in the Society of Jesus from St Ignatius' conversion to the earliest texts of the constitutions (1521-1541)(Way Series 3) Way c1974 145pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £6

34875 OTTLEY R L Studies in the Confessions of St Augustine Robert Scott 1919 138pp ex lib binding sl faded spine sl torn at top pp edges sl foxed few pencil marginal marks ow g £12

14854 OVEREND B More on an Angle Radio Leeds nd 60pp pb vg £5

14872 OXENHAM J Cedar Box Longmans 1934 44pp sl fx ow g £5

14879 OXFORD Oxford book of English mystical verse chosen by DHS Nicholson & AHE Lee Clarendon Pr 1st ed rpt 644pp bdg sl fd ow vg £11 & ex lib bdg mkd & w ow g £9

14881 OXFORD Oxford book of English verse 1250-1918 chosen & ed by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Clarendon Pr c1939 new ed 1141pp sp rb & sl w ow g £2.50

14929 PACKER J I Keep in step with the spirit IVP 1985 rpt 301pp pb c sl rb sp sl fd ow vg £6

14932 PACKER J I Passion for Holiness Crossway 1992 276pp pb vg £5

14941 PAGDEN F Looking sideways at God Triangle 1985 130pp pb c sl cr ow g £3

14955 PAGET H L In the day of battle: guidance from the Lord's Prayer Longmans 1915 157pp sp fd epp disc ow g £5

14956 PAGET H L Peace & happiness Longmans 1922 128pp fx ow g £5

14985 PALGRAVE F T Golden treasury... with a supplementary 5th book Macmillan 1936rpt 524pp bdg w text vg £5

30890 PALMER M Sacred history of Britain: landscape, myth and power: the forces that have shaped Britain's spirituality Piatkus 2002 282pp dw colour illus vg £9

15009 PALMER W D & HAGGARD A M Michael Fairless: her life and writings 2 portraits by Elinor Dowson Duckworth 1913 137pp bdg sl fd & bmpd ow g £2

34886 PALMER W S Modern mystic's way Duckworth 1914 146pp ex lib biding sl faded epp sl discoloured ow vg £4

15049 PARABLES Parables for our World: sermons preached at St Aldate's, Oxford Mowbray 1962 68pp pb c detached pp edges mkd with ink f £3

29915 PARKER R Failure (GS23) Grove 1987 24pp pamphlet vg £2

15095 PARKINSON J Kingdom Come G Bles 1970 93pp pb g £3

15109 PARRINDER G Learning to pray: a method of spiritual life for young Christians Epworth nd 80pp bdg s ow g £5

15125 PARRY D This promise is for you DLT rpt 1991 147pp pb vg £6 & earlier rpt ex-lib pps disc g £5

15157 PASS H L Anima Christi: little treatise on the Spiritual Life SPCK 1934 304pp bdg/epp disc g £5

15158 PASS H L Glory of the Father: S. John XIII - XVII Mowbray 1935 314pp pp sl disc & fx ow g £7

27827 PATEL M Your personal peace formula for a new millennium Life Foundation Pub 2nd rev ed 1999 152pp illus pb mint £7

15170 PATERSON J H Greatness of Christ Victory 1974 121pp pb g £3

15173 PATERSON W P Power of prayer being a selection of Walker Trust essays, with a study...as a religious & theological document Macmillan 1920 643pp ex lib vg £4.50

15177 PATEY E Faith in a risk-taking God DLT 1991 178pp ex-lib pb g £3.50

15181 PATON A Instrument of Thy Peace: meditations prompted by the prayer of St Francis of Assisi Collins 1970 128pp pb pps sl disc ow g £3

15195 PATON W et al Religion and life PS King & Staples nd 118pp pb g £5

21695 PAUL L Jealous God: three meditations on Christian discipline G Bles 1955 115pp ex lib dw sl faded ow vg £5

8175 PEARCE J Advance by retreat: using silence to come closer to God (GS29)Grove ‘89 24pp pamp £2

8240 PEARCE J & A Inner-City Spirituality: (GS21) Grove 1987 24pp pamp g £4

28226 PECK D YOUNG P God has ears: a spiritual journey Penelope Young Pub 1999 190pp illus pb mint £5

26056 PECK M S Different drum: community-making and peace Rider 1989 rpt 334pp pb cover sl rubbed ow vg £1.50 also 26061 Simon & Schuster pb mint £10

30405 PECK M S Further along the road less traveled: the unending journey toward spiritual growth (edited lecture of M Scott Peck) Simon & Schuster 1993 255pp dw clipped text and binding mint £8

15294 PECK M S Road less travelled: a new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth Rider 1990 rpt 316pp paperback spine faded otherwise vg £1.75

15304 PEERS E A Behind that Wall: an introduction to some classics of the interior life SCM 1947 126pp dw w ow g £5

15305 PEERS E A Fool of Love: the life of Ramon Lull (RBC 54) SCM 1946 127pp ex-lib sp fd ow g £4

15306 PEERS E A Mother of Carmel: a portrait of St Teresa of Jesus SCM 1979 rpt 192pp pb c fd few pn mm text vg £3 also 15307 rpt 1946 146pp ex-lib bdg sl fd & rb text vg £3.50

24564 PEERS E A Saint Teresa of Jesus and other essays and addresses F&F 1953 315pp ex lib vg £12

15309 PEERS E A Spirit of Flame: St John of the Cross SCM rpt 1943 163pp bdg sl fd & rb vg £3

15310 PEERS E A Way Up: meditations on simple things CUCLA 1951 96pp pb c & pps disc £3

34090 PEGUY C Mystery of the charity of Joan of Arc [a play] Carcanet 1986 92pp pb cover sl faded & creased text vg £20

15327 PELPHREY B Christ Our Mother: Julian of Norwich (Way of the Christian Mystics) DLT 1989 271pp pb pp disc ow vg £9

15339 PENNINGTON M B Centering prayer: renewing an ancient Christian prayer form Image 1982 254pp pb vg £3

31370 PENNINGTON M B Contemplative community: an interdisciplinary symposium Cistercian 1972 366pp dw sl w ow vg £25

15345 PERCY M Intimate affairs: sexuality and spirituality in perspective DLT 1997 x 127pp pb vg £12

15372 PERREYVE H Counsels to the sick tr by K O'Meara KP 1881 236pp vg £7

15388 PERRY J Christian Leadership H&S 1983 128pp pb pp edges disc ow g £3

29144 PETER DAMIAN, St Selected writings on the spiritual life trans with an intro by Patricia McNulty F&F 1959 187pp dw sl fd ow vg £15

22991 PETIT I God is not angry: the truth that sets us free DLT 1997rpt 102pp pb m £4

15438 PETITPIERRE R One in Christ: thoughts on Christian unities suggested by the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Ephesians Faith 1958 80pp pb sp fd ow g £3

32814 PETRY R C Late medieval mysticism (Library of Christian Classics Vol XIII)) Westminster Pr 1957 424pp dw faded & worn ow vg £18

15457 PHELPS A Still hour, or communion with God Banner of Truth 1974 91pp pb pps disc ow g £3

15499 PHILOKALIA Philokalia: The prayer of the heart: trans from the Russian E Kadloubovsky and G E H Palmer F&F 1st ed 1951 420pp sp rb ow vg also rpt vg each £13

15503 PHOENIX S Willing Hands: with some reflections for Lent BRF 1984 96pp pb vg £1

15521 PIETISTS Pietists: selected writings (CWS) SPCK 1983 351pp pb vg £11

8229 PIGOTT G Helpful habits: (GS31) Grove 1989 24pp pamp g £4

15532 PILGRIM Pilgrim Continues his Way: trans by RM French SPCK 1986 pb vg £1.50

15535 PILKINGTON E Learning to Live DLT 1987 101pp pb g £3

35473 PINXTEREN A van & FRANCESCO Z Al gaande zal je kracht vermeerderen De Vrouw 1990 159pp pb vg £4

35225 PIRONIO E We wish to see Jesus St Paul 1982 214pp pb c sl fd pp sl discoloured ow vg £4

15560 PITTENGER N Christian situation today Epworth 1969 140pp pb vg £3

15571 PITTENGER N Proclaiming Christ today SPCK 1963 148pp pb c fd ow vg £3

34536 PLASKOW J & CHRIST C Weaving the visions: new patterns in feminist spirituality HarperCollins 1989 359pp pb cover sl rubbed pp sl discoloured ow vg £7.50

15583 PLASS A Horizontal epistles of Andromeda Veal MP 1988 188pp pb vg £3

15584 PLATER C Week-end Retreat Sands 1921 60pp c disc sp t pn tm f £3

15598 PLATTEN S Pilgrims Fount 1996 xii 210pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £2.50

32793 PLATTEN S & PATTISON G Spirit and tradition: an essay on change CP 1996 176pp pb pcl notes on fr epp plus few in margins ow vg £8

34671 PLE A et al Mystery and mysticism: a symposium (other contributors: L Bouyer, L Cerfaux, I Hislop, & A Leonard) Blackfriars 1956 137pp ex lib dw faded & torn ow vg £7

15617 PLUNKETT D Queen of Prophets: the spiritual message of Medjugorje DLT 1990 114pp pb vg £5

31433 PLUS R In praise of work B&O1952 181pp ex lib bdg fd & mkd epp mkd text vg £5

15620 POCHET M Stars & Tears: a conversation with Chiara Lubich New City 1985 153pp pb vg £5

15639 POHL F House of the spirit BO&W 1933 84pp ex lib bdg fd lacks fr epp tp fx ow g £3

15660 POLLARD M Acceptance: passage into hope Dominican Pubs 1981 202pp pb vg £8

15675 PONSONBY R Life & teaching of Christ in the very words of scripture compiled from the 4 gospels & chronologically arranged Simpkin Marshall c1928 264pp ex lib bdg fd & sl wk ow g £5

34887 POURRAT P Christian spirituality first three volumes of four Vol 1: From the time of our Lord till the dawn of the Middle Ages, Vol 2: In the Middle Ages, Vol 3: From the Renaissance to Jansenism BO&W 1922/24/27 312/341/405pp ex lib bdg sl fd & rb epp sl fx some pen underlining ow g £100

15716 POWELL C H Faith that moves Mountains IP 1950 283pp dw g £5

35204 POWELL J Reason to live, a reason to die Argus 1972 207pp pb cover sl faded ow vg £6

8279 POWELL M M Praying in the shadow of the bomb: (GS11) Grove 1984 25pp pamp g £4

15733 POWER N Ends of Verse Mowbray 1971 90pp pb pn on inside c ow vg £3

35231 POWERS I Quiet places with Mary: 37 guided imagery meditations 23rd Pub 1986 154pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £4

30740 POWERS J M Spirit and sacrament: the humanizing experience Seabury Pr 1973 211pp bdg sl faded epp mkd text vg £7

15738 POWLES L V Christian Faith: correspondence course in 12 parts Mothers Union nd 92pp pb g £4

15745 PRAILL D Return to the desert: journey from Mount Hermon to Mount Sinai Fount 1995 264pp pb m £7

15749 PRATT J B Religious Consciousness: a psychological study Macmillan 1923 485pp c rb ow g £7

23010 PRAYER Prayer of love and silence by a Carthusian Cistercian 1998 x 145pp pb mint £5

15759 PRESBYTER ANGLICANUS Private devotions: for the young in spirit of all ages SPCK 1952 39pp ex-lib pamp vg £6

15763 PRESCOTT D M Poems: for the school assembly and other occasions Blandford 1970 145pp pb covers faded & worn ow g £4

15765 PRESCOTT H F M Jerusalem Journey: pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the 15th Century E&S rpt 1954 242pp plates ex monastic library binding rubbed & slightly faded few pages foxed ow g £4 also

34072 dw slightly rubbed at edge ow vg £7

15782 PRESTON G God's way to be man: meditations on following Christ through scripture and sacrament DLT 1978 105pp pb bdg sl faded, rubbed & creased text vg £5

15798 PRICE E Learning to live from the gospels H&S 1968 222pp pb pp disc ow g £3

31492 PRICE P B Living faith in the world, through word and action: reflections on St Matthew's gospel for small Christian communities (resource Booklet 11) New Way Publs 2001 68pp pamp c fd ow vg £4

15805 PRIDEAUX S P T Ad Clerum or self-examination questions on the ten commandments 47pp f £3

15817 PRIESTLAND G Priestland's progress: one man's search for christianity now BBC 1981 rpt 224pp pb c sl fd ow vg £2 & ex lib pp sl disc ow g £3

15820 PRIESTLAND G Yours Faithfully: collected radio talks Fount rpt 1982 155pp pb m £3

15829 PRINCE D In search of truth: a step-by-step guide to security and personal fulfillment Sovereign nd 88pp pb large format g £5

15848 PROCTOR W Interview with Chiara Lubich New City 1983 71pp pb vg £5

15853 PROPHETS Prophets for our World: OT re-interpretation sermons preached at St Aldate's Oxford Mowbray 1960 79pp pb c disc & w ow g £3

15874 PUHL L J Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius; based on studies in the language of the autograph Loyola 1952 216pp pb vg £9

15890 PULS J Seek treasures in small fields: everyday holiness DLT 1993 152pp pb m £6 & pb c cr £5

29957 PURCELL W Evidence for the Holy Spirit (CES) Mowbray 1988 rpt 16pp pamphlet vg £2

15902 PURCELL W E These thy Gods 11 illustrations by Arthur Wragg Longmans Green 1949 80pp ex lib bdg bumped & sl s epp sl fx ow g £20

15906 PURNELL P Which Way Do I Choose? DLT 1991 83pp pb m £3

15975 QUOIST M Christ is alive! Gill & Macmillan 1971 161pp pb g £5

15976 QUOIST M Christian Response Gill & Macmillan 1965rpt 208pp pb pp sl disc g & ex-lib pb g £5

15977 QUOIST M Living Words Gill & Macmillan 1979 85pp pb front endpaper clipped ow vg £2

15978 QUOIST M Meet Christ & Live! Gill & Macmillan 1973 144pp pb c disc ow g £5

15979 QUOIST M Prayers of Life Gill & Macmillan 1967 135pp pb c sl fd ow g £5

31650 QUOIST M With open heart G&M 1983 231pp pb cover sl rubbed ow vg £6

15989 RACK H 20th Century Spirituality Epworth 1969 x 172pp pb c fd & cr ow g £5

30513 RAHNER H & K Prayers for meditation Herder 1962 71pp dw sl faded ow vg £3

16017 RAHNER K Encounters with silence B&O 1986 rpt 87pp pb c sl fd pen textual marks ow vg £5

16023 RAHNER K Love of Jesus and the love of neighbour St Paul 1983 104pp pb sl rb ow vg £9

16028 RAHNER K Opportunities for Faith elements of a modern spirituality SPCK 1974 229pp dw sl fd ow m £9

16041 RAHNER K Watch and pray with me B&O 1968rpt 63pp pb vg £6

16050 RAJENDRA C Songs for the Unsung: poems on unpoetic issues like war, want and refugees WCC 1983 66pp pb c s ow g £5

16056 RAMON Bro Deeper into God: handbook on spiritual retreats MP 1987 239pp pb pp disc ow g £6

33925 RAMON Bro Flame of sacred love BRF 1999 159pp pb cover creased & rubbed ow vg £5

16053 RAMON Bro Fulness of joy MMS 1988 243pp pb c sl rb pp sl disc ow vg £6

33922 RAMON Bro Life's changing seasons: Christian growth and maturity MP 1988 48pp pamp vg £6

33923 RAMON Bro Listening heart: seven days with the seven churches of the Apocalypse MP 1996 172pp pb cover slightly scuffed pp slightly discoloured ow g £6

24227 RAMON Bro When they crucified my Lord BRF 1999 187pp pb vg £5

34041 RAMON Bro Heaven on earth: a personal retreat guide MP 1991 168pp pb c sl rb ow vg £4

16068 RAMSEY A M Anglican spirit SPCK 1991 vi 176pp pb m £9

16073 RAMSEY A M Christian Concept of Sacrifice SLG 1982 8pp pamp g £3

16081 RAMSEY A M Gateway to God: daily readings DLT 1988 64pp pb c cr ow vg £3

16092 RAMSEY A M Jesus the living Lord: a lecture given at Canterbury Cathedral 1966 AJ Snowdon 1966 10pp pamp disc ow g £3

16100 RAMSEY A M Through the year with Michael Ramsey: devotional readings for every day ed Margaret Duggan H&S 1975 253pp dw sl fd ow vg £9 also 16099 paperback pp sl disc ow g £5

16114 RAMSEY I T Our understanding of prayer SPCK 1971 27pp ex-lib pamp vg £3

16120 RAMSEY M Lent with St John SPCK 1980 47pp pamp c fd ow vg £5

16161 RATTENBURY J E Seven windows of Calvary Epworth 1953 60pp pb c fd pp sl fx ow g £3

16164 RATUSHINSKAYA I No, I'm not afraid Bloodaxe books 1987rpt pb m £5

16174 RAVEN C E Good news of God: being eight letters...based upon Romans I-VIII H&S rpt 1944 104pp ex lib c v s ow g £3

16179 RAVEN C E Our Salvation addresses on the atonement Hopkins 1925 110pp c fd/mkd pp disc f £5

31811 RAVIER A Do it at home retreat: the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola according to the nineteenth annotation Ignatius Pr 1991 233pp pb vg £8

16213 RAYMOND E Good Morning Good People: autobiography Cassell 1970 158pp ex-lib dw vg £6

16214 RAYMOND E In the steps of St Francis Rich & Cowan 1938 377pp plates sp sl rb ow vg £6

16224 READ D H C Holy Common Sense: the Lord's Prayer for today Abingdon 1968 96pp dw t ow vg £5 also St Andrew 1969 78pp pb sp rb ow g £3

16297 REID G Gagging of God: the failure of the Church to communicate... H&S 1970rpt 126pp pb c fd pp edges fx g £3

16302 REID J Facing Life With Christ SCM 1940 185pp dw s & w pcl tm ow g £3

16318 REINDORP G What About You? Hodder 1956 128pp vg £3 also 1957 pb sp fd ow g £3

30096 RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS Christian faith and practice in the experience of the Society of Friends London Yearly Meeting of RSF 1972 rpt no pagination bdg sl faded & marked ow vg £5

16333 RENAISSANCE Renasissance painting in manuscripts: treasures from the British Library Hudson Hills Pr 1983 210pp col & bw illus pb m £22

29145 REVUE DES SCIENCES RELIGIEUSES Vol 70 No 1 January 1996: Les mystiques Rhenans [Meister Eckhart, Jean Tauler, and Henri Suso Strasbourg, Palais Uni 1996 176pp pb c sl s ow vg £8

16371 RHYMES D Prayer in the Secular City Lutterworth 1967 140pp pb c sl fd ow vg £3

16381 RICE H S Just for You: collection of inspirational verses Hutchinson 1974 rpt 64pp dw sl s vg £5

16382 RICE M & V When can I say I love you? Moody Pr 1978 91pp pb vg £5

33001 RICHARDS A Transparencies: pictures of mission through prayer & reflection accompaniment to Presence and Prophecy, by Mission Theological Advisory Gp (GS Misc 690) CHP 2002 62pp pb new £5

16439 RICHES Riches of prayer: by the author of The Splendour of God Longmans 1917 169p ex-lib bdg fd ow g £4

16461 RIDEAU E Teilhard Chardin: a guide to his thought Collins 1967 672pp dw ex-lib few pencil marks ow vg £7

33307 RIEM R Power & vulnerability: reflections on Mark 9 (GS51) Grove 1994 23pp pamp ex lib vg £2

32204 RIEM R Why be generous? (GS58) Grove 1996 24pp pamphlet vg £2

16469 RIENSTRA M V Swallow's nest: feminine reading of the Psalms Gracewing 1992 257pp pb c sl rb ow vg £9

16471 RIGBY F F Anglicanism for parents (Seraph books) SPCK 1962 121pp ex lib pb g £5

16472 RIGBY F F Can we imitate Jesus Christ? SPCK 1964 99pp pb fx ow g £3

16505 ROBECK N de Christmas Crib BO&W/CBC 1937 153pp + plates sp fd bdg v s ow g £13

16537 ROBERTSON E H Take and Read: guide to group bible study SCM 1961 128pp pb c rb ow g £3

16546 ROBERTSON J A Concerning the Soul J Clarke c1921 256pp few pcl tm ow f £3

31111 ROBINS M Desert flowers: a journey into the feminine in women, men and God Cairns 1990 104pp pb vg £3

16555 ROBINSON A W Holy Spirit & the Individual SPCK 1926 95pp sp fd epp disc few pcl tm g £3

16565 ROBINSON E This time-bound ladder: ten dialogues on religious experience Religious Experience Research Unit 1977 186pp pb vg £6.50

16568 ROBINSON F Letters to his friends Spottiswoode 1904 rpt 202pp frontis bdg fd & rb epp fx £5 or sp split £3

22344 ROBINSON J On the Lord's appearing: essay on prayer & tradition Clark 1997 236pp pb new £10

22603 ROBINSON M Sacred places, pilgrim paths: anthology of pilgrimage Fount 1998 210pp pb vg £8

16650 ROBINSON W Exploring silence: a revised version of a talk first given to the annual conference of the Servants of Christ the King in 1973 SLG 1982 22pp pamp cover slightly discoloured ow vg £3

16652 ROBINSON W Sounding stones reflections on mystery of the feminine SLG1987 12pp pamp vg£3 34467 ROGER Bro Festival... ta fete soit sans fin (English edition) Les Presses de Taize 1973 174pp pb cover sl grubby text vg £5

22711 ROGER Bro His love is a fire: central writings with extracts from journals Chapman/Mowbray 1990rpt 128pp pb few pcl tm ow g £5

31880 ROGER, Bro Letter from the desert Taize 1987 31pp pamphlet sl torn ow g £5

16679 ROGER, Bro Living today for God Mowbray 1980 80pp pb vg £5

16699 ROGERS E That they might have life Epworth 1958 116pp pb c sl fd ow vg £5

26501 ROLLE R English Writings (Classics of western spirituality) SPCK 1989 232pp mint £14

16721 ROLLE R Fire of Love or Melody of Love and the Mending of Life or Rule of Living: trans by Richard Misyn ...ed & done into modern English by F M M Comper intro E Underhill Methuen 1920 rpt lxii 278pp col frontis ex lib binding slightly rubbed pp slightly foxed ow g £20

21846 ROLLE R Form of perfect living and other prose treatises Thomas Baker 1910 xxxvi 192pp ex lib c sl mkd epps sl fx ow vg £15

33043 ROLLE R Mending of life being an anonymous version of about AD1400 from the De Emendatione Vitae of Richard Rolle of Hampole edited... by Dundas Harford Allenson 1913 96pp bdg sl faded & rubbed paper cutting on front epp red pcl tm ow g £15

16723 ROLLE R Selected Writings of Richard Rolle: trans J G Harrell SPCK 1963 72pp pb c s ow g £5

23014 ROOSE-EVANS J Inner journey, outer journey DLT 2nd ed 1998 x 198pp pb m £7

16737 ROPER A Fifteenth Station: epilogue by Karl Rahner B&O/H&H 1968 108pp dw mkd ow vg £5

16752 ROSENTHAL G D Ageless Stories P Allan 1932 247pp c & sp fd pp sl fx ow g £5

16776 ROSS K N Spiritualism SPCK 1956 2nd ed 11pp pamp g £3

16781 ROSS M Fire of your life: a solitude shared (signed by author) on front Presented to...Robert Runcie... by the American Anglican/Roman Catholic Pilgrimage for Unity, 1983 Signed by 11 participants Paulist Pr 1983 143pp bd in red buckram m £20

16783 ROSS M Pillars of Flame: power, priesthood and spiritual maturity SCM c1989 lviii, 214pp pb c cr ow vg £9

32655 ROWELL G & CHILCOTT-MONK J Flesh, bone, wood: entering into the mysteries of the Cross CP 2001 158pp pb vg £5

16870 ROY J A Christ in the strand & other poems no imprint 68pp bdg fd fr bd damp stained text g £5

22608 RUDD T N Growing old with God SLG Pr 1988 ii 18pp pamp vg £3

16894 RUFFLE P Go Then... a programme of meditation for Lent SPCK 1976 48pp pamp vg £3

16895 RUHBACH G Theologie und spiritualitat: beitrage zur Gestaltwerdung des christlichen Glaubens Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1983 268pp pb vg £12

24595 RULAND V Sacred lies and silences: a psychology of religious disguise Liturgical Pr 1994 x 155pp pb c rb ow vg £7

24303 RUMI Rumi, poet and mystic (1207-1273): selections from his writings trans... RA Nicholson A&U 1950rpt 190pp dw vg £13

16899 RUMMERY G & LUNDY D Growing into Faith DLT 1982 69pp pb vg £3

16900 RUMSEY H, St Clear Speech: for stage, platform and pulpit J Garnet Miller 1955 rpt 62pp pb s pcl tm ow f £3

16901 RUMSEY H, St Speech Training: its science and art Methuen 1948 rpt 75pp dw s pcl tm ow g £3

29911 RUNCORN D Silence (GS16) Grove 1986 21pp pamphlet vg £4

16913 RUNCORN D B Preaching at the Parish Communion: ASB Epistles - Sundays: Year Two Mowbray 1985 137pp pb one pen mm ow vg £4

34336 RUPP G [Vickers] Wisdom and wit: an anthology from the writings of Gordon Rupp compiled and edited by J A Vickers MPH nd 124pp pb bdg sl rb & cr pp v sl disc ow vg £3

16920 RUPP J Cup of our life: a guide for spiritual growth Ave Maria Pr 1998 181pp pb m £9

35304 RUPP J Fresh bread and other gifts of spiritual nourishment Ave Maria Pr 1985 159pp pb binding sl rubbed spine creased default opening v few pencil textual marks ow g £4

16921 RUPP J May I have this dance? illus J Veeder Ave Maria Pr 1993 rpt 182pp lacks fr fl m £8

16978 RUTHERFURD S Selected Letters SCM 1957 126pp dw epp disc pp edges sl mkd ow g £5

16994 RYELAND J Prayer for Beginners Mowbray 1985 82pp pb m £3

26240 SAGOVSKY N Into the 1990s: (Clare College Sermons) No.1 The church No.2 The church and society and No.3 Christian Spirituality Grove 1990 each pamp 24pp g set £10

17084 SAMPSON G Blessed sacrament & unity Mowbray 1912 30pp pamp ex lib c fd ow g £3

17097 SANDAY W Personality in Christ & in Ourselves Clarendon 1911 75pp pcl tm c v w & disc f £5

17126 SANDERS J O Effective Evangelism: the divine art of soul-winning STL 1982 94pp pb g £3

17127 SANDERS J O Effective Prayer China Inland Mission rpt 1962 31pp pamp g £3

17167 SANGSTER W E Let me Commend Wyvern 1961 128pp pn tm pp edges disc ow g £5

17171 SANGSTER W E Prayer (Christian beliefs) H&S 1936 30pp pamp c v rb epp sl fx ow g £5

17172 SANGSTER W E Pure in Heart: a study in Christian sanctity (The Cato lecture of 1954) Epworth 1954 254pp pcl & pn tm ow g £6

17174 SANGSTER W E They met at Calvary: were you there Epworth Pr 1961rpt 99pp dw sl rb vg £6

17185 SANTUCCI L Wrestling with Christ Collins 1974 222pp pb c sl s pp edges sl grubby ow vg £5

32759 SAWARD J Mysteries of March: Hans Urs von Balthasar on the Incarnation and Easter Collins 1990 186pp pb vg £15

17220 SAWARD J Perfect Fools: folly for Christ's sake in Catholic and Orthodox spirituality OUP 1980 247pp dw sl faded with one small tear ow vg £45

17241 SAYERS D L Mind of the maker Methuen 1944/6 rpt 186pp hardback bdg bumped ow good £6

22496 SAYERS D L Zeal of thy house V Gollancz 1937 1st ed 111pp dw t & w epp & edge of pp sl fx pp 107-111 sl cr ow g £12

33424 SAYERS D L Spiritual writings selected & intro by Ann Loades SPCK 1993 184pp pb mint £14

34960 SCHAEFFER E L'Abri Henry E Walter/Norfolk Pr 1969 rpt 228pp illus dustwrapper sl faded sl musty smell ow vg £3.50

17264 SCHAEFFER E Lifelines: ten commandments for today H&S c1979 213pp pb vg £8

17315 SCHLINK B Setting our hearts on heaven MP rpt 1987 124pp pb pn mm ow g £3

17318 SCHLINK M B Israel my chosen people: a German confession before God and the Jews (ESMD 1) Faith Pr 1963 90pp pb sp sl rb ow g £7

30831 SCHMIDT J F Praying with Therese of Lisieux (Companions for the journey) St Mary's Pr 1992 121p pb vg £7

17348 SCHNACKENBURG R Will to Believe: meditation on N T themes DLT 1974 118pp ex-lib pb c rb g £3

17387 SCHUTZ R This day belongs to God Faith Press 1961 67pp dw sl fd ow vg £1.75

17388 SCHUTZ R Unity: man's tomorrow Faith Press 1962 94pp pb vg £3

26639 SCHUTZ S P Language of friendship Blue Mountain Arts 1977 63pp pb vg £4

29749 SCUDAMORE W E Steps to the altar: a manual of devotions for the blessed eucharist Masters & Co 1878 138pp bdg rb & mkd epp sl disc ow g £4

17472 SCUDDER V D Disciple of a saint being the imaginary biography of Raniero di Landoccio dei Pagliaresi Dent 1921rpt 385pp ex lib bdg stained ow g £7

35550 SCULLY K Women on the way: meditations for Lent SPCK 1998 120pp pb pp v sl disc vg £3.50

29693 SCUPOLI L Spiritual combat together with the supplement to the same; The treastises on Inward peace, On the sufferings of Christ, and On the method of assisting the sick and dying B&O 1935 xii 279pp ex lib bdg rb lacks fr & bk pp ae red some pencil marginal & textual marks ow text vg £12

17474 SCUPOLI L Spiritual Combat: trans with notes & intro by Thomas Barns Methuen 1950 318pp binding sl rubbed some pencil underlining ow vg £12

29906 SEDDON P Darkness (GS5) Grove 1983 24pp pamp vg £4

8270 SEDDON P New age - an assessment: (GS34) Grove 1992 rpt 24pp pamp g £4

35181 SEDDON P Whole Christ: the spirituality of ministry SLG Press 1996 22pp pamp vg £4

23355 SEFTON H R John Knox: an account of the development of his spirituality St Andrew Pr 1993rpt x 124pp pb m £4

17543 SENCOURT R Carmelite and poet: a framed portrait of St John of the Cross with his Poems in Spanish Hollis & Carter 1943 244pp ex-lib b&w illus sp v wk & taped text g £5

33045 SERAPHIM OF SAROV, Saint Spiritual instructions of St Seraphim of Sarov by A F Dobbie-Bateman Dawn Horse Pr no imprint 83pp pb bdg faded & rubbed sp sl torn fr epp mkd ow g £9

34392 SERAPHIM OF SAROV, Saint Spiritual instructions of St Seraphim of Sarov a spirit-baptizer in the Eastern Christian tradition with intro based on the Wisdom-teaching of...Da Avabhasa Dawn Horse Pr 2nd pb ed 1991 183pp pb new but cover slightly rubbed £9

17566 SHAKERS Shakers: two centuries of spiritual reflection edited with intro by R E Whitson (CWS) SPCK 1983 370pp pb vg £13 also 21781 ex lib pb c rb ow vg £11

34164 SHANNON W H Seeking the face of God Collins 1988 174pp pb vg £5

17577 SHARPE A R Perfection and the only alternative: a treatise on growth in holiness adapted for the use of English Clergy and Lay People from the Directorium of Father Scaramelli Sydenham nd 395pp pb c s few pcl tm ow g £5

17588 SHAW G Face of love: devotion on the fourteen stations of the cross Mowbray 1959 247pp paper slightly discoloured ow vg £5 also 17587 SLG Pr 1977 rev ed 125pp pb c s ow vg £6

17590 SHAW G Pilgrim's book of prayers Mowbray 1949 rpt 156pp g £4

17591 SHAW G Pilgrim's Book of Prayers SLG 1979 rpt 132pp pb few pn tm ow vg £2.50

17594 SHAW W Never a young man: extracts from letters and journals compiled by Celia Sadler Haum 1967 189pp dw s text excellent £7

30705 SHEARD J & ARMSTRONG W In His grip: foundations for life and golf Word 1997 128pp laminated boards vg £4

17604 SHEEN F J Power of Love P Davies 1966 118pp dw sp fd ow vg £5

22709 SHEIKH B I dared to call him father Chosen books 1978 173pp dw sl rb ow vg £7

31115 SHELDRAKE P Befriending our desires DLT 1994 114pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £7

17610 SHELDRAKE P Images of Holiness: explorations in contemporary spirituality DLT 1987 118pp pb pp sl disc pencil underlining ow g £11.50

33931 SHELDRAKE P Spirituality and history: questions of interpretation & method Orbis/SPCK 1991 2nd ed 238pp pb vg £20

33161 SHEPHERD M H Holy Communion: anthology of Christian devotion SPCK 1960 162pp pb bdg disc text vg £6

17635 SHEPPARD G Aspect of fear DLT 1989 xiv 111pp pb pp slightly discoloured ow vg £5

31781 SHEPPARD G Pits and pedestals: a journey towards self-respect DLT 1995 131pp pb vg £3.50

17637 SHEPPARD H R L My cry for Christianity Cassell & Co 1936 220pp epp disc ow g £6

17638 SHEPPARD H R L Two days before: simple thoughts about our Lord on the Cross SCM 1924 77pp c rb pcl tm f £3

8274 SHERLOCK C Overcoming of Satan: (GS17) Grove 1986 24pp pamp g £4

31807 SILF M At sea with God DLT 2003 164pp pb vg £6

15322 SILF M Lighted windows: an advent calendar for a world in waiting BRF 2002 153pp pb vg £5

31804 SILF M Miller's tale and other parables DLT 2000 86pp pb vg £5

30226 SILF M Soul space: making a retreat in the Christian tradition SPCK 2002 x 162pp pb mint £9

17732 SIMPSON A H Short Retreats for Beginners: a handbook for conductors Assn for Promoting Retreats nd 63pp pb c fd pcl tm ow g £3

17752 SINCLAIR R Except we turn H&S 1935 128pp ex lib pb c disc ow g £5

24444 SINETAR M Spiritual intelligence: what we can learn from the early awakening child Orbis 2000 x 214pp dw mint £8.99

17768 SITWELL G Medieval spiritual writers (Faith & Fact 40) B&O 1961 144pp pn tm ow g £5

21770 SIVARAMAN K Hindu spirituality: Vedas through Vedanta (World Spirituality) SCM 1989 xliv 447pp ex lib pb c v sl cr ow vg £18

34456 SKEHAN J W Place me with your son: Ignatian spirituality in everyday life (The spiritual exercises arranged as a 24-week retreat in 4 phases) Georgetown UP 3rd ed 1991 165pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £12

17793 SLACK K Praying the Lord's Prayer Today SCM 1973 123pp pb c fd ow g £3

17796 SLADE H Contemplative Intimacy DLT 1977 218pp pb c cr ow vg £8

17797 SLADE H Exploration into Contemplative Prayer DLT 1975 221pp pb c cr ow g £5

17798 SLADE H Meeting schools of Oriental Meditation Lutterworth 1973 55pp pb vg £3

17849 SMITH C Way of paradox: spiritual life as taught by Meister Eckhart DLT 1987 131pp pb c rb pp disc ow g £5

17858 SMITH D Christian counsel H&S nd 236pp ex lib fx £5

17861 SMITH D Journey into God Spire 1990 238pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

34477 SMITH D R Fasting: a neglected discipline H&S 1974 rpt 127pp pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £2

17872 SMITH G Pilsdon morning Merlin books 1982 138pp pb c cr ow g £5

17873 SMITH G Prayer Words: an exercise in meditative prayer B&O 1991 119pp pb vg £5

17914 SMITH M Word is very near you: a guide to praying with scripture DLT 1990 214pp pb pp disc some pcl tm ow g £8

17919 SMITH M L Season for the Spirit Fount 1991 167pp pb front cover sl creased ow vg £4

17955 SMYTH C Friendship of Christ: a devotional study H&S 1964 pb pp edges disc g £5

17977 SNOW G Our Father: a book about praying SPCK 1938 80pp dw w ow g £3

17978 SNOW M & JOHNSON M Conversation on a Friday evening: poems 1981 22pp pamp vg £5

17979 SNOWDEN R F As the sun climbs Epworth 1952 245pp dw tatty pp fx ow g £6

17980 SNOWDEN R F I Believe in the dawn Epworth 1958 133pp dw g £3

17981 SNOWDEN R F If I open my door Epworth 1941 rpt 254pp c fd & w ow f £3

17983 SNOWDEN R F Story-time again Epworth rpt 1956 127pp dw fd ow g £3

17984 SNOWDEN R F Today: a book of devotions Epworth 1949 96pp f £3

27103 SOCIAS J Handbook of prayers Scepter Pubs 5th ed 1998 594pp illus pb mint £10

18008 SOCIETY OF JESUS Characteristics of Jesuit Education Irish & British Provinces 1990 96pp pb vg £5

22122 SOCIETY OF THE SACRED CROSS Scapegoat and the countenance Mowbray 1963 72pp pb c w ow vg £5

18016 SODERBLOM N Mystery of the cross: thoughts for holy week and other weeks SCM 1933 62pp bdg fd pcl mm ow g £6

26626 SOLLE D Choosing life SCM 1981 x 116pp pb cover & pages slightly faded ow g £8

18077 SOPER D O Children's Prayer-time Epworth 1954 80pp vg £7

32737 SOPHRONY A [SAKHAROV] Saint Silouan: the Athonite, trans from the Russian by Rosemary Edmonds Stavropegic Monastery of St John the Baptist 1991 504pp new £20

18093 SOUTHAM E Teach us to pray: broadcast addresses on the Lord's Prayer Mowbray 1929 84pp sp missing pcl tm ow f £3

18129 SPENCER S Mysticism in World Religion Penguin 1963 363pp pp disc ow g £5

18131 SPENS M Concerning Himself H&S 1937 373pp ex-lib dw g text vg £6

18132 SPENS M Receive the joyfulness of your glory H&S 1952 192pp dw s vg £6 also c fd ow g £5

18143 SPINK P Path of the Mystic: steps in a pilgrim's progress with seven meditational exercises suitable for use by groups or individuals DLT 1983 85pp ex-lib pb pp edges sl disc ow g £5

18170 SPROXTON V Teilhard de Chardin (RBC 202) SCM 1971 126pp vg £2

18179 SPURGEON C H My sermon notes: four volume set Baker Book House 1991 rpt 200/192/200/200pp pb new £14

18195 SQUIRE A Asking the Fathers SPCK 1973 249pp pb cover faded ow g £5

18196 SQUIRE A Summer in the Seed SPCK 1980 240pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4.50

35180 STAAL F Exploring mysticism Penguin 1975 224pp pb cover sl rubbed pp discoloured ow vg £3

18246 STANCLIFFE M Symbols and dances - sermons SPCK 1986 104pp pb mint £9

22105 STANLEY A Testament of man: anthology of the spirit Gollancz 1936 x 662pp c sl rb ow vg £8

26830 STEERE D V Quaker spirituality: selected writings (CWS) Paulist 1984 xii 334pp pb m £20

32733 STEIN E Essential writings selected with an intro by John Sullivan (Modern spiritual masters) Orbis 2002 158pp pb mint £8

22306 STEINDL-RAST D Music of silence: entering the sacred space of Monastic experience HarperSanFrancisco 1995 122pp pb vg (lacks cd) £5

26958 STENDAHL K Energy for life: reflections on the theme Come, Holy Spirit - renew the whole creation (Risk Book No 45) WCC 1990 51pp pb b&w illus vg £3

18317 STEPHANIE, Sr Royal progress: passion of Christ in the 4 evangelists SLG Pr 1989 pamp 28pp £3

18320 STEPHEN, of Sawley Treatises tr by JF O'Sullivan ed BK Lackner (includes Mirror for novices, Threefold exercise On the recitation of the Divine Office & Meditations on the joys of the Blessed Virgin) Cistercian Pubs 1984 198pp dw rb ow m £16

18343 STEUART R H J Inward Vision Longmans 1929 147pp pn & pcl tm ow g £5

18344 STEUART, Fr Spiritual Teaching of Father Steuart: notes of his retreats and conferences B&O 1952 148pp sp fd ow g £5

18352 STEVENSON H F Light upon the word: an anthology of evangelical spiritual writings, incl Philip Doddridge, George Whitefield, Henry Venn, John William Fletcher & Alexander Whyte, F B Meyer, G Campbell Morgan Mowbray 1979 182pp pb vg £5

22241 STEWART C Prayer and community: the Benedictine tradition (Traditions of Christian Spirituality) Orbis 1998 136pp pb m £6

18372 STEWART C M On the Brink: Catholicism for the questioning adult KM 1990 104pp pb vg £5

18373 STEWART D Easter is on Monday: sermons 1955-62 SCM 1963 95pp pb vg £3

18390 STEWART S Expanded voice: art of Thomas Traherne Huntingdon 1990's rpt 235pp dw m £11

18409 STOCKWOOD M From strength to strength: a lent book Sheldon 1980 141pp pb pp edges disc £6

18410 STOCKWOOD M Whom They Pierced Longmans 1948 80pp g £3

18414 STOKES D G Both Ways to God: Sisters of the Church Ham Common 1981 6pp pamp g £3

18417 STOKES M B Talking with God Abingdon 1989 160pp pb m £5

18438 STOPFORD R None of us liveth to himself G Bles 1964 79pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £5

23506 STOREY W G Hail Mary: a Marian book of hours Ave Maria Pr 2002 316pp pb small crease on back cover ow mint £8

34469 STORR A Music and the mind HC 1992 212pp pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £3.50

18457 STOTT J R W Bible: book for today IVP 1982 80pp pb pp sl disc g £3

18488 STOWE R Women at prayer: an anthology of prayers by Mothers' Union members from around the world MP 1994 204pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £8

18501 STRANKS C J Anglican Devotion: studies in the spiritual life of the C of E between the Reformation and the Oxford Movement SCM 1961 296pp dw fx ow vg £16

18524 STREETER B H & APPASAMY A J Sadhu: a study in mysticism and practical religion Macmillan 1921 264pp bdg w sp split ow g £7

32648 STREIT J Sun and cross: the development from megalithic culture to early Christianity in Ireland Floris 1993 223pp illus pb spine sl faded ow vg £10

18533 STRONG E L Lectures on the Christian Character Longmans 1923 180pp c rb ow g £5

18541 STRONG T B God and the individual Longmans Green 1903 112pp ex lib vg £5

33069 STUART E Through brokenness: how God saves humanity through grace and the sacraments Collins 1990 160pp pb bdg sl faded & creased pp disc ow g £2.50

18552 STUART G Achievement of personality: in the light of psychology and religion SCM 1938 192pp dw mkd ow g £3

18555 STUBBS C W Christ and economics: in the light of the Sermon on the Mount Isbister 1893 292pp ex-lib bdg sl w epp fx gold top pp edges ow g £6

18569 STUDDERT KENNEDY G A Lies H&S 1932 rpt 128pp pb cover tatty text g £3

18570 STUDDERT KENNEDY G A New man in Christ H&S 1932rpt 252pp bdg v fd epp disc ow g £5

18580 STUDDERT KENNEDY H Visitor: of his coming & of his sojourning and concerning the manner of his going away Putnam rpt 1945 65pp dw s ow g £5 & Darley Anderson 1990 rpt pb bk c cr ow m £5

18581 STUDDERT KENNEDY S Bread (Crusade Series) ICF nd 12pp pamp g £3

18585 STUDY Study of Wisdom: three tracts by the author of the Cloud of Unknowing trans with intro by C Wolters SLG 1980 50pp pb vg £5

18600 SUENENS L-J Renewal and the Powers of Darkness DLT 1983 117pp pb vg £5

8269 SUGDEN C Natural mystery of folk religion: (GS43) Grove 1992 24pp pamp g £4

35177 SULLIVAN D Way of the Cross Mayhew McCrimmon 1977 30pp pamphlet vg £4

33039 SULLIVAN J Carmelite studies: spiritual direction ICS Publications 1980 228pp pb bdg sl faded sm stain on pp edges ow vg £12

35182 SWAINSON W P Christian mystics, in two volumes: Madame Guyon; Jacob Boehme; John Tauler; Francis of Assisi; Emmanuel Swedenborg; George Fox C W Daniel c1903 94/85pp teg binding sl faded epp discoloured ow vg £25

18651 SWAN T Seeds of the harvest: selection of religious poetry Janus Pub Co 1992 40pp pb m £3

21773 SWEDENBORG E Universal human and sould-body interaction (Classics of Western Spirituality) SPCK 1984 xvi 267pp ex lib pb c sl rb ow vg £13

34965 SWINDOLL C R Growing strong in the seasons of life Multnomah Pr 1983 414pp dustwrapper sl faded with small tear ow vg £4

18766 SYMS R Ferris Wheel: searching for an adult faith SCM 1988 210pp pb vg £5

18789 TAIZE Rule of Taize: in French and English Les Presses de Taize 1968 142pp pb vg £10

18798 TALBOT J M Reflections on the Gospels: daily devotions for radical Christian living Word 1986 181pp pb vg £3

29677 TANQUEREY A Spiritual life: a treatise on ascetical and mystical theology trans H Branderis Soc of St John Evangelist 1930 2nd rev ed 750pp pp sl disc ow vg £11

18831 TASTARD T Spark in the soul: spirituality & social justice DLT 1988 124pp pb m £6 or ex lib £4

35451 TAYLOR H O Ancient ideals, in two volumes: a study of intellectual and spiritual growth from early times to the establishment of Christianity Macmillan 1900 461pp ex lib binding faded & rubbed tops of spines worn Vol I hinges exposed epp sl foxed text vg £50

18880 TAYLOR J History of the life and death of Jesus Christ new ed rev by TA Buckley Routledge Warne 1860 714pp ex lib sp w bdg wk sl fx ow g £16

18885 TAYLOR J Rule & Exercises of Holy Living Langford Abridged 1970 173pp pb vg £5

18888 TAYLOR J Rule & exercises of Holy Living tog with prayers/... Holy Dying tog with prayers & acts of virtue,...Rules for the visitation of the sick...2 vols bd as 1 2 columns per page Parker 1851 [individ imprints1849/1848] xvi 318/xx 251pp bdg worn text good £25

28766 TAYLOR J Rule and exercises of holy living Griffith Farran Browne nd 295pp bds rb pp disc & one loose ow g £4

30504 TAYLOR J Rule and exercises of holy living Henry Frowde nd 452pp bdg rb & grubby pp disc 4 pp underlings ow g £9

32220 TAYLOR J Rule and exercises of holy living printed 2 columns per page, red pp edges Longmans 1907 310pp lacks sp bdg & epp mkd text vg £3

18894 TAYLOR J Whole works of the Right Rev Jeremy Taylor in 10 vols: with a life of the author and a critical examination of his writings by the Right Rev Reginald Heber revised and corrected by Rev Charles Page Eden [lacks vol 3] Longmans 1850-9 495/734/674/669/671/663/701/704/660pp orig blind stamped cloth unevenly faded corners bumped spines scuffed v 1 fr hinge exposed closed cut to sp uncut pp v 2 few pcl mks v 4 stitching v sl loose v 5 hinges sl exposed v 6/7/8/9 few pp stained at base of front or back opening not affecting text v 8 pp mostly uncut v 9 sm hedge tear to base of sp g set £300

27443 TAYLOR J B Going on: guidelines for the newly confirmed Daybreak 1989 viii 104pp pb vg £6

18960 TEMPLE F Thoughts on the Divine Love SPCK 1914 rpt 156pp fx ow g £5 also pb rpt g £3

18964 TEMPLE W About Christ: the Abp's lectures in 1921 & 1925 on 'Universality of Christ' & 'Christ's revelation of God' SCM 1962 143pp pb c rb ow g £4

21964 TEMPLE W Christian faith and life SCM 1963 rpt 141pp pb g £2.75

18981 TEMPLE W Daily Readings from William Temple: compiled by Hugh C Warner H&S 1948 279pp harbback binding sl faded & rubbed epp sl discoloured ow g £6

34850 TEMPLE W Daily Readings from William Temple: compiled by Hugh C Warner Mowbray 1981 279pp pb vg £5

18985 TEMPLE W Fellowship with God Macmillan 1920 243pp epp disc ow g £5

18994 TEMPLE W Personal religion and the life of fellowship Longmans 1926 87pp bdg faded & worn epp sl fx text vg £2

18997 TEMPLE W Readings in St Johns Gospel: (first and second series) Macmillan 1945rpt 391pp pb c w few pn tm ow g £2 also 18996 hardback 412pp ex lib bds sl rubbed faded and marked ow g £3

31009 TEN BOOM C Clippings from my notebook: writings and sayings collected by Corrie ten Boom Triangle 1983 108pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £2

24124 TERESA of Avila Collected works...Volume 3: Book of her foundations, minor works ... trans K Kavanaugh & O Rodriguez ICS Pubs 1985 x 483pp pb £10

19033 TERESA of Avila Complete Works of St Teresa of Jesus: trans and ed by E Allison Peers Vol 1 only S&W 1975 365pp ex-lib pb c s ow g £9

24740 TERESA of Avila Complete Works of St Teresa of Jesus: trans and ed by E Allison Peers Vol III only S&W 1946 408pp vg £15

19034 TERESA of Avila Interior Castle (CWS) SPCK 1979 xx 225pp pb covers sl rubbed ow vg £15

19035 TERESA of Avila Interior Castle or The Mansions: trans by a Benedictine of Stanbrook abridged & ed by Hugh Martin SCM 1958 128pp dw sl fd ow vg £6

19036 TERESA of Avila Interior Castle or The Mansions: trans by the Benedictines of Stanbrook rev intro & additional notes by B Zimmerman T Baker 2nd ed 1912 303pp ex-lib binding sl faded top of spine torn corners bumped text vg £7

19045 TERESA of Avila Interior Castle or, the Mansions trans from the Spanish by John Dalton T Baker 1893 304pp sp rb epp fx ow g £5

19037 TERESA of Avila Letters of Saint Teresa of Jesus: trans and ed by E Allison Peers, 2 vol set BO&W 1951 509/495pp dw sl worn top & tail of spine epp v sl disc ow vg set £18

19038 TERESA of Avila Life of St Teresa of Avila by herself: trans with an intro by JM Cohen Penguin 1957 316pp pb bound spine slightly torn pps sl disc ow g £3

19039 TERESA of Avila Life of St Teresa of Jesus: of the order of our lady of Carmel written by herself trans by D Lewis compared re-edited plus notes and intro by Benedict Zimmerman T Baker 1932 516pp vg £12 also 1911 ex-lib frontis t bdg wk fx £12

19040 TERESA of Avila Living water: daily readings with St Teresa of Avila DLT 1987 rpt 62pp pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £3

19042 TERESA of Avila Way of Perfection: trans by a Benedictine of Stanbrook with annotation of the variants from the Escorial and Valladolid versions rev with notes & intro by B Zimmerman T Baker 1935 rpt 272pp vg £6

25476 TERESA of Avila Way of Perfection: trans by a Benedictine of Stanbrook rev with notes & intro by B Zimmerman B&O 1961 rpt 243pp ex lib dw g £6

19026 TERESA, Mother Best gift is love: meditations Fount 1993 88pp pb m £3

19029 TERESA, Mother Jesus, the word to be spoken: prayers and meditations for every day of the year compiled by Bro A Devananda Collins 1988 rpt 158pp pb pp disc ow vg £3

19025 TERESA, Mother & ROGER Bro Meditations on the way of the cross Mowbray 1986 64pp pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £3

19030 TERESA, Mother & ROGER, Bro Mary: mother of reconciliations Mowbray rpt 62pp pb m £5

19046 TERRA H de Memories of Teilhard de Chardin Scientific Book Club (Collins 1964) 142pp dw w bdg sl fd ow vg £3

19054 TERWILLIGER R Reconciliation Risen life in Christ: Catholic Renewal Loughborough Conference CLA nd 7pp pamp vg £3

24657 THEOLOGIA Theologia Germanica: trans from the German by S Winkworth (Golden Treasury) Macmillan new ed 1893 (1937rpt) lxxx 227pp epp disc ow vg £11 also 32696 new format 1966 134pp pb bdg sl faded ow vg £7

29953 THERESE OF LISIEUX Autobiography of a Saint: the complete and authorised text of 'L'Histoire d'une Ame' newly trans by Ronald Knox Collins 1977 rpt 256pp pb illus c sl rb pp disc ow g £2.75

30881 THERESE OF LISIEUX By love alone: dailing readings with St Therese of Lisieux (Enfolded in love) DLT 1986 62pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £2.50 also 35146 2000 ed pb vg £3

34836 THERESE OF LISIEUX Spirit of Saint Therese de l'Enfant Jesus as shown forth by her writings and the Testimony of Eyewitnesses BO&W 1948 rpt 218pp ex lib dw sl fd lacks front epp ow vg £18

19104 THIS IS LIFE This is life: book for the busy SCM 1961 127pp dw g £3 also pb vg £2

19113 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ (EL) JM Dent 1910 rpt 284pp bdg sl faded text vg £4

26544 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ trans by Betty I Knott Collins 1984 rpt 253pp pb pp disc ow vg £3

19117 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ called also The ecclesiastical music: a rev trans, notes and intro by C Bigg Methuen 11th ed 1937 326pp dw faded & worn bdg sl marked ow vg £3.50

19118 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ: set forth in rhythmic sentences, according to the original intention of the author preface by H P Liddon Mowbray c1889 299pp bdg rubbed & mkd text vg £5

19119 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ: trans/intro L Sherley-Price Pg 1984 rpt 217pp pb vg £5

19121 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ: illus by Douglas Hamilton (LC) Collins nd 382pp dw tatty v few pcl tm ow text vg £5

19122 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ: new trans with intro by G F Maine Collins 1957 280pp c mkd text vg £2.50

29398 THOMAS A KEMPIS Imitation of Christ: trans and intro by L Sherley-Price Penguin 1959 rpt 215pp pb covers mkd pp disc ow g £3

19116 THOMAS A KEMPIS Of the imitation of Christ T Nelson nd 286pp ex monastic library bdg v sl rubbed ow vg £6

19126 THOMAS A KEMPIS Of the Imitation of Christ: four books Grant Richards 1903 229pp ex lib spine faded & sl worn front hinge exposed front epp missing few pencil marginal marks ow g £3

19127 THOMAS A KEMPIS Of the Imitation of Christ: in four books trans and ed WH Hutchings OUP nd 248pp pocket ed ribbon marker gold pp edges c sl rb ow vg £5

19129 THOMAS A KEMPIS Of the Imitation of Christ: four books rev trans OUP/Mowbray c1900 310pp bdg wk gold pp edges vg £5

33554 THOMAS A KEMPIS Of the Imitation of Christ: four books Rivingtons new ed 1874 207pp plates gold tooled leather bdg edges slightly rubbed aeg marbled epp prelims sl fxd v nice copy £40

19185 THOMPSON F Works of Francis Thompson in 3 vols: vol 1 Poems, vol 2 Poems, vol 3 Prose B&O 1913 226pp/228pp/291pp bdg rb pp v sl fx ow g set £27

30503 THOMPSON J Good morning: a decade of thoughts for the day SPCK 2003 130pp pb vg £4

26430 THOMPSON J Why God? Mowbray 1997 x 133pp pb vg £7

19204 THOMPSON M J Soul feast: invitation to the Christian spiritual life W/JK 1995 173pp pb m £10

34819 THOMPSON P Direction in prayer: studies in ascetic method ed by Patrick Thompson for the Society of Retreat Conductors SPCK 1933 151pp ex lib bdg fd & sl mkd epp v sl fx ow vg £8

19221 THOMSON D P Scottish devotional treasury, 1st series, arranged in the form of a month's daily readings from the great Scottish preachers and writers no imprint 1955 32pp pamp c sl fd ow g £3

19246 THORNTON M Christian proficiency SPCK 1959 rpt 201pp bdg sl fd & rubbed ow vg £8.50

19253 THORNTON M Joyful heart: Lenten meditations SPCK 1987 xii 76pp pb c rb & fd ow g £2.50

19257 THORNTON M Purple Headed Mountain Faith Press 1962 90pp pb g £5

19258 THORNTON M Rock and the River: an encounter between traditional spirituality and modern thought H&S 1965 158pp vg £3.50 also 19259 ex lib dw discoloured ow vg £3.50

19266 THOROGOOD B Risen Today SCM 1986 113pp pb vg £5

19272 THOULESS R H Lady Julian: a psychological study (English theologians) SPCK 1924 122pp dw faded & sl torn epp sl discoloured ow vg £6

19275 THREE Three Byzantine Saints: contemporary biographies of St Daniel the Stylite, St Theodore of Sykeon and St John the Almsgiver Mowbray 1977 rpt 275pp pb vg £11

19291 THURIAN M Modern Man and Spiritual Life (WCB No 46) Lutterworth/CLA1963 80pp pb vg £3 19308 TILBY A Let There Be Light: praying with Genesis DLT 1989 130pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

8282 TILLER J Puritan, Pietist, and Pentecostalist: (GS3) Grove 1982 24pp pamp g £4

19326 TILLICH P Eternal now: sermons SCM 1963 158pp ex-lib vg hb £4.25

34814 TILLYARD A Spiritual exercises and their results: an essay in psychology and comparative religion SPCK 1927 216pp ex lib binding sl rubbed epp discoloured ow vg £18

19351 TIMES, The Living nobly: through the Christian year from the pages of The Times 1946-47 H&S 1948 170pp dw t last page stained ow g £5

19353 TIMMERMANS F Perfect joy of St Francis Mowbray 1954 283pp dw sl fd & w text vg £6

19373 TITTLE E F Lord's Prayer Abingdon-Cokesbury 1942 127pp dw vg £5

19376 TIZARD L J More excellent way IP 1953 141pp bdg sl s ow g £5

19379 TO To find God World Movement for United Prayer c1973 98pp ex lib dw fd & w ow vg £5

19398 TOMKINS O Guarded by faith H&S 1971 128pp pb pp disc ow g £3

34441 TOMKINSON R Come to me: a resource for weary Christians and those who care about them K Mayhew 2000 96pp pb vg £4

35539 TOPPING F Lord of life illus by Noeline Kelly and Alexander S Grenfell Lutterworth 1982 79pp pb binding sl faded ow vg £1.50

19414 TOPPING F Lord of my days: illus by Noeline Kelly Lutterworth 1981 80pp pb vg £1.50

19415 TOPPING F Lord of the evening: illus by Noeline Kelly Lutterworth 1982 rpt 80pp pb cover sl rubbed & marked text vg £1.50

19416 TOPPING F Lord of the morning: illus by Noeline Kelly Lutterworth 1977 80pp pb sp sl fd g £1.50

19417 TOPPING F Lord of time illus by Carol MacMahon Lutterworth 1985 78pppb back cover sl faded & marked ow vg £1.50

35281 TOPPING F Pause for thought including Lord of the morning, Lord of my days, Lord of the evening Lutterworth 1986 rpt 240pp dustwrapper sl faded ow vg £5

28927 TORKINGTON D Peter Calvay: the prophet: inner meaning of prayer [second volume of trilogy on prayer] Spennithorne Pubs 1987 180pp pb front cover creased ow vg £4 [3rd vol to order new £5.99]

24323 TORKINGTON R Peter Calvay - the hermit: a personal rediscovery of prayer [1st volume of trilogy on prayer] Shand 1980 rpt 107pp pb cover rubbed and faded ow g £4

19440 TOULSON S Celtic year: month-by-month celebration of Celtic Christian festivals and sites Element 1993 259pp pb m £7 also 30212 ex lib pb usual stamps fr epp t pp sl disc ow g £4

19469 TOWER B Devotion and doctrine: or Preparation of the Heart and Intellect for Confirmation and Holy Communion Spottiswoode Ballantyne & Co 1923 96pp c & epp disc ow g £8

32674 TOWNSEND R Faith, prayer and devotion (Faith and the future) Blackwell 1983 123pp pb bdg sl rubbed bk cover creased pp v sl disc text vg £2.75

27943 TOYNBEE P Towards the Holy Spirit SCM 1982 89pp pb vg £3

19497 TOYNBEE P Towards the Holy Spirit: a tract for the times SCM 1973 79pp sp fd ow vg £4

19506 TRAHERNE T Centuries re-issue of Dobell's text, preface by H M Margolioth Mowbray 1975 rpt 228pp pb c sl rb pp v sl disc ow vg £10 also 26727 1960 rpt xx 228pp faint pcl tm ow vg £8

19507 TRAHERNE T Centuries of Meditations: printed from the author's manuscript ed by B Dobell PJ & AE Dobell 1948 327pp c sl fd & rb ow vg £12

35518 TRAHERNE T Landscapes of glory: daily readings DLT 1989 62pp pkt size pb c sl cr & rb vg £3

34236 TRAHERNE T Poems, centuries and three thanksgivings edited by Anne Ridler OUP 1966 427pp pp edges v sl foxed ow vg £25

19509 TRAHERNE T Way to blessedness (Spelling and punctuations modernized by Margaret Bottrall) Faith Press 1962 311pp dw vg £30

19534 TRENCH R C Poems Macmillan 1865 xii 403pp ex lib lib bdg lacks bk epp v sl fx ow vg £12

19538 TREVELYAN G Vision of the Aquarian age: the emerging spiritual World view Coventure 1984 rpt 171pp pb vg £5

19606 TUGWELL S Did you receive the Spirit? DLT 1972 143pp dw vg £5

35142 TUGWELL S Prayer: keeping company with God: Part 1 - Living with God Veritas 1974 144pp pb cover sl faded & creased text vg £5

19618 TUNNICLIFF H G Transforming Experience Epworth 1931 96pp dw s & t ow vg £5

31478 TURNER D Faith seeking SCM 2002 146pp pb vg £9

19630 TURNER F How can we create a just society? (Scripture for living) DLT 1992 84pp pb vg £3

32666 TURNER V & E Image and pilgrimage in Christian culture: anthropological perspectives Blackwell 1978 279pp plates dw faded & rubbed ow vg £15

29153 TYRRELL G Lex Credendi: a sequel to Lex Orandi Longmans 1906 256pp bdg damaged by damp text sl fx some pencil mks, ow sound £3

19670 TYRRELL G Lex Orandi: or prayer and creed Longmans 1904 216pp bdg v sl rb ow vg £8

35215 TYRRELL T J Urgent longings: reflections on the experience of infatuation, human intimacy, and contemplative love House of Affirmation 1980 119pp pbcover sl faded ow vg £10

19675 ULANOV A Primary Speech: psychology of prayer SCM 1985 178pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £9

32679 ULANOV A B Finding space: Winnicott, God, and psychic reality W/JK 2001 232pp dw sl grubby ow vg £16

19681 UNDERHILL E Abba: meditations based on the Lord's Prayer Longmans 1940 rpt 87pp c sl disc & rb ow g £2

19682 UNDERHILL E Anthology of the Love of God: ed by the Rt Rev. L Barkway & Lucy Menzies Mowbray 1961 rpt 220pp ex-lib vg £7 also 19683 dw & bdg sl spotted ow vg £8

19684 UNDERHILL E Collected Papers of Evelyn Underhill: ed by Lucy Menzies Longmans 1946 207pp c s few pn tm ow g £6

19686 UNDERHILL E Concerning the Inner Life Methuen 2nd ed 1926 93pp c disc & loose pps f £2

19687 UNDERHILL E Concerning the inner life, with, The house of the soul Methuen 1950 rpt 149pp bds mkd text vg £5

27601 UNDERHILL E Given to God: daily readings selected and arranged by Delroy Oberg DLT 1992 xvi 188pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £6

19690 UNDERHILL E Golden sequence: a fourfold study of the spiritual life Methuen 1932 193pp g £8

19695 UNDERHILL E Jacopone da Todi: Poet and Mystic 1228-1306 a spiritual biography with selection from the Spiritual Songs trans Mrs T Beck Dent 1st ed 1919 xii 521pp frontis bdg sl rb lacks fr fl vg £25

19696 UNDERHILL E Letters of Evelyn Underhill: edited with intro by Charles Williams Longmans rpt 1944 344pp c rb & fd pcl mm ow g £7

19699 UNDERHILL E Life of the Spirit and The Life of Today Methuen 1925 rpt 241pp dw w & t sp sl faded epp disc text vg £5

19700 UNDERHILL E Light of Christ: addresses given at the House of Retreat Pleshey in May 1932 Longmans 1945 rpt 107pp dw w & t ow vg £5

19702 UNDERHILL E Man and the supernatural: a study in theism Methuen 2nd ed 1934 rpt 275pp binding very faded & marked pp sl foxed ow g £4.50

19706 UNDERHILL E Mount of purification with Meditations and prayers, 1949 and Collected papers, 1946 (Inner life series) Longmans 1960 333pp laminated boards vg £8

19707 UNDERHILL E Mystery of Sacrifice: a meditation on the Liturgy Longmans 1938 76pp ex-lib epp cut ow g £5

19708 UNDERHILL E Mysticism: a study in the nature and development of man's spiritual consciousness Methuen 15th ed 1945 xviii 519pp bdg fd & v sl grubby sl fx text vg £7

23878 UNDERHILL E Mysticism... Methuen 1957 rpt xx 519pp dw w v few pcl tm epp disc ow vg £7

19709 UNDERHILL E Mystics of the Church J Clarke nd 260pp fx ow vg £8

19710 UNDERHILL E Practical mysticism: a little book for normal people Eagle 1991 104pp pb bdg sl creased sp fd pp sl disc ow vg £3

19713 UNDERHILL E School of Charity: meditations on the Christian Creed Longmans 1934 111pp binding slightly faded ow vg £2

19712 UNDERHILL E School of Charity, and, Mystery of Sacrifice (2 vols bound as 1) (Inner life series) Longmans 1962 rpt 111/77pp laminated boards vg £7

19714 UNDERHILL E Spiritual life H&S 1st ed 1937 142pp blue/black printing bdg grubby corners bpd rubber stamp on fr epp text vg £8

19716 UNDERHILL F Aids to the life of prayer Mowbray 1932 88pp ex lib pb c w & fd epp fx ow g £3

19717 UNDERHILL F Art of Intercession Mowbray 1933 77pp pb c fd f £3

19718 UNDERHILL F Can we enjoy religion? Mowbray 1929rpt 80pp pb c fd pp fx £3

19720 UNDERHILL F Liberty Mowbray 1937 64pp bds sp sl split ow vg £3

19721 UNDERHILL F Life of Prayer in the World Mowbray 1925 64pp pb few pcl tm pp sl fx £3

19723 UNDERHILL F Prayer in Modern Life Mowbray 1929 224pp lots of pcl tm epp fx ow g £5

19736 UNWIN F O These things are worth believing no imprint c1955 20pp pamp vg £3

19738 UPHAM T C Life, religious opinions & experience of Madame Guyon including an account of the personal history & religious opinions of Fenelon, Abp of Cambray Allenson 1961rpt 500pp dw rb vg £11

19740 UPJOHN S In Search of Julian of Norwich DLT 1989 96pp pb vg £6

34966 URQUHART C My deal child: listening to God's heart H&S 1990 288pp Pb vg £2.50

19747 URQUHART C My father is the gardener H&S 1977 221pp pb c fd pp disc £5

19769 VALLES C Mastering Sadhana: on retreat with Anthony de Mello Collins 1988 190pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £2

19781 VAN DE WEYER R Celtic fire: anthology of celtic Christian literature DLT 1990 138pp pb vg £6

24398 VAN DE WEYER R Creation spirit: an anthology DLT 1990 213pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £6

21715 VAN DE WEYER R Fount book of prayer Harper Collins 1993 414pp dw v sl rb ow mint £12

19783 VAN DE WEYER R Little Gidding way: Christian community for ordinary people DLT 1988 90pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £5

35477 VAN KAAM A Music of eternity Ave Maria Pr 1990 117pp dw sl fd ow vg £8

35217 VAN KAAM A Roots of Christian joy Dimension Bks 1985 219pp pb vg £6

35329 VAN KAMM A & MUTO S A Am I living a spiritual life?: questions and answers on formative spirituality Dimension Bks 1978 184pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £3.50

19814 VAN ZELLER H Approach to the crucified S&W 1961 128pp ex-lib fr ep detached pp disc g £5

35546 VAN ZELLER H Death in other words: a presentation for beginners Templegate 1963 96pp dw sl grubby ow vg £5

19816 VAN ZELLER H Letters to a soul S&W 1975 122pp dw s ow vg £6

19818 VAN ZELLER H We live with our eyes open S&W 1949 172pp ex-lib sp w & rb ow g £5

19819 VAN ZELLER H Yoke of Divine Love: study of conventual perfection B&O 1957 238pp ex-lib vg £6

19829 VANIER J Be not afraid Gill & Macmillan 1975 145pp pb c sl rb front epp clipped ow vg £6

19830 VANIER J Broken Body DLT 1989 rpt 145pp pb mint £7.50

19832 VANIER J Eruption to hope F Wright 1974 105pp pb c rb ow vg £9

19833 VANIER J Man and Woman He Made Them DLT 1985 177pp pb pp v sl disc ow vg £5

19835 VANN G Divine pity: social implications of the Beatitudes Fontana 1945 rpt 191pp pb pp disc £3

29337 VANN G High green hill Collins 1951 172pp ex lib dw g £3

19841 VANN G Pain of Christ & the sorrow of God Blackfriars Pubs 1947 75pp pb sp w ow g £5

19842 VANN G Paradise tree Collins 1959 320pp dw sl faded & rubbed ow vg £4.50

19846 VANN G Water and the fire Collins 1953 188pp ex-lib bdg sl mkd epp disc text vg £5

19847 VANN G & MEAGHER P K Stones or Bread?: a study of Christ's temptations Collins 1957 127pp ex-lib pn on fr epp ow g £5 also dw w ow vg £6

19848 VANN G & MEAGHER P K Temptations of Christ Collins 1966 126pp pb pp disc ow g £3

19851 VANSTONE W H Stature of waiting DLT 1982 115pp pb pp v sl disc few pcl mm ow vg £6

23019 VERMEIREN K Praying with Benedict: prayer in the Rule of St Benedict Cistercian 1999 x 131pp pb m £6

19903 VERNEY S Into the new age Collins 1976 157pp ex-lib pb pp disc ow g £3

19909 VERNON, Fr Happiness Mowbray 1926rpt 84pp pb c t some fx ow g £5

19910 VERNON, Fr Self Expression: seven studies in prayer Mowbray 1928 151pp pb c disc pp fx £3

19917 VEST N Preferring Christ: a devotional commentary & workbook on the Rule of St. Benedict Anthony Clarke 1991 180pp A4 pb few pp sl creased ow vg £18

19933 VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM Second Christmas picture book (Small picture book no 38) HMSO 1954 28 plates £3

19944 VIDLER A R Good News for Mankind: a course of addresses delivered during the mission to Cambridge University Jan 25th - Feb 2 1947 SCM 1947 96pp pb c s pcl tm ow f £3

19975 VIPOND J Preaching at the Parish Communion: ASB Epistles - Sundays: Year Two - vol 2 Mowbray 1989 148pp pb m £3

35107 VIVEKANANDA S Jnana-Yoga Tranduit de l'anglais par Jean Herbert (Spiritualites Vivantes) Albin Michel 1936 501pp frontis ex lib pb most pages uncut binding faded pp discoloured ow g £4

19986 VLASIC T, Fr Open your hearts to Mary Queen of peace: meditations Milan 1985 143pp pb c sl mkd writing on fr ep ow vg £7

19987 VLASIC T, Fr & BARBARIC S, Fr Abandon yourself to me: meditations from January to June 1985 Milan 1985 223pp pb c mkd ow g £6

19989 VOGEL A A I know God better than I know myself Morehouse-Barlow 1989 95pp pb vg £5

34155 VOGEL A A Jesus prayer for today Paulist Pr 1982 114pp pb vg £9

19991 VOILLAUME R Christian Vocation DLT rpt 1974 122pp pb ex-lib g £5

34144 VOILLAUME R Faith and contemplation DLT 1974 120pp pb cover sl rubbed ow vg £2.50

19993 VOILLAUME R Follow me: call to the religious life today DLT 1978 201pp pb c fd & rb ow g £7

19996 VOILLAUME R Need for contemplation DLT 1974 rpt 79pp pb binding sl faded ow vg £3

30196 VOILLAUME R Source of life: eucharist and Christian living DLT 1975 58pp pb c rb ow vg £4

20000 VON HUGEL F Essays and addresses on the philosophy of religion first & second series Dent 1921/26 rpts 308/287pp bdg sl faded epp sl foxed ow vg 2 volume set £13

20007 VON HUGEL F Little book of Baron Von Hugel: selected by P Franklin Chambers G Bles 1945 181pp dw w ow vg £6 also ex-lib bdg fd ow g £5

20008 VON HUGEL F Mystical Element of Religion 2 vol set: as studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and her friends James Clarke rpt 1961 xl 466pp/vi 422pp frontis vg set £38

20010 VON HUGEL F Readings from Friedrich Von Hugel: selected by Algar Thorold JM Dent 1929rpt 359pp sp title fd ow vg £4

20012 VON HUGEL F Selected Letters 1896-1924: ed B Holland Dent 1928 377pp frontis ex-lib bdg sl mkd text vg £11

20013 VON HUGEL F Selected writings: comp & intro by P F Chambers Collins 1964 192pp pb pp disc ow g £5

27944 VON HUGEL F Spiritual counsels and letters of Baron Friedrich von Hugel ed with intro essay by D V Steere DLT 1964 x 186pp frontis vg £9

33847 VOS G O taste and see: meditations from the Psalms Riverbend Pub1983 317pp pb bdg sl rb vg £4

20037 WADDAMS H M Life and fire of love: prayer and its presuppositions SPCK 1964 242pp ex lib pb binding faded & worn text g £3.50

20041 WADDELL H Stories from Holy Writ Constable 1949 280pp vg £9

20042 WADDELL H Wandering Scholars with illustrations original black cloth bdg c sl rb corners bumped, top of spine frayed binding sound, text clean Constable 1st ed 1927 xxviii 292pp £10

21680 WAITE T Footfalls in memory: relections from solitude H&S 1st ed 1995 199pp ribbon marker dustwrapper taped ow mint £8

31918 WAKEFIELD G Fire of Love: spirituality of John Wesley DLT 1976 80pp pb bk c sl mk vg £4

20062 WAKEFIELD G S Kindly light: meditations on Newman's poem Epworth 1984 72pp pb sp rb ow vg £5

20063 WAKEFIELD G S Life of the Spirit in the world today Epworth 1970 176pp dw vg £5

8310 WALKINGTON GROUP Who am I? (GS33) Grove 1990 25pp pamp vg £4

20115 WALLIS J Agenda for biblical people H&R 1976 145pp pb c sl fd & sl cr pp sl disc ow vg £3

20116 WALLIS J Come Into His Presence Kingsway 1987 153pp pb g £3

20118 WALPOLE G H S Vital Religion: or the personal knowledge of Christ E Stock 1907 178pp bdg rb epp disc pn & pcl tm ow g £5 also 20119 1920rpt 178pp ex lib bdg rb pp disc ow g £5

20126 WALSH K Sometimes I weep: prayers & meditations SCM 1973 118pp pb c rb ow g £4

20163 WAND J W C God and goodness E&S 1947 196pp ex-lib f £3

20164 WAND J W C Golden String: short intro to Xn practice Mowbray 1926 64pp pb sp taped text g £5

20178 WAND J W C Seven steps to Heaven Longmans 1956 99pp pcl tm f £3 or dw rb & s ow vg £5

20191 WARD B Influence of Saint Bernard: Anglican essays with an introduction by Jean Leclercq SLG 1976 145pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £5

29918 WARD H Giving your self away (GS26) Grove 1988 22pp pamphlet vg £4

20203 WARD J N Beyond Tomorrow Epworth 1981 111pp pb vg £5 or ex lib pb g £3

20205 WARD J N Five for sorrow ten for joy: a consideration of the Rosary Doubleday 1973 164pp dw fd ow vg £8

20206 WARD J N Following plough Epworth 1978 128pp pb vg £3

26431 WARD J N Friday afternoon Epworth 1976 140pp pb sp fd ow vg £1.50

31178 WARD J N Use of praying (Fernley Hartley Lecture 1967) Epworth 1967 rpt 159pp pb c fd & sl cr ow g £2.50

20233 WARD R S Days of quiet and withdrawal from the world: arranged for private use Mowbray 1928 87pp pb c disc pp sl fx ow g £8

20234 WARD R S Devotional studies in Mystical religion: by a priest St Christophers Pr 1928 151pp ex-lib rebound vg £5 also SPCK 1958 vg £5

20235 WARD R S Experience of God: a retreat on the transfiguration Mowbray 1957 63pp pb vg £5

20236 WARD R S Following the Way: devotional studies in mystical religion, by the author of The Way St Christophers 1925 172pp ex lib g £4 & SPCK rpt 1958 172pp dw w ow vg £5

20238 WARD R S Lord & Giver of Life: a retreat on the Holy Spirit Mowbray 1959 82pp c disc ow g £3

20241 WARD R S St Mary Magdalene at the Sepulchre: a retreat for private use Mowbray 1956 47pp pb c mkd ow g £3

20260 WAREHAM J Christian attitude: simple considerations & devotions for use in retreat Mowbray 1927 110pp few tm ow g £5

34459 WAREHAM J Conducting of retreats Mowbray 1950 96pp bdg fd sm stain on pp edges ow vg £16

20261 WAREHAM J First book about living the Christian life SPCK 1955 16pp pamp g £3

21707 WAREHAM J Know thyself: an aid to self-examination Mowbray 4th ed 1950 pb c s ow g £6

20262 WAREHAM J Parochial clergy and retreats for the people (A.P.R Handbooks 2) Association for Promoting Retreats nd 37pp pamp c disc ow g £5

20279 WARREN C H Good life: anthology of the life & work of the countryside in poetry & prose E&S 1946 262pp bdg sl mkd ow vg £5

20290 WARREN M A C Master of Time: an experience of the Lordship of Christ Highway 1963 54pp pb c s ow g £3

4137 WATKINS J D Manual of prayers in flexi-leather maroon binding with wrap around pp edges clasp two ribbons aeg Midwest Theological Forum/Pontifical N American College 3rd ed 1998 new £29.99

20324 WATSON A Faith of a business man: and other addresses IN&W 1936 286pp dw s ow g £5

20326 WATSON D Discipleship H&S 1983 rpt 287pp pb bdg sl rb fr epp sl stained pp sl disc ow vg £4

20330 WATSON D In search of God Falcon 1975 128pp pb pp disc ow g £4

20331 WATSON D Is anyone there? H&S 1980 121pp pb pp edges sl disc little pen u/l ow g £3

20333 WATSON D My God is real Falcon 1972 rpt 95pp pb pp sl disc cover sl buckled ow g £3

20334 WATSON D One in the Spirit H&S 1989 rpt 126pp pb bdg sl faded pp disc ow g £2

20360 WATTS A W Behold the Spirit: a study in the necessity of mystical religion John Murray/Pantheon 1957/1955 rpt 254pp ex lib binding sl faded ow vg £8

20402 WAY Way of a pilgrim: trans from the Russian by RM French SPCK 1972 126pp pb vg £5

20376 WAY Way Supplement No 25 God & Mary The Way 1975 pb g £6 also c s £5

35015 WAY Way Supplement No 27 (Spring 1976): Prayer in the spiritual exercises The Way 1976 99pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £7

20377 WAY Way Supplement No 47 Spirituality & the priesthood The Way 1983 pb g £5

35016 WAY Way Supplement No 58 (Spring 1987): The spiritual exercises: weeks three and four The Way 1987 112pp pb vg £7

34937 WAY Way Supplement No 61 (Spring 1988): The Ignatian constitutions today The Way 1988 120pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £7

20375 WAY Way Supplement No 67 Spirituality & Liturgy Way 1990 112pp ex-lib pb vg £5

34936 WAY Way Supplement No 68 (Summer 1990): Ignatian spirituality in ecumenical context The Way 1990 124pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £7

34935 WAY Way Supplement No 70 (Spring 1991): Ignatian horizons 1491-1991 The Way 1991 136pp pb vg £7

34934 WAY Way Supplement No 76 (Spring 1993): Person and society in the Ignatian exercises The Way 1993 116pp pb vg £7

34933 WAY Way Supplement No 89 (Summer 1997): Comtemporary Carmelite women The Way 1977 134pp pb vg £7

20388 WAY Way Vol 28 No 3 (July 1988) Sexuality & Spirituality Way 1988 80pp ex-lib pb vg £5

20393 WAY Way Vol 32 No 3 (July 1992) Sexuality & Lay Ministry Way 1992 80pp pb vg £5

32461 WAY Way Volume 36 No. 3 (July 1996) Postmodernism: a contribution to spirituality Way 1996 107pp pb vg £5

20408 WAY R Wisdom of the English Mystics Sheldon 1978 86pp pb vg £3.50

20451 WEATHERHEAD L D Discipleship SCM rpt 1938 155pp c w & t few pcl tm ow g £5

20453 WEATHERHEAD L D His life and ours: the significance for us of the life of Jesus H&S 1946 rpt 384pp dw w ow g £5 also bdg fd & s ow g £5

20456 WEATHERHEAD L D In quest of a kingdom H&S 1946 rpt 279pp dw w ow vg £8

20458 WEATHERHEAD L D Jesus and Ourselves: a sequel to 'The Transforming Friendship' Epworth 1931rpt 128pp pp disc ow g £5

20461 WEATHERHEAD L D Mastery of sex: through psychology and religion SCM 1944 rpt 192pp ex lib bdg poor text g £2

20463 WEATHERHEAD L D Personalities of the Passion: a devotional study of some of the characters who played a part in the drama of Christ's Passion and Resurrection H&S 1942 144pp pp disc pcl tm £5

20477 WEATHERHEAD L D Shepherd Remembers: a devotional study of the twenty-third psalm H&S rpt 1946 224pp dw w ow g £6 also 1st ed 1937 f £5 & pb c s ow vg £5

20481 WEATHERHEAD L D When the Lamp Flickers H&S 1948 255pp dw w ow vg £6

20483 WEATHERHEAD L D Wounded spirits H&S 1962 125pp pb vg £6

20484 WEAVINGS Weavings Poverty of Spirit (Vol. XV: I Jan/Feb 2000) (Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life) Upper Room 48pp pamp vg £3

20489 WEBB P Candles for Advent Collins 1989 125pp pb vg £3

20502 WEBER H R Way of the Lamb: Christ in the Apocalypse lenten meditations WCC 1988 58pp ex-lib pb vg £6

20507 WEBSTER A Broken bones may joy: studies in reconciliation and resurrection SCM 1968 96pp ex lib paperback good £2

20538 WEIL S Gateway to God Collins 1974rpt 160pp pb pp disc ow g £2.25

20545 WEIL S Waiting On God Collins 1951rpt 191pp pb part of bk c missing pp disc ow g £5

20614 WERFEL F Song of Bernadette 1977 rpt paperback g £3

27307 WESLEY C Unpublished poetry of Charles Wesley - Volume 1 edited by S T Kimbrough & O A Beckerlegge Kingswood Books 1988 325pp pb cover very slightly rubbed ow mint £14

27308 WESLEY C Unpublished poetry of Charles Wesley - Volume 2 Hymns and poems on Holy Scripture edited by S T Kimbrough & O A Beckerlegge Kingswood Books 1990 475pp pb mint £20

20620 WESLEY J Fifty Three Sermons: on several occasions MPH nd 778pp bdg w & wk pp sl fx £12

20621 WESLEY J Forty Four Sermons Epworth 1946 rev ed xii 596pp bdg rb & fd pcl mm ow g £8

20622 WESLEY J Happiness unlimited: John Wesley's commentary on the Sermon on the mount ed & adapted CG Weakley Jr. Logos 1979 297pp pb vg £5

20631 WESLEY J Sermons on several occasions (sp title Forty-four sermons) Wesleyan Conference Office nd 638pp sp w lacks bk epp ow g £9

21925 WESLEY J Sermons on several occasions (spine title Forty-four sermons) Wesleyan Conference Office nd 638pp bdg sl rb few pcl tm ow vg £9

32664 WEST M & NOBLE G Images of glory: a resource for small groups SU 1989 64pp pamphlet fr cover sl creased ow vg £3.25

20698 WESTLAND P Teach Yourself Public Speaking H&S 1946 211pp g £3

20712 WETHERED H N Four paths of pilgrimage F Muller 1947 196pp ex-lib bdg wk ow g £4

30804 WETHERED H N Four paths of pilgrimage F Muller 1947 196pp dw w epp disc text vg £6

20737 WHELAN J P Spirituality of Friedrich Von Hugel intro by Bp B C Butler Collins 1971 1st ed 320pp frontis dw vg £6

20740 WHISHAW C M Through prayer to peace: a book of prayers with introduction and extracts from books on prayer SPCK 1923 128pp bdg mkd & fd ow g £3

20756 WHITE B Taste of Revival Sovereign World 1997 187pp pb vg £4

20763 WHITE J Cost of commitment IVP 1976 91pp pb c sl faded ow vg £1

20785 WHITEFIELD G Select sermons of George Whitefield: with an account of his life by JC Ryle and a summary of his doctrine by R Elliot Banner of Truth 1959 119pp frontis dw w fr epp clipped g £5

30476 WHOLE Whole duty of man...with Private devotions for several occasions (Ancient & Modern library...) Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh nd xii 290pp spine faded epp foxed ow g £10

20833 WICKERSHAM G II How can you believe?: for those who seek Churchman 1989 174pp pb vg £4

35432 WICKS R J Handbook of spirituality for ministers, Volume 2: perspectives for the 21st century Paulist Pr 1994 694pp pb vg £18

33849 WIDDAS J & MOCKFORD P Lightning from heaven [resisting the demonic attack on the church today] Kingsway 1993 219pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £6

20851 WIESEL E & FRIEDLANDER A H Six days of destruction: meditations towards hope Pergamon 1988 106pp illus bdg sl fd fr epp clipped ow vg £9

20856 WIGNALL P Anglican spirit: essays by J Barton, P J Budd, G J Cuming, C A Lewis, B G Mitchell, A Redfern, G Rowell & D P Wilcox Ripon College 1982 51pp pamp vg £5

31861 WILBER K Grace and grit: spirituality and healing in the life and death of Treya Killam Wilber Gateway 2001 rpt 419pp pb new £12

20872 WILBERFORCE W Practical view of the prevailing religious system of professed Christians in the higher and middle classes in this country contrasted with real christianity SCM 1958 120pp dw sl w epp disc ow vg £8

20913 WILKINSON F Growing up in Christ: family life and family religion SCM 1960 128pp bdg sl faded ow g £2.50

31197 WILKINSON J Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem Jerusalem 1963 36pp pb c fd text vg £6

32616 WILLIAM, St of Thierry Meditations of William of St Thierry: meditative orationes, trans from the Latin Mowbray 1954 108pp dw sl faded epp v sl foxed ow vg £7

21815 WILLIAM, St of Thierry On Contemplating God, Prayer, Meditations trans Sr Penelope intros J Hourlier, JM Dechanet Cistercian 1970 v 199pp new paperback £11.99

20952 WILLIAMS C Descent of the dove: a short history of the Holy Spirit in the church RBC 1939 245pp frontis bdg grubby epp disc ow g £6

33539 WILLIAMS C Descent of the dove: a short history of the Holy Spirit in the church Longmans 1939 1st ed 245pp frontis bdg rb & mkd top cs sl bmpd epp sl fx couple of pen marginal mks text vg £10

20958 WILLIAMS C Place of the lion Gollancz 1947 rpt 175pp bdg bmpd sp fd fr hinge exposed g £15

30129 WILLIAMS C Place of the lion F&F 1965 206pp pb cover rubbed & slightly faded ow g £10

20964 WILLIAMS D God facts Falcon 2nd ed 1979 127pp pb pp disc ow vg £3

20965 WILLIAMS D God thoughts Falcon 1969rpt 112pp pb pp disc ow g £2

26636 WILLIAMS D Time to live: practical ideas on time planning for busy Christians Triangle 1987 152pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

20978 WILLIAMS H A Becoming what I am: a discussion of the methods and results of Christian prayer DLT 1977 77pp pb vg £3

20981 WILLIAMS H A God's wisdom in Christ's Cross Mowbray 1960 48pp pb c sl grubby ow g £3

21927 WILLIAMS H A Jesus and the resurrection Longmans 1951 112pp vg £6 & c rb epp sl fx £5

20983 WILLIAMS H A Joy of God M Beazley 1979 135pp dw vg £5

20984 WILLIAMS H A Poverty, chastity and obedience: the true virtues M Beazley 1975 119pp dw faded and rubbed text vg £3

20987 WILLIAMS H A Tensions: necessary conflicts in life & love M Beazley 1976 120pp dw fd fr epp mkd ow vg £3

20988 WILLIAMS H A True resurrection M Beazley 1972 182pp dw fd & rb ow vg £3.50

20991 WILLIAMS H A True wilderness: a selection of addresses Constable 1965 168pp ex lib dw g £4

20992 WILLIAMS H A True wilderness: a selection of addresses Collins 1979 rpt 159pp pb c cr & grubby pp discoloured ow g £2

20994 WILLIAMS H C N Vision of Duty: sermons preached in Coventry Cathedral H&S 1963 126pp pb c s ow vg £3

20995 WILLIAMS I Baptistery, or The Way of Eternal Life JH Parker 1844 145pp bdg v fd & w pp sl fx ow g £16

20996 WILLIAMS I Cathedral or the Catholic and Apostolic Church in England (AMLTL) GFO&W 1889 260pp bd rb through on corners & edge of front board pp sl disc stain on pp64-80 ow sound £20

24266 WILLIAMS I G Prayer in pain (GS12) Grove 1985 25pp pamp g £4

32524 WILLIAMS J Lectionary reflections, Year C SPCK 2003 131pp pb vg £7

21005 WILLIAMS J G Thinking aloud: broadcast talks selected from Children's Hour Prayers, Listen on Wednesday and Switch on for the News SCM 1963 202pp pb c s epp disc ow g £3

21006 WILLIAMS J G Where do I begin? a simple introduction to prayer CCMF nd 37pp pamphlet g £3

21015 WILLIAMS M They walked with God: Augustine, Francis of Assisi Therese of Lisieux et al (rev & abr from Book of Christian classics) Fawcett Pubs 1962 192pp pb f epp loose ow g £2

22563 WILLIAMS R Truce of God Collins 1983 127pp pb cover creased pages discoloured ow g £5

21036 WILLIAMS R R Faith and the Faith Mowbrays 1973 134pp pb vg £4

21050 WILLIAMS W St Bernard: the man and his message Manchester UP 1944 72pp plates ex-lib covers rubbed fl missing g £5

21056 WILLIAMSON H R A.D. 33: tract for the times Collins 1941 128pp bdg & pp disc ow g £5

21057 WILLIAMSON H R Challenge of Bernadette B&O 1958 101pp dw rb ow vg £9

21061 WILLIAMSON H R Seven Christian virtues SCM 1949 120pp c mkd epp disc g £1.50

21065 WILLIAMSON R Funny you should say that DLT 1992 97pp pb vg £5

21093 WILSON A N C S Lewis: a biography Collins 1990 xviii 334pp ex clerical library dw vg £3.50

21106 WILSON D F School of Manhood SCM 1947 123pp bdg discoloured ow vg £4

21107 WILSON D M Triumph over fear Gollancz 1966 160pp dw vg £6

21148 WILSON T Introduction to the Lord's Supper [bound with] Sacra Privata private meditations, devotions, and prayers - pocket size edition Parker 1862/1 188/200pp full leather blind tooled bdg rubbed & mkd, top of spine bmpd & creased aeg lacks front epp ep disc red/black typeface vg £45

21160 WINCKWORTH P Sensible Christians: an appeal to the younger generation by the youngest member of the House of Laity Centenary Pr 1935 176pp dw s pp sl fx ow g £3

21211 WINTERBORN B Changing scenes OUP 1980 196pp pb vg £6

21214 WINWARD S How to talk with God: dynamics of prayer H&S 1974 128pp pb c sl cr pp disc g £3

33042 WISEMAN Cardinal Real presence of the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the blessed Eucharist, proved from scripture J Duffy & Co new ed c1836 336pp bdg sl rb epp disc pp sl disc vg £25

21230 WITCUTT W P Return to Reality SPCK 1954 62pp dw s ow g £3

21241 WITTON-DAVIES C Journey of a Lifetime A Barker 1962 rpt 144pp dw vg £5

21262 WOLFF J S Stories from the lives of Saints & Martyrs of the Church told in simple language ed with intr by CW Woodhouse Mowbray 1903 206pp bdg rb lacks fep pp sl s £5

21268 WOLTERSTORFF N Lament for a son H&S 1989 111pp pb pp slightly discoloured ow g £6

35147 WOOD E Concentration: an approach to meditation Theosophical Publ House 1970 rpt 154pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £4

26309 WOOD L Mazes and mandalas Muller 1981 80pp pb stain on inside back cover ow vg £10

21303 WOOD M Comfort in sorrow Falcon 1972 rpt 16pp pamp vg £3

21304 WOOD M Into the way of peace: readings in St Luke's gospel Triangle 1982 126pp pb pp disc ow g £5

27450 WOODCOCK G Thomas Merton monk and poet: a critical study Canongate 1978 200pp dw slightly torn ow vg £6

34454 WOODHOUSE P Beyond words: an introduction, guide and resource or a contemplative way of prayer K Mayhew 2001 183pp pb vg £7.50

21342 WOOLCOCK A Eternal problem Stockwell nd 54pp ex lib bdg disc ow g £5

21343 WOOLLEY J I Am With You Words of Divine Inspiration for Everyone Collins 1986 112pp pb £3

21350 WOOLMER J Growing up to Salvation Triangle 1983 147pp pb g £3

21358 WORD Word made flesh: gospel discoveries St Scholastica/St Benedict Priories 1981 128pp col/b&w illus pb vg £6

21362 WORDS Words of encouragement: the sayings of Jesus Palm Tree nd 47pp lacks tp sp damaged ow vg £3

21391 WORLLEDGE A J Prayer (Oxford library of practical theology) Longmans 2nd ed 1902 378pp ex-lib bdg fd pp disc ow g £5

21392 WORLOCK D Give me your hand St Pauls 1977 196pp pb front cover creased ow vg £8

35097 WORLOCK D Take one at bedtime: a bedside anthology of spiritual reading for tired apostles (signed by author) S&W 1962 190pp dustwrapper sl faded & worn on spine ow vg £8

21393 WORLOCK D & SHEPPARD D With Christ in the Wilderness: following Lent together BRF 1990 160pp pb vg £3

21418 WRIGHT C H H Writings of St Patrick the apostle of Ireland (Christian Classics Series VI) RTS nd 159pp epp sl fx ow g £10

21450 WRIGHT R S Seven sevens: a miscellany St Andrew Pr 1977 167pp dw vg £5

21454 WRIGHT T Crown and the fire: meditations on the cross and the life of the spirit SPCK 1992 106pp pb g £6

21456 WRIGHT T Small Faith-Great God: Biblical faith for today's Christians Kingsway 1978 128pp pb pp edges sl disc ow g £5

34439 WUEDERKEHR M Seasons of your heart: prayers and reflections HSF 1991 204pp pb vg £8

21461 WURMBRAND R In God's underground WH Allen 1968 254pp frontis dw vg £13

21479 WYON O Altar Fire: reflections on the sacrament of the eucharist SCM 1954 126pp c s & epp disc ow g £3

21480 WYON O Desire for God: study of three spiritual classics Fontana 1966 126pp pb pp disc ow g £4

21481 WYON O Living springs: new religious movemens in Western Europe (RBC154) SCM 1963 128pp pb c rb ow g £3

21482 WYON O On the way: some reflections on the Christian life SCM 1958 125pp pcl tm ow g £3 and

21483 ex lib dw fd ow vg £5

21484 WYON O School of Prayer SCM 1943 127pp bdg rb ow g £3

21485 WYON O World's Christmas (RBC163) SCM 1964 128pp pb sp rb & fd ow g £3

31323 YARNOLD E Time for God: guidelines for a full-time or part-time retreat [previously published in 1984 under title Eight days with the Lord] Collins 1993 rpt 170pp pb vg £3

21502 YARNOLD G D Spiritual crisis of the scientific age A&U 1959 207pp ex lib dw v w ow vg £9

34969 YATES M L God in us: theory and practice of Christian devotion SPCK 1960 206pp exlib vg £2

21556 YOUR Your kingdom come: reflections on the scripture readings for lent Cafod/DLT 1996 93pp pb vg £3

21561 YUNGBLUT J R Rediscovering the Christ Element 1991 180pp pb vg £3.50 also 35434

Seabury Pr 1974 180pp dustwrapper sl faded binding & epp sl marked ow vg £5

21585 ZIESLER J Christian Asceticism SPCK 1973 118pp pb c rb ow vg £5

21603 ZOHAR Book of Enlightenment: trans & ed by D C Matt (CWS) SPCK 1983 320pp pb vg £11

30026 ZWEIG C & ABRAMS J Meeting the shadow: hidden power of the dark side of human nature Tarcher/Putnam 1991 xxvi 335pp pb mint £12.25



35810 APOSTOLIC FATHERS [Lightfoot] Apostolic Fathers translated by J B Lightfoot and J R Harmer, edited and revised by Michael W Holmes Apollos 1991 rpt 347pp dustwrapper vg £12

35833 AUGUSTINE St Confessions with an English translation by William Watts, in two volumes, VOLUME 1 ONLY (Loeb classical library) Heinemann 1946 rpt 471pp sp sl fd epp sl foxed ow vg £7

35827 BARBOUR G F Life of Alexander Whyte H&S 7th ed rev 1925 675pp plates binding sl rubbed & marked corners bumped epp sl foxed front epp clipped some pen underlining ow g £5.50

35809 BARROW R H Introduction to St Augustine, The city of God, being selections from the De Civitate Dei including most of the XICth book with text, translation and running commentary F&F 1950 288pp dustwrapper faded ow vg £12

35835 BARRY W A Finding God in all things: a companion to the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius Ave Maria Pr 1991 140pp dustwrapper sl rubbed ow vg £6

35808 BELLENGER D A & FLETCHER S Mitre and the crown: a history of the Archbishops of Canterbury Sutton 2005 236pp plates dustwrapper some underlining in bibliography ow vg £7.50

35837 BEWES R Wesley country: a pictorial history based on John Wesley's journal. 250 woodcuts, wood & steel engravings from 17th, 18th & 19th centuries + 16 plates & coats of arms Bible Matters shrink wrap unused £15

35836 BHATNAGAR R S Dimensions of classsical Sufi thought Motilal Banarsidass 1984 241pp dustwrapper sl faded & rubbed some pp sl discoloured (paper faulty) ow vg £25

35838 BOARDMAN J Oxford history of the classical world OUP 1992 882pp pb bdg v sl fd & rb vg £5 35839 BRADSHAW T Grace and truth in the secular age (Contributors inc P Brierley, J Fenwick, M Green, J I Packer, G Bray) Eerdmans 1998 311pp pb bdg sl fd epp & first five pp damp stained ow vg £5

35840 BUBER M I and thou: with a postscript by the author added Scribner 2nd ed 1958 137pp pb binding grubby & rubbed loose pp ow g £3

35841 CARRETTO C Why O Lord?: the inner meaning of suffering DLT 1986 119pp pb cover sl faded pp sl discoloured ow vg £3.50

35842 CARSON D A New bible commentary: 21st century edition IVP 1994 1455pp dustwrapper worn front hinge exposed ow vg £15

35807 CHAMPION S G & SHORT D Readings from world religions Watts & Co 1951 336pp sp v sl faded epp & pp edges v sl foxed ow vg £4

35806 CHAPMAN R Father Faber B&O 1961 374pp plates vg £14

35844 CHARLES R Three martyrs of the nineteenth century: studies from the lives of Livingstone, Gordon, and Patteson SPCK 1899 396pp binding sl faded & rubbed epp discoloured ow vg £10

35805 CREIGHTON L Life and letters of Mandell Creighton by his wife, two volumes in one Longmans Green 1913 416/534pp frontis spine faded binding sl marked epp discoloured text vg £9

35804 CUNLIFFE-JONES H History of Christian doctrine T&T Clark 1980 rpt 601pp dw sl rb vg £11

35845 DANIELL D William Tyndale Yale UP 1994 429pp plates dw sl rb pp sl disc ow vg £13

35834 ECKHART M Meister Eckhart ed by H Backhouse H&S 1992 143pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £1.75

35820 ELLIOTT-BINNS L E Development of English theology in the later nineteenth century, being the Burroughs Memorial Lectures for 1950` Longmans 1952 137pp binding sl faded ow vg £6

35846 EMMERSON G Nahum to Malachi: the People's Bible Commentary (inscription on title page by author) BRF 1998 186pp pb vg £2

35847 EMMERSON G Prophets and poets: companion to the prophetic books of the Old Testament BRF 1994 301pp pb vg £3

35819 FARMER D H Benedict's disciples Gracewing 1995 rpt 390pp pb default opening one pen underlining in bibliography ow vg £10

35830 FIDDES V H Science and the Gospel (Theology and science at the frontiers of knowledge) Scottish Academic Pr 1987 113pp dustwrapper sl rubbed ow mint £8

35848 FORREST A & SANDERSON P Cults and the occult today Marshalls 1982 144pp pb binding sl faded pp discoloured ow vg £2.50

35849 GAIRDNER W H T Reproach of Islam with fold out maps Baptist Missionary Society 1909 419pp binding v faded & worn hinges exposed pp discoloured ow g £14

35850 GAUKROGER J Sharing Jesus with under fives Crossway 1994 218pp pb pp sl disc ow vg £4

35851 GILCHRIST J Uniqueness of Jesus in the Quran and the Bible (Christianity and Islam series No 4) FFM Publications 1980 rpt 35pp pamp vg £5

35818 GREEN B English Benedictine congregation: short history CTS nd 100pp plates pb c sl rb/cr vg £8

35852 GREENLEE D Global passion: marking George Verwer's contribution to world missions Authentic Lifestyle 2003 207pp plates pb unused £6

35853 GUARDINI R Art of praying: the principles and methods of Christian prayer Sophia Institute Pr 1994 184pp dustwrapper with label mark on back ow vg £7

35854 GUARDINI R Lord Regnery Gateway 1988 rpt 535pp pb vg £10

35817 GUNDRY D W Religions: a preliminary historical and theological study Macmillan 1958 189pp dustwrapper faded & sl worn epp discoloured few pen textual marks ow vg £3.50

35855 GUNSTONE J Lord heal me: a personal prayer companion Highland Bks 3rd ed 1988 128pp pb pp discoloured ow vg £2

35856 HALE T On being a missionary (inscription by author on tp) William Carey 1994 422pp pb vg £9

35825 HAMMOND P Dean Stanley of Westminster Churchman 1987 252pp frontis pb sp sl fd ow vg £12 35857 HAUGHTON R Liberated heart: transactional analysis in religious experience G Chapman 1975 192pp hb dustwrapper rubbed & sl worn top corners sl bumped ow vg £7

35803 HOMMEL F Ancient Hebrew tradition as illustrated by the Monuments a protest against the modern school of Old Testament criticism SPCK 1897 xx 356pp map few pcl tm ow vg £9.25

35858 IND J Fat is a spiritual issue: my journey Mowbray 1993 109pp pb cover sl rubbed ow vg £12

35859 ISLAM S Exploring the other half: field research with rural women in Bangladesh Shamina Islam 1982 226pp pb cover sl faded & rubbed ow vg £12

35860 ISLAMIC COUNCIL OF EUROPE Jerusalem: the key to world peace Islamic Council of Europe 1980 333pp pb binding sl rubbed & creased ow vg £12

35861 JEFFREYS H Cartesian tensors CUP 1931 93pp binding sl faded & rubbed ow vg £4

35862 JULIAN, of Norwich Revelation of love ed & tr by J Skinner Image 1997 187pp pb v small mark on top of pp ow vg £3.50

35863 KAPASHI V J Hinduism: the first step London lst ed 1984 24pp pamp cover sl disc ow g £3

35864 KAPASHI V J Jainism: the first step London no date 16pp pamp cover sl grubby ow vg £3

35823 KNOWLES D Benedictines (Many Mansions) S&W 1929 112pp hb bdg v sl mkd few pcl mks £20

35822 KUNG H Christian challenge: a shortened version of 'On being a Christian' Collins 1979 349pp dustwrapper vg £1.50

35816 MARTIN F A Under the Absolute Amir [of Afghanistan] Harper & Bros 1st ed 1907 330pp plates binding sl rubbed & marked corners bumped epp & pp edges foxed ow g £75

35815 MILLER W M Tales of Persia: a book for children Presbyterian & Reformed Publ Co 1988 145pp pb cover sl rubbed pp edges v sl foxed ow vg £5

35814 MITTON M Sounds of God (Exploring prayer) Eagle 1993 153pp illus pb vg £2.20

35813 MORAN F M Listening: a pastoral style Dwyer 1996 145pp pb pp v sl discoloured ow vg £20

35812 MORGAN G C Letters of our Lord: a first century message to twentieth century Christians - addresses based upon the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia Pickering & Inglis nd 109pp dw sl fd & torn epp discoloured ow vg £3.50

35811 MOUNTNEY J M Sin shall be a glory as revealed by Julian of Norwich DLT 1992 104pp pb pp sl discoloured ow vg £7

35828 O'DONOVAN O Resurrection & moral order: ...evangelical ethics IVP 1986 284pp pb m £9

35821 PAWLEY M Donald Coggan: servant of Christ SPCK 1987 286pp plates pb vg £5

35843 TERESA, Mother Joy in loving: daily wisdom J Chaliha & E Le Joly H&S 1997 429pp dw vg £10

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