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39421 ABHAYANDA S History of mysticism: the unchanging testament Atma Books 1987  442pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £5.50
39734 AGGARWAL M I am a Muslim: my belief   Franklin Watts 2001  32pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £3
39733 AGGARWAL M I am a Sikh: my belief Franklin Watts 2001  32pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £3
39548 ALFORD H How to study the New Testament: the Gospels & the Acts of the Apostles Alex&er Strahan 1867  360pp pb c worn & fd, hinges exposed, tight stitching cut paper ow g [reading copy only] £10
39636 ALLEN J J Orthodox Synthesis: the unity of theological thought St Vladimir's Seminary Pr 1981  231pp pb c sl mkd & fd, outer page edges sl fx ow vg £6.50
39515 &ERSON J D To come alive!: new proposal for revitalising the local church Harper & Row 1973  141pp hb dw rb & sl mkd, pages rough cut, page ends disc & fx ow vg £4
39574 ANGLICAN CHURCH Liturgy of the Eucharist  Genesis Publications 1984  79pp pamp sl marks on c, sp sl fd ow vg £4
39435 APPLETON G Jewishness of Jesus  1979  10pp pamp vg £4
39356 AUGUSTINE St On the Trinity: Books 8-15 edited by Gareth B Matthews (Texts in the history of philosophy) CUP 2002  227pp pb, appears unused £13
39369 AUGUSTINE St St Augustine against the academics translated & annotated by John J O'Meara (Ancient Christian Writers) Newman Press/Longmans 1951  213pp hb, sp fd, outer page edges sl fx ow vg £15
39528 BADER R S Second look: reading the Bible again for the first time Vantage Pr 1998  227pp pb c sl mkd & cr, small cr in top right throughout most pages ow vg £10
39627 BALTHASAR H U Von Word made flesh: exploration in theology I Ignatius Pr 1989  277pp pb like new £20
39466 BARBOUR R W Letters, poems, & Pensees: collected for private circulation Glasgow University Press 1893  460pp hb sl mkd, page edges sl rough cut ow vg £10
39719 BARSELLA G & GUIXOT M A A Struggling to be heard: the Christian voice in independent Sudan 1956-1966 Paulines 1998  126pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £6
39602 BEAMOND B Building the cosmos: Christ & the cosmos No. 16 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 2002  164pp pb c sl mkd, & sp sl cr ow vg £7
39607 BEAMOND B Genetic engineering: Christ & the cosmos No. 15 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 2001  194pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £3
39605 BEETHAM P A Members - one of another: Christ & the cosmos No. 9 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 1996  163pp pb c v sl mkd ow vg £4
39606 BEETHAM P A Observing the cosmos: Christ & the cosmos No. 12 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 1999  136pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £4
39603 BEETHAM P A Risk! Life is a risky business: Christ & the cosmos No. 13 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 2000  218pp pb c v sl mkd ow vg £6
39608 BERKHOF L History of Christian doctines: this volume is a companion volume to the author's Systematic Theology & contains the historical material to be used with that work Banner of Truth Trust 1937  285pp hb dw c stained & sl rb, pp ends sl disc ow vg £5.50
39418 BETTEY J H Suppression of the monasteries: in the West Country Alan Sutton 1989  198pp hb dw sl cr ow vg £5.50
39442 BIANCHI E Words of spirituality: towards a lexicon of the inner life SPCK 2002  118pp pb c sl mkd, pcl markings on contents list, ow vg £3
39802 BIBLE NASB study bible (New American Standard Bible) Zondervan 1999  2040pp+colour maps hb, laminated bds, two ls inside fr c, outer page edges grubby ow vg £14
39796 BIBLE Psalms a new translation for worship  Collins 1977  254pp pb, sp sl fd, pages sl discolouring ow vg £3
39526 BIER W C Personality & sexual problems: in pastoral psychology Fordham University Pr 1965  256pp ex-lib hb c v sl rb ow vg £12
 39341 BINDLEY T H Religious thought in Palestine in the time of Christ  Methuen 1931  175pp ex lib (minimal marks) hb, fr bd sl mkd, sp fd & sl rb ow g £9
39342 BINNIE W Psalms: their history, teachings, & use Hodder & Stoughton 1886  414pp ex lib (minimal marks) hb, bds sl fd & rb, sp sl worn with small nick at top, pages sl disc ow vg £12
39616 BIRMINGHAM W Cross currents: exploring the implications of Christianity for our times: an anthology of forty years of Cross Currents Crossroad 1989  327pp pb c sl mkd & fd, pp v sl disc ow vg £12.50
39586 BISHOP E F F Apostles of Palestine: the local bkground to the New Testament church Lutterworth Pr 1958  258pp hb dw sl rb & fd, pp sl disc & pp ends v sl fx ow vg £4
39468 BLAZICEK O J Baroque in Bohemia: an exhibition of Czech art organized by the National Gallery, Prague Arts Council 1969  no pagination pb sl fd & mkd, pictorial, glossy paper, loose errata sheet, page edges sl disc ow g £4
39653 BOEHME J Jacob Boehme: essential readings: edited & introduced by Robin Waterfield Crucible 1989  239pp pb c sl mkd & rb, sl fd on sp ow vg £7
39501 BOND F Fonts & font cs [facsimile of CUP 1908 edition but plates reproduced onto the same paper as text] Waterstone 1985  351pp hb dw v sl rb ow as new £9
39600 BORGEN P Paul preaches circumcision & pleases men: & other essays on Christian origins Tapir 1983  228pp pb c mkd, sl rb & fd, small pen marks on fr ow vg £25
39340 BOSWELL J Life of Johnson [Samuel] edited by Augustine [Birrell] in six volumes Constable & Co 1896  266/286/307/302/295/322pp fris, ex clerical lib (bookplate+sp number only) new green lib binding, pages sl disc, few spots of foxing on epp ow vg set £60
39343 BOTTRALL M George Herbert  John Murray 1954  154pp fris, ex clerical lib (bookplate+sp number) hb, binding fd & sl rb, text clean & unmkd £6
39634 BOURKE V J Augustine's quest of wisdom: his life, thought & works Magi Books 1993  323pp pb c sl mkd & rb, outer edges sl fx, name on fl, appears unused vg £9
39527 BROOK J Arthur Wragg: Twentieth-century artist, prophet & jester Sansom 2001  174pp pb c sl mkd & cr ow vg £4.50
39776 BROOMHALL A J Strong Tower  China Inl& Mission 1947  255pp hb dw rb & sl worn, pp v sl disc ow vg £3.75
39380 BROOMHALL M Hudson Taylor: the man who believed God China Inl& Mission 1929  244pp fris hb, sp sl fd, epp & outer page edges sl fx ow vg £8
39556 BUBER M Way of man: according to the teaching of Hasidism Routledge 2002  33pp pb v small penmark on bk, writing in fr, l on bk ow vg £3
39486 BUDDE K Religion of Israel to the exile: American lectures on the history of religions Knickerbocker Pr 1899  228pp hb c sl mkd, sp fd, fr hinge exposed, rough cut pages disc on ends ow g £5
39820 BURGESS R Fire & bread: resources for Easter Day to Trinity Sunday Wild Goose Publications 2006  356pp pb, top corner sl b otherwise appears unused £9
39569 BURNS C P E Divine becoming: rethinking Jesus & incarnation Fortress Pr 2002  197pp pb v sl marks on c ow vg £7
39655 BURNS J P Theological Anthropology: sources of early Christian thought Fortress Pr 1981  130pp pb c mkd & disc, small tear, pp ends sl stained, pcl marks in places ow vg £9
39676 BURT D X Pilgrim God: a preacher reflects on the story of Jesus Liturgical Pr 1995  298pp pb c sl mkd & rb, reading crease on sp, l on bk ow vg £15
39631 BURTON J Monastic order in Yorkshire: 1069-1215: (Cambridge studies in medieval life & thought fourth series) CUP 1999  352pp hb small crease on dw ow new £35
39678 BUTLER A [Burns] Lives of the Saints: February  Burns & Oates 1998 new full ed  270pp hb dw sl mkd & rb ow unused £8
39677 BUTLER A [Cumming] Lives of the Saints: August  Burns & Oates 1998 new full ed  336pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, crease on fr inside dw ow unused £15
 39679 BUTLER A [Jones] Lives of the Saints: June  Burns & Oates 1998 new full ed  249pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, crease on fr inside dw ow unused £15
39563 BUTTERWORTH J Reality of God: essays in honour of Tom Baker, Dean of Worcester, 1975 - 1986 Severn House Publishing 1986  215pp pb v sl mkd, sl creases on sp, sl fd ow vg £3.50
39683 BYINGTON E H Puritan in Engl& & New Engl&  Sampson Low, Marston & Company 1896  406pp ex-lib hb c mkd & rb, sp fd, fr hinge sl exposed, pp sl disc, pp ends disc ow vg £17.50
39682 CABAUD J Simone Weil: a fellowship in love Harvill Pr 1964  392pp plates hb dw w & t & fd, pp v sl fd ow vg £20
39609 CADBURY H J Eclipse of the historical Jesus  Pendle Hill Publications 1964  35pp bound pamp binding sl mkd & fd near sp ow vg £8
39681 CADMAN W H Last journey of Jesus to Jerusalem: its purpose in the light of the Synoptic Gospels OUP 1923  159pp ex-lib hb pp sl rough cut, pp sl disc, minor pcl marks ow g £5
39680 CADOUX A T Parables of Jesus: their art & use James Clarke nd  255pp ex-lib hb, binding mkd, rb & fd on sp, fr hinge exposed, pp sl rough cut, epp disc, title page sl fx, pp ends disc ow g £9
39684 CADOUX A T Sources of the second gospel  James Clarke nd  296pp ex-lib hb binding sl mkd & rb, lib sticker on sp, pp sl disc ow vg £16
39687 CADOUX C J Catholicism & Christianity: a vindication of progressive protestantism George Allen & Unwin 1928  708pp ex-lib hb c sl mkd & rb, sp fd, lib l on sp, epp disc, pp ends disc ow vg £11
39686 CADOUX C J Early church & the world: a history of the Christian attitude to Pagan society & the state down to the time of Constantinus T & T Clark 1925  675pp ex-lib hb binding sl mkd & rb, fr hinge exposed, epp fx, pp ends disc ow vg £33
39685 CADOUX C J Roman Catholicism & freedom  Independent Pr 1947 rpt  207pp ex-lib hb c mkd & sl rb, lib l on sp, epp sl disc, pp ends sl disc ow vg £3
39614 CAMERON G G Scots Kirk in London  Becket Publications 1979  272pp hb dw sl mkd & rb ow appears unused £4.50
39379 CARAMAN P Study in friendship: Saint Robert Southwell & Henry Garnet Gujarat Sahitya Prakash 1991  106pp pb binding sl cr ow vg £14
39581 CARROLL J & ROOF W C Beyond establishment: protest identity in a post-protestant age Westminster John Knox Pr 1993  361pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £14
39534 CARSON D A Greek accents: a students manual Baker Book House 1985  167pp pb c sl fd, mkd & l on sp ow vg £15
39593 CARSON D A New Testament commentary survey  Inter-Varsity Pr 1993  92pp pb mint £3
39395 CATHERINE de Jesus-Christ At the bedside of the sick: precepts & counsels for hospital nurses Burns & Oates 1951 rpt  150pp hb, dw sl disc, text clean & unmkd £8
39713 CATHOLIC CHURCH Vademecum for confessors concerning some aspects of the morality of conjugal life [DO 650] Catholic Truth Society 1997  26pp pamp vg £5
39791 CHADWICK H Early Church (Pelican history of the church 1) Penguin large format 1986 rpt  304pp pb, c sl rb, sp cr, pages disc ow g £3
39410 CHARLESWORTH J H John & Qumran  Geoffrey Chapman Publishers 1972  231pp hb dw sl worn & fd, pages sl fx & disc ow g £13
39626 CHARLESWORTH J H & EVANS C A Pseudepigrapha & early biblical interpretation: (Journal for the Study of Pseudepigrapha Supplement Series 14: Studies in Scripture in Early Judaism & Christianity 2) JSOT Pr 1993  319pp hb new £50
39824 CHAVE-JONES M Listening to your feelings  Lion 1989  125pp pb, c sl rb, pages very sl discolouring ow vg £5
39411 CHILTON B D Glory of Israel: the theology & provenance of the Isaiah Targum JSOT Pr 1982  178pp hb with clear plastic dw as new £16
39561 CHURCH OF ENGL& First to the Lord: funding the church's mission: a report prepared by a drafting group set up by the Archbishop' Council's Finance Committee, for consideration & action in the Church of Engl& [GS 1331] General Synod of the CofE 1999  41pp pamp c v sl mkd ow vg £4
 39562 CHURCH OF ENGL& Good news people: recognizing diocesan Evangelists [GS Misc 565] Church House Publishing 1999  76pp pb c v sl mkd ow vg £3.50
39543 CHURCHES TOGETHER Who is my neighbour?: the report of an ecumenical visit to the Middle East March 2001 Churches together in Britain & Irel& 2001  135pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £3
39366 CLARE FEY Mother Practice of Mother Clare Fey: a guide to a more close union with the God of our altars Burns & Oates 1925  77pp fris ex lib (bookplate+rubber stamp) hb. binding fd & mkd, epp disc, pages sl discolouring but clean & unmkd £20
39818 CLARKE F A Thomas Ken  Methuen 1905 rpt  224pp fris ex lib (minimal marks) hb binding rb & mkd, extremities sl worn ow g £4
39437 COGGAN When Christian meets Jew  Bocardo Pr 1985  8pp pamp vg £3
39495 COGGINS R J Samaritans & Jews: the origins of Samaritanism reconsidered Blackwell 1975  170pp pb slight mkd & fd ow vg £12
39355 COHN-SHERBOK D Many mansions: interfaith & religious intolerance (Canterbury Papers) Bellew Publishing 1992  199pp pb c sl rb, name on fr fl ow vg £6
39491 COLETTE Maison de Claudine: bois originaux de Clement Serveau Livre Modern Illustre 1923  185pp pb missing fr c & bk ced mkd, rough cut disc pages, ow g £8
39639 COLL R A Christianity & feminism in conversation  Twenty-Third Publications 1994  197pp pb, lamination on sp imperfect, tiny edgewear, name on fl, appears unused vg £11
39498 COLLINS J J Apocalyptic imagination: an introduction to Jewish apocalyptic literature Eerdmans no date  337pp pb as new £11
39771 COLLINS W E Canons of 1571: in English & Latin [Church Historical Society XL] SPCK 1899  95pp pb c rb & disc ow vg £7
39772 COLLINS W E Four recent pronouncements [Church Historical Society LVI] SPCK 1899  38pp pamp c disc & rb ow g £20
39697 COLQUHOUN F Living church in parish: a symposium Church Book Room Pr 1952  134pp hb dw sl mkd, worn & disc, epp sl disc ow vg £10
39638 COMBLIN J Retrieving the human: a christian anthropology (Theology & Liberation series) Orbis Books 1990  259pp pb c sl rb, appears unused vg £11
39765 COMMUNITY OF ST DENYS C.S.D.: the life & work of St. Denys Warminster to 1979 Community of St Denys 1979  176pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £8
39633 COOK E M Solving the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls: new light on the Bible Paternoster Pr 1994  191pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £4
39799 CULLMANN O Salvation in history  Harper & Row 1967  352pp hb, dw sl fd & rb, few pages in last chapter with pcl underlining & marginal annotations ow vg £7
39591 CUPITT D Nature of man  Sheldon Pr 1979  118pp pb c sl mkd, pp sl disc ow vg £3
39564 DANIEL J Tomorrow is Sunday: the family prepares together for Mass St Pauls Publications 1977  216pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £3
39414 DAVIS S T Risen indeed: making sense of the resurrection SPCK 1993  220pp pb c sl mkd, pages v sl disc near edges ow vg £4
39459 DAY A Inside the British Lib  Lib Association Publishing 1998  297pp hb dw v sl mkd ow unused £20
39577 DE LA MARE W Stories from the Bible [Illustrated by Irene Hawkins] Faber & Faber 1958  372pp plates hb sl mkd & sl fd on sp ow vg £3.50
39800 DEBRETT Debrett's People of today  Debrett's Peerage Ltd 1998  2152pp hb dw mkd & worn ow vg £10
39618 DEISSMANN G A Bible studies: contributions chiefly from papyri & inscriptions to the history of the language, the literature, & the religion of Hellenistic Judaism & primitive Christianity Edinburgh Pr 1909  384pp hb c mkd & fd around top & sp, pp ends sl disc ow vg £7
5605 DENNEY J Studies in theology: lectures delivered in Chicago Theological Seminary Paternoster Pr 1895  272pp hb binding sl rb & fd, epp disc, pp disc, pp rough cut ow g £3
 39428 DERRETT J D M Anastasis: the resurrection of Jesus as an historical event P Drinkwater 1982  166pp pb c sl mkd, rough cut pages, edges sl worn ow vg £16
39417 DERRETT J D M Two masters: the Buddha & Jesus Pilkington Pr 1995  143pp pb c worn & cr, missing small part of bottom right corner, pages v sl disc ow g £9
39797 DEWART L Future of belief: theism in a world come of age Burns & Oates 1967  223pp hb, dw v sl worn ow vg £4.50
39585 DILLISTONE F W Structure of the divine society  Lutterworth Pr 1949  263pp hb dw very worn with some loss, sp fd, pages sl disc ow sound & good £8
39494 DITCHFIELD G M Evangelical revival (Introductions to history) UCL Pr 1998  136pp pb like new £10
39612 DONDERS J G Risen life: healing a broken world Orbis Books 1990  115pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £4
39568 DORRIEN G Making of American liberal theology: idealism, realism & modernity, 1900-1950 Westminster John Knox Pr 2003  666pp pb sl marks on c, small scratch, some pcl on page end ow vg £21
39567 DORRIEN G Making of the American liberal theology: imagining progressive religion, 1805-1900 Westminster John Knox Pr 2001  494pp pb very sl marks on fr ow as new £21
39767 DRAGAS F G Meaning of theology: an essay in Greek patristics Darlington 1980  101pp pb c sl mkd & rb, some pp loose, some pen marginal marks ow vg £6
39450 DRAPER C Islington's cinemas & film studios  Islington Libraries no date  120pp pb c sl mkd & cr, plates, pages very sl disc ow vg £10
39786 DUMONT L Essays on individualist: modern ideology in anthropological perspective U of Chicago Pr 1986  284pp hb, dw sl fd ow vg £25
39588 DUPONT J Sources of acts: the present position Darton, Longman & Todd 1964  180pp hb dw sl rb & t, fd on sp ow vg £9
39671 ECKERSLEY P Holding the silences: a Nepal notebook Abbey Pr 1998  176pp plates pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £6
39463 ELIOVSON S Flowering shrubs, trees & climbers for Southern Africa Howard Timmins 1962  216pp hb dw worn, fd & mkd, plates, pages sl disc ow g £8
39805 ELKINS S K Holy women of twelfth-century Engl& (Studies in religion) U of North Carolina Pr 1988  244pp hb, dw, vg £27.50
39455 EL-QATHAFI M Discourses  Adam Publishers 1975  150pp pb c sl disc, page ends & edges v sl disc ow vg £6
39402 EUCHARISTIC PRAYERS Eucharistic prayers for masses with children & masses of reconciliation Mayhew McCrimmon 1975  52pp pamp, c very sl fd ow vg £4
39352 EVANS C A Word & glory on the exegetical & theological bkground of John's prologue (JSNT SS 89) JSOT Pr 1993  243pp hb, small mark on fr c, appears unused £17
39359 EVANS C A & PORTER S E Historical Jesus: a Sheffield reader (Biblical Seminar 33) Sheffield AP 1995  314pp pb c sl rb ow vg £7
39645 EVANS G R Brief history of heresy  Blackwell 2003  195pp pb c sl mkd & v sl rb ow near new £10
39611 FABELLA V Beyond bonding: a third world women's theological journey Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians & the Institute of Women's Studies 1993  157pp pb dw sl fd & rb ow vg £12
39781 FARBER M Philosophic thought in France & the United States: essays representing major trends in contemporary French & American philosophy University of New York Pr 1968  813pp ex-lib hb dw worn & fd, pp outer edge v v sl disc ow vg £10
39422 FARMER D H Saint Hugh of Lincoln  Darton, Longman & Todd 2000  117pp pb plates, as new £4.50
 39610 FARMER W R & KERESZTY R Peter & Paul in the church of Rome: the ecumenical potential of a forgotten perspective Paulist Pr 1990  186pp pb c sl mkd, sl discolouring on bk c ow vg £10
39499 FERGUSON G Signs & symbols in Christian art  Hesperides Books 1961  192pp pb c sl disc & mkd, cr on sp, plates, pages sl disc ow g £4
39497 FINNEY C G Revivals of religion  Oliphants 1928  542pp hb binding sl mkd & sp fd ow vg £12
39408 FIORENZA E S Revelation: vision of a just world T&T Clark 1993  150pp pb c v sl mkd ow unused £7.5
39530 FISHER M For the time being: a memoir Gracewings 1993  214pp hb dw sl mkd, l on sp ow vg £5.50
39817 FLOOD R G & JENKINS J B Teaching the word, reaching the world  Moody Press 1985  271pp hb, fr bd decorated in gilt, dw sl t ow vg £9
39373 FLORISTAN C Parish: eucharistic community  Sheed & Ward 1965  240pp pb binding sl fd & rb, pages disc ow g £6
39496 FLYNN E P Catholicism: Agenda for renewal University Pr of America 1994  169pp pb c v sl rb ow vg+ £25
39760 FOGARTY M Motorways merge: the new challenge to Christian democracy Christian Democrat Pr 1999  57pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £6
39669 FOSTER R J & SMITH J B Devotional classics: selected readings for individuals or groups Harper 2005  384pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £7
39370 FOXE J Acts & monuments of John Foxe, with a life of the martyrologist, & vindication of the work, by George Townsend, in 8 volumes (1 volume unmatched) [bookplate of W D J Cargill Thompson] with reduced size facsimile title pages Seeley, Burnside & Seeley c1843  c800pp vol (some uncut) bookplate, bindings rb, slight sp wear, corners sl b, odd spots of foxing, good set (images & fuller description on request)   £400
39345 FRIEDMAN M S Martin Buber the life of dialogue Routledge 4th ed revised 2002  404pp pb, binding very sl rb, bk c cr ow vg £18
39531 FROST B Place of underst&ing  Hodder & Stoughton 1936  285pp hb dw worn & disc, foxing on first & last few pages & page edges ow g £4.50
39629 FUNK R W Honest to Jesus: Jesus for a new millenium Polebridge Pr Books 1996  342pp pb dent in bottom of pages ow new £14
39742 FURNIVAL J & KNOWLES A Archbishop Derek Worlock: his personal journey Geoffrey Chapman 1998  274pp hb dw sl mkd & rb ow vg £3.25
39692 GAIRDNER J English Church: in the sixteenth century from the accession of Henry VIII to the death of Mary [Vol IV] Macmillan 1904  430pp hb teg, ex-lib (bookplate, sp no.) binding sl fd/rb/mkd, sp sl frayed top/tail, sl foxing, text vg £4.50
39651 GALLYON M Early church in Eastern Engl&  Terence Dalton 1973  143pp plates hb, binding disc around top ow vg £4.25
39646 GOLDIE F Short history of the Episcopal church in Scotl&: revised edition Saint &rew Pr 1976  181pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £4
39743 GREEN H B Lay presidency at the Eucharist?: (Affirming catholicism) DLT 1994  22pp pamp c sl mkd & rb ow vg £5
39769 GREEN S V With Peter to Calvary: Good Friday talks Epworth Pr 1954  111pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, sl foxing on epp & outside page edge, pcl marks ow g £5
39565 GREEN T H Opening to God: a guide to prayer Ave Maria Pr 1992  110pp pb v sl mkd & rb ow vg £3
39423 GRENZ S J & OLSON R E Who needs theology?: an invitation to the study of God IVP 1996  150pp pb l on bk, name on fl ow appears unused £6
39535 GRUNDY M What they don't teach you at theological college: a practical guide to life in the ministry Canterbury Pr 2003  198pp pb c sl mkd & cr, sl buckled ow vg £5.50
 39460 GUILD J R & LAW A Edinburgh University Lib: a collection of historical essays Edinburgh University Lib 1982  237pp hb dw fd & sl mkd, plates, pp ends sl disc ow vg £6.50
39479 GUNTHER J Lost city: a novel of pre-war Vienna Hamish Hamilton 1964  594pp hb dw worn/t, & t on sp, also disc, pages v sl disc in places ow g £3
39595 HANAGHAN J Freud & Jesus  Runa Pr 1966  169pp hb dw mkd/rb pp sl disc ow g £7
39617 HANAHGAN J Society, evolution & revelation: an original insight into man's place in creation Runa Pr 1957  224pp pb c stained & disc, pp sl disc ow g £12
39659 HANSON A T New Testament interpretation of scripture  SPCK 1980  237pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, fd in places, mainly sp ow vg £25
39658 HANSON R P C Allegory & event: study of the sources & significance of Origen's interpreta- tion of scripture SCM Pr 1959  400pp hb dw sl rb & disc, especially on sp, pp sl disc ow vg £11
39801 HARGREAVES E L Memoirs (with signed letter by author to a friend) Bocardo Pr c1976  176pp fris hb, fr c sl fd ow vg £10
39493 HARING B Christian existentialist: the philosophy & theology of self-fulfillment in modern society: containing the Deems Lectures delivered at New York University in 1966 University of London/New York Pr 1969  101pp hb dw disc around top & sl rb, pages v sl disc, some highlighting & few pen textual marks ow vg £3.50
39720 HARRIS L C In joy & in sorrow: travels among Sudanese Christians Paulines 1999  204pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £4.75
39716 HARRIS L C Keeping the faith: travels with Sudanese women Paulines 1999  174pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £8
39452 HARRIS P R Lib of the British Museum: retrospective essays on the department of printed books British Lib 1991  305pp hb dw v sl mkd, plates, ow vg £25
39454 HARRISON K C Librarian's Odyssey: episodes of autobiography Harrion KC (Author) 2000  232pp pb c sl mkd & cr ow vg £12
39403 HARTON S Practice of confession: why, what, how Mowbray new ed 1958 rpt  64pppp pb good £3
39766 HAVERGAL M V G Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal  James Nisbet 1882  392pp hb c sl mkd & rb, sp disc, epp disc, pp sl disc £3
39492 HEAD P M Proclaiming the resurrection: papers from the First Oak Hill College Annual School of Theology Paternoster Pr 1998  130pp pb c sl mkd, pages sl disc ow vg £6.25
39374 HELLWIG M K Sign of reconciliation & conversion: the sacrament of penance for our times (Message of the Sacraments) 4 Michael Glazier 1982  152pp pb binding sl fd/rb/cr, text clean & unmkd £5
39472 HEMINGWAY E Selected stories  Travellers' Lib 1951  224pp hb, sp fd, sl foxing on fl, sl discolouring on page edges & ends, ow vg £10
39537 HENDRIKSEN W Gospel of Luke: New Testament commentary Banner of Truth Trust 1978  1122pp hb binding mkd & fd on sp ow vg £11
39357 HENRIKSEN J-O  Reconstruction of religion: Lessing, Kierkegaard, & Nietzsche Eerdmans 2001  208pp pb c sl rb, appears unused £9
39787 HENRY C F H Revelation & the bible: contemporary Evangelical thought Tyndale Pr 1959  413pp hb, dw sl fd/rb/mkd, epp sl disc, previous owner's bookplate, text clean & unmkd £4.50
39576 HERBERT A P Secret battle: introduction by the Right Hon. Winston S Churchill Methuen 1931  216pp hb c sl mkd & sp sl fd, end pages sl disc ow vg £15
39404 HERBERT G Temple: sacred poems & private ejaculations Parker & Co 1884 rpt of 1632  252pp facsimile title page, hb binding sl fd & worn on extremeties, corners b, hinges sl exposed, text clean & unmkd £12
39747 HESLAM P Globalization & the good  SPCK 2004  137pp pb c v sl mkd ow as new £9
39643 HICK J John Hick reader:  Macmillan 1990  200pp pb c sl mkd & rb, epp disc, pp ends disc & sl fx ow vg £12
 39761 HILL H Light for the East: a symposium on the Oriental Orthodox & Assyrian churches Anglican Book Centre 1988  164pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £9
39630 HILL R God's architect: Pugin & the building of Romantic Britain Penguin 2007  601pp plates hb dw small tear top of sp & small bump to fr bd ow new £20
39715 HOOD G Neither bang nor whimper: the end of a missionary era in China Presbyterian Church 1991  288pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £7
39378 HOOFT W A V't Memoirs  WCC Publications 1973  379pp illus pb fr c v sl cr, bottom outside edge of pages sl grubby vg £5
39745 HOOSE J Conscience in world religions  Gracewing/University of Notre Dame Pr 1999  199pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £9
39372 HOPKINSON A W Comfort & sure confidence: readings & prayers for the sick, together with notes on visiting the sick Mowbray 1927  141pp pocket hb, sp fd, outer pp edges sl fx ow vg £8
39551 HOUSTON G Christian faith & homosexuality: (Cutting edge: a series of topical booklets tackling the controversial issues) Rutherford House 1994  28pp panp c sl mk/disc ow vg £5
39506 HULME F E Symbolism in Christian art: the history principles & practice of Swan Sonnenschein 1910  234pp hb £3
39644 HUMBACH H & ICHAPORIA P Heritage of Zarathushtra: a new translation of his Gathas Heidelberg 1994  107pp pb c sl mkd & rb, 2 ls on bk ow vg £18
39691 HUTTON W H English church: from the accession of Charles I. to the Death of Anne (1625-1714) [Vol VI] Macmillan 1903  368pp hb teg, ex-lib (bookplate, sp no.) binding sl fd/rb/mkd, sp sl frayed top/tail, sl foxing, text vg £5
39415 JACOB W M Making of the Anglican Church worldwide  SPCK 1997  342pp pb c v sl mkd, l on bk ow vg £18.75
39594 JAMISON K R Unquiet mind: a memoir of moods & madness Alfred A Knopf 1995  224pp hb dw sl mkd & rb ow vg £6.50
39469 JENSON P P Graded holiness: a key to the priestly conception of the world: a dissertation submitted to the University of Cambridge for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy 1988  278pp hb v sl mkd, page edges v sl mkd ow vg £35
39672 JESSEL C Anthology of inner silence  Pelegrin Trust 1990  115pp hb dw sl mkd/rb ow vg £4
39464 JIVANI A It's not unusual: a history of lesbian & gay Britain in the twentieth century Michael O'Mara Books 1997  224pp hb dw sl cr & mkd ow vg £6
39744 JOHN J Permanent faithful stable: Christian same-sex partnerships: affirming catholicism DLT 1995  28pp pamp c sl mkd & rb, few pcl marks ow vg £4.50
39420 JOHN OF DAMASCUS Writings of Saint John of Damascus translated by F H Chase (Fathers of the church Volume 37) Catholic University of America Pr 1981  426pp hb dw sl worn & fd, pages v sl fx on ends ow vg £35
39467 JOHNSON A How to restore & improve your Victorian house  David & Charles 1984  208pp hb dw v sl mkd, plates, ow vg £5.50
39426 JOSEPHUS F [Whiston] Works of Josephus: complete & unabridged: new updated edition by W Whiston Hendrickson Publishers 1987  926pp pb c sl worn, pages fx on ends ow g £15
39572 JURGENS W A Faith of the early fathers: Volume One: a source-book of theological & historical passages from the Christian writings of the Pre-Nicene & Nicene eras. Liturgical Pr 1970  450pp pb c sl mkd & cr, pages v sl bent ow vg £8
39346 KADEL A Matrology: a bibliography of writings by Christian women from the first to the fifteenth centuries Continuum 1995  191pp hb dw v sl fd & rb, name on fr endpaper ow vg £8
39803 KANT I [Smith] Critique of pure reason translated by Norman Kemp Smith Macmillan 1933  681pp hb dw disc & grubby, outer pp edges little grubby, couple of pcl marginal marks ow vg £13
39740 KATZ D S & POPKIN R H Messianic revolution: radical religious politics to the end of the second millenium Penguin Pr 1999  303pp hb dw sl b, small l mk on sp ow like new £9
39749 KEITH G Hated without a cause?: a survey of anti-semitism Paternoster Pr 1997  301pp pb c sl mkd & rb, pp edges v sl disc ow vg £6.50
 39475 KELLY J Belling the cats: selected speeches & articles of John Kelly edited by John Fanagan Moytura Pr 1992  291pp pb c sl cr & mkd, sp sl fd, page top v sl disc ow vg £5
39708 KELLY W Minor prophets:  Ralph E Welch Foundation nd  540pp hb dw mkd, sl rb & worn, tear top of sp ow vg £9
39451 KENNEDY J British civilians & the Japanese war in Malaya & Singapore, 1941-45 Macmillan Pr 1987  167pp hb dw sl mkd ow vg £45
39702 KENT C F Sermons, epistles & apocalypses of Israel's prophets: from the beginning of the Assyrian period to the end of the Maccabean struggle Hodder & Stoughton 1910  516pp hb very worn, sp coming off, bdg sl fd, hinge exposed, epp & title pp disc, pp edges sl disc ow vg £8
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39736 KESICH V Passion of Christ  St Vladimir's Seminary Pr 1965  84pp pamp l on bk, pp v sl disc ow vg £3
39377 KIERKEGAARD S Eighteen upbuilding discourses edited & translated with introduction & notes by H V & E H Hong (Kierkegaard's writings V) Princeton UP 1990  559pp pb binding sl fd & rb ow vg £25
39647 KING J C Evangelicals today: 13 stock-taking essays Lutterworth Pr 1973  203pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, fd around top, pp ends dirty, ow g £4.50
39731 KINGSLEY C Historical lectures & essays  Macmillan 1889  404pp hb binding sl mkd & rb, sp fd, epp disc & sl fx, pp ends disc ow vg £3.50
39792 KITA B What prize awaits us: letters from Guatemala Orbis 1988  231pp pb, pages v sl discolouring ow vg £6
39432 KNOWLES D D Monastic order in Engl&: a history of its development from the times of St Dunstan to the fourth Lateran council Cambridge University Pr 1976  780pp hb c sl mkd & sp cr, page ends disc ow vg £26
39741 KNOX I Theology for teachers  Novalis 1999  376pp pb c sl mkd, rb & b ow vg £12
39522 KNOX J Chapters in a life of Paul  Adam & Charles Black 1954  168pp hb binding sl mkd & sp fd, foxing on epp & sl discolouring on pages ow vg £4.50
39763 KUHRT G Believing in baptism: Christian baptism - its theology & practice Mowbray 1987  186pp pb c sl mkd & rb, pp edges v sl disc ow vg £3
39759 KUNG H & SCHMIDT H Global ethic & global responsibilities: two declarations SCM 1998  152pp pb c v sl mkd & rb, pp edges v sl disc ow vg £15
39555 LAFITTE F Internment of aliens  Libris 1988  266pp pb c sl mkd & fd on sp, pp sl dicoloured around edges, l on bk ow vg £7.50
39770 LANE C A Descriptive lantern lectures on English church history  Paternoster Pr 1889  332pp hb binding sl mkd & rb, pp edges v sl disc ow vg £6
39547 LANKSHEAR D W Churches serving schools  National Society 1996  96pp pb, c v sl mkd ow as new £4
39571 LAU F & BIZER E History of the reformation in Germany [translated by B A Hardy] Adam & Charles Black 1969  249pp hb dw worn & t, disc on bk & fd on sp ow vg £3.50
39725 LAWTON C A Seder h&book: a guide & text for the passover meal Central Jewish Lecture & Information Committee 1984  16pp pamp c sl mkd & rb ow vg £3
39542 LECLERCQ J Christ & the modern conscience  Geoffrey Chapman 1962  289pp pb c mkd, disc & stained on sp, pages v sl disc ow vg £8
39730 LEITH J H Reformed imperative: what the church has to say that no one else can say Westminster Pr 1988  152pp pb sl mkd & rb ow vg £8
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39650 LEWIS C S & CALABRIA G Letters: a study in friendship: translated & edited by Martin Moynihan Collins 1989  125pp hb c sl markd & rb, fd on sp, pp ends sl disc, top outer edge dust spots ow vg £12
 39700 LEWIS G R & DEMAREST B A Integrative theology: Vol 1: knowing ultimate reality the living god Academie Books 1987  394pp hb dw sl t & worn, l mark on sp, v sl foxing on pp end ow vg £8
39701 LEWIS G R & DEMAREST B A Integrative theology: Vol 2: our primary need Christ's atoning provisions Academie Books 1990  574pp hb dw sl rb, l mark on sp ow vg £15
39489 LIBYAN ARAB REPUBLIC Popular revolution: fundamentals & objectives Modern Pr 1974  39pp pamp sl cr ow vg £12
39399 LIVES Lives of the British Reformers from Wickliff to Fox Religious Tract Soc 1836 6 x 4  504pp + portraits, leather decorated binding sl rb & mkd, small tear mended on sp, aeg, page edges very sl disc, ow good copy £26
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39619 MALCOLM J In the Freud archives  Cape 1984  163pp hb dw sl mkd & fd ow vg £4.50
39598 MALONY H N & SPILKA B Religion in psychodynamic perspective: the contributions of Paul W Pruyser Oxford University Pr 1991  233pp hb dw sl mkd ow vg £20
39446 MANSFIELD COLLEGE Mansfield College essays: presented to the Reverend &rew Martin Fairbairn on the occasion of his seventieth birthday: with a bibliography Hodder & Stoughton 1908  384pp hb sp fd, rough cut pages, pages disc ow g £10
39570 MARTIN H Puritanism & Richard Baxter  SCM Pr 1954  223pp hb sl fd around top & sp ow vg £6
39536 MARTIN R P Early Christian confession: Philippians II. 5-11 in recent interpretation Tyndale Pr 1960  69pp pb c fd & sl rb, foxing on page ends ow g £6
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39483 MATHESON S A Persia: an archaeological guide Faber & Faber 1972  330pp pb c mkd, cr on sp & disc, pages v sl disc, plates ow g £9
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39425 MCGRATH A E Making of modern German christology: 1750 - 1990 Zondervan Publishing House 1994  251pp pb c sl cr & worn, l on bk ow vg £14
39613 MENCZER B Catholic political thought: 1789-1848: texts selected with an introduction & biographical notes by Bela Menczer Burns Oates 1952  205pp hb dw fd, mkd & sl worn, pp edges sl disc ow g £8
 39722 MERKLE J A Different touch: a study of vows in religious life Litergical Pr 1998  294pp pb  v sl mkd ow like new £10
39447 MERTON Merton College register 1900-1964: with notices of some older surviving members Blackwell 1964  588pp hb binding sl fd & mkd, page ends disc ow vg £7
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39635 MEYENDORFF J Rome, Constantinople, Moscow: historical & theological studies St Vladimir's Seminary Pr 1996  201pp pb c  sl mkd, one c cr, sp sl fd, fore-edge sl fx ow vg £8
39337 MILDERT W van Inquiry into the general principles of scripture- interpretation, in eight sermons preached before the University of Oxford (Bampton Lecture 1814) OUP 1815  xi/421pp ex lib (bookplate only) hb, half leather, raised b&s, marbled bds, binding scuffed, sp sl t at top, sl foxing on epp & some page edges, some small crosses in margins ow g £130
39336 MILES R Not in our name: voices of women who have left the church Southwell Diocesan Social Responsibility Group 1994  58pp pamp c very sl cr ow vg £5
39424 MOLTMANN J On human dignity: political theology & ethics SCM Pr 1984  225pp pb sp sl fd, c v sl worn ow vg £6
39666 MONTGOMERY J A Book of Daniel: critical & exegetical commentary on T & T Clark 1927  488pp ex-lib hb c sl mkd & rb, pp sl disc, pp ends sl fx, top end dirty ow vg £16
39664 MOORE G F Judaism in the first centuries of the Christian era: the age of Tannaim: Volume II Harvard University Pr 1966 rpt  485pp harbk dw sl mkd & rb, disc mainly on sp ow vg £10
39665 MOORE G F Judaism in the first centuries of the Christian era: the age of Tannaim: Volume I Harvard University Pr 1970  552pp hb dw mkd & fairly worn, disc mainly on sp ow vg £10
39750 MOORE R I Origins of European dissent  Allen Lane 1977  322pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, fd on sp ow vg £10
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39667 MORGAN R Women & sexuality in the novels of Thomas Hardy  Routledge 1991  205pp pb c sl mkd & rb, l on sp, few pcl marginal mkd ow vg £12
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39405 MOULTON W F History of the English Bible  Charles H Kelly, 5th ed, rev & enlarged  310pp hb binding very fd, sl rb on extremeties, sl foxing ow g £5
39698 MOUW R J He shines in all that's fair: culture & common grace: the 2000 stob lectures Eerdmans 2001  101pp hb dw v sl rb, l on font ow like new £9
39523 MURPHY-O'CONNOR J Paul & Qumran: studies in New Testament exegesis Geoffrey Chapman 1968  254pp hb dw sl rb & fd on sp ow vg £15
39699 MURRAY I H Reformation of the Church: a collection of Reformed & Puritan documents on church issues Banner of Truth Trust 1987  414pp pb c sl mkd & rb, sp fd ow vg £3
39456 MUSCAT F My president, my son: ..or one day that changed the history of Libya Adam Publishers 1974  122pp pb c disc & sl cr, small stain on tp, plates, pp edges v sl disc ow g £4.50
 39480 NABOKOV V Nabokov's dozen: thirteen stories Heinemann 1959  223pp hb fd on sp & around top, pages disc & v sl fx in places ow vg £5
39470 NAVARRE Y Sweet tooth  Calder 1976  220pp 1st ed dw fd & sl mkd, pp v sl disc vg £12
39477 NEIL D God in everything: a Layman's guide to the new thinking Book Guild 1984  155pp hb dw sl mkd & fd around top & sp, pages v sl disc at edges ow vg £10
39790 NEILL S Twentieth century Christianity: a survey of modern religious trends by leading churchmen Collins 1961 448pp hb, duswrapper sl fd & rb ow vg £3.50
39532 NEWMAN A N Parliamentary diary of Sir Edward Knatchbull: 1722 - 1730 Offices of the Royal Historical Society 1963  162pp hb sp sl fd ow vg £3.50
39348 NEWMAN J Foundations of religious tolerance  University of Toronto Pr 1982  184pp pb binding sl fd, name on fr endpaper ow vg £6
39764 NICHOLL D Beatitude of truth: reflections of a life time DLT 1997  236pp pb c sl rb ow vg £6
39406 NICHOLS A Byzantine Gospel Maximus the Confessor in modern scholarship T&T Clark 1993  264pp hb dw very sl rb on top edge ow vg £15
39427 NICHOLS A Splendour of Doctrine: the catechism of the catholic church on christian believing T&T Clark 1995  166pp pb c sl cr & mkd ow vg £25
39597 NICOLL M Mark  Vincent Stuart 1955  219pp hb dw rb & fd, pages very sl disc  ow g £20
39654 NIEBUHR H R Purpose of the church & its ministry: reflections on the aims of theological education Harper 1956  134pp hb dw worn, pp rough cut ow vg £8
39384 NINEHAM D E Study of divinity: an inaugural lecture delivered at University of London King's College, 26 February 1959 SPCK 1960  27pp pamp binding sl fd & fx ow vg £6
39519 NOWELL-ROSTRON S St Paul's second epistle to the Corinthians  Religious Tract Society 1931  155pp hb bdg sl mkd, sticker on sp, foxing on page ends & sl foxing throughout ow vg £3
39723 O'CONNELL J B Church building & furnishing: the church's way Burns & Oates 1955  257pp pb c sl mkd & rb, reading crease on sp, pp sl disc ow vg £8
39782 O'HARE P Enduring covenant: the education of Christians & the end of Antisemitism Trinity Pr 1997  195pp pb c sl rb & bent, pcl mark on pp outer edge ow vg £6
39385 OLIER M Catechism of an interior life translated from the French by John Dalton Art & Book Co no date (preface 1849)  136pp ex lib (bookplate+sp l) pocket-size hb, disbound, sp worn & t, text clean & unmkd £8
39798 OLLARD S L et al Dictionary of English church history with & appendix & three maps Mowbray 2nd rev ed 1919  677pp hb binding sl fd & rb on corners, epp disc & v sl fx text vg £11
39590 OSER F & GMUNDER P Religious judgement: a developmental approach REP 1991 £18
39382 OTTO R Idea of the Holy: inquiry into the non-rational factor in the idea of the divine & its relation to the rational OUP 1950 2nd ed rpt  232pp hb very good with fd dw £10
39657 OTTO R Mysticism East & West: a comparative analysis of the nature of mysticism Meridian Books 1957  262pp stitched pb c mkd & rb, pp v sl disc, pp ends disc ow vg £13
39688 OVERTON J H & RELTON F English Church: from the accession of George I. to the end of the eighteenth century (1714-1800) [Vol VII] Macmillan 1906  374pp hb teg, ex-lib (bookplate, sp no.) binding sl fd/rb/mkd, sp sl frayed top/tail, sl foxing, text vg £5
39339 PALMER E H Desert of the exodus, in two volumes: journeys on foot in the wilderness of the Forty Years' W&erings, undertaken in connexion with the Ordnance Survey of Sinai & the Palestine Exploration Fund, with maps & numerous illustrations from photographs & drawings taken on the spot... Deighton, Bell & Co 1871  xx 280/296pp hbs, binding sl rb, small l on sps, epp sl fx ow vg set £100
39358 PAPADAKIS A Christian East & the rise of the Papacy: the church 1071-1453 AD (Church in history, volume IV) St Vladimir's Seminary Pr 1994  424pp plates, pb c sl rb, sp fd, name on fr fl ow vg £12
39718 PARKER M Children of the sun: stories of the Christian journey in Sudan Paulines 2000  191pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £8
 39434 PARKER SOCIETY [JEWEL J] Works of John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury, the third portion: containing, Apologia Eccelesiae Anglicanae. An apology of the Church of Engl&. The defence of the apology, parts I-III Cambridge University Pr 1898  626pp hb sp v worn, c mkd, pages rough cut & v disc ow g £20
39589 PARRATT J Reinventing Christianity: African theology today Africa World Pr 1995  217pp pb sl marks ow vg £8
39516 PATON W Jesus Christ & the world's religions  Edinburgh House Pr 1945  103pp pb c sl mkd, sp sl stained, pages v sl disc ow vg £3
39514 PEEL D R Ministry for mission  Northern College 2003  137pp pb c v sl mkd ow as new £5
39362 PELIKAN J Divine rhetoric: the Sermon on the Mount as message & as model in Augustine, Chrysostom, & Luther St Vladimir's Seminary Pr 2000  167pp pb, fr c v sl cr, name on fr fl ow vg £8
39520 PICKFORD J H Paul's spiritual autobiography  Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1949  126pp ex-lib hb, lib stamps in places ow vg £5
39777 PLAS M van der & SUER H Those Dutch Catholics  Geoffrey Chapman 1967  164pp hb dw sl worn & disc ow vg £6
39559 POBEE J Towards viable theological education: ecumenical imperative, catalyst of renewal WCC Publications 1997  164pp pb c v sl mkd ow vg £6
39524 POLACK A I & SIMPSON W W Jesus in the bkground of history  Cohen & West 1957  160pp hb, small stain on inside c ow vg £5.50
39381 POLKINGHORNE J God of hope & the end of the world  SPCK 2002  154pp hb, dw sl cr & rb ow vg £5
39578 PORTER S E Nature of religious language: a colloquium Sheffield Academnic Pr 1996  312pp pb sl mkd & sl cr c ow vg £5
39360 PORTER S E & EVANS C A Johnnanine writings: a Sheffield reader (Biblical Seminar 32) Sheffield AP 1995  267pp pb outer page edges disc, name on fr fl ow vg £8
39628 POWELL M A & BAUER D R Why do you say that I am?: essays on Christology Westminster John Knox Pr 1999  292pp pb new £16
39738 PRICE P B Living faith in the world through word & action: reflections on Matthew's gospel for small Christian communities New Way Publications 1998  36pp pamp vg £4
39737 PRICE P B Telling it as it is: interactive learning for churches building small Christian communities New Way Publications 1999  36pp pamp vg £4
39596 PRUYSER P Between belief & unbelief: (Studies in philosophy & religion 3) Sheldon Pr 1974  301pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, pp very sl disc ow vg £6
39560 PURTILL R L Thinking about religion: a philosophical introduction to religion Prentice-Hall 1978  175pp pb c mkd & sl cr, sl fd, ow vg £10
39592 QUAKERS Quaker faith & practice: the book of Christian discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain Quakers 1995  665pp pb c v sl mkd ow vg £10
39482 RAHMAN F Islam: history of religion [uncorrected proof copy] Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1966  265pp pb c sl worn & sl disc, plates, pages v sl disc ow vg £7
39580 RAPHAEL M Thealogy & embodiment: the post-patriarchal reconstruction of female sacrality Sheffield Academic Pr 1996  319pp pb c sl mkd & worn near sp ow vg £3.50
39462 RATCLIFFE D U Cranesbill Caravan: an idyll in Upper Wensleydale Dalesman Publishing Company 1961  127pp hb dw very worn & mkd, binding fd, pages sl disc ow vg £4
39476 READ H Sense of glory: essays in criticism Cambridge University Pr 1929  227pp hb sl mkd, sp sl fd, pages v sl disc ow vg £5
39517 REBERA R We cannot dream alone: a story of women in development WCC Publications 1990  125pp pb c v sl mkd, l on bk ow vg £4.50
39507 REICHEL O J English liturgical vestments in the thirteenth century: being a paper read before the Exeter Diocesan Architectural & Archaeological Society at the College Hall, Exeter, September 13, 1895 John Hodges 1895  63pp pamp bound in half leather, bindings rb, inside c & fr/bk pages fx, pages disc ow vg £30
 39443 RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS To Lima with love: the response from the Religious Society of Friends in Great Britain to the World Council of Churches document Baptism, eucharist & ministry Quaker Home Service 1987  27pp pamp c sl cr ow vg £5
39368 REUMANN J Church emerging: a US Lutheran case study (Contributors: James A Bergquist, Philip Hefner, Donald G Luck, Lee E Snook) Fortress Pr 1977  275pp pb binding sl fd & cr, top corner b, few pcl marginal marks ow g £6
39552 REYNOLDS E E Roman Catholic church in Engl& & Wales  Anthony Clarke 1973  376pp ex-lib hb dw sl fd & worn, ls on sp ow vg £7
39728 RHODES W S Christian God  ISPCK 1998  246pp dw sl mkd & w pp 222-223 mkd vg £4.50
39361 RIDLEY N Works of Nicholas Ridley (reprint of the 1843 ed published by Cambridge University Press for Parker Society. First two appendices of this edition have been omitted) Focus Christian Ministries Trust 1988  xvi 485pp pb binding sl rb, name on fr endpaper ow vg £8
39413 RIESENFELD H Gospel Tradition  Fortress Pr 1970  214pp ex-lib hb dw sl mkd, l on sp & inside c ow vg £4
39739 ROBIN A de Q Mather Blagden Hale: the life of an Australian pioneer bishop Hawthorn Pr 1976  227pp hb dw mkd & rb ow vg £9
39518 ROBINSON J M & COBB J B New friers in theology: Volume III: theology as history Harper & Row 1967  276pp hb dw fd on sp, worn, disc on bk, pages sl rough cut ow g £10
39511 ROBINSON M J & COBB J B New friers in theology: Volume II: the new Hermeneutic Harper & Row 1964  243pp hb dw & sl worn, pages sl rough cut, some pcl markings ow vg £10
39604 ROEBUCK S Being human in a cosmic context: Christ & the cosmos No. 7 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 1993  176pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £7
39601 ROEBUCK S Being responsible in a cosmic context: Christ & the cosmos No. 8 Christ & the Cosmos Initiative & Westminster College 1994  189pp pb c sl mkd ow vg £5
39587 ROSA P De Jesus who became Christ  Collins 1975  287pp hb dw sl mkd & rb ow vg £4
39439 RUNCIE R Reform, renewal & rehabilitation: some presonal reflections on prison by Dr Robert Runcie,   Prison Reform Trust 1990  15pp pamp sp sl fd ow vg £7
39674 RUPP J Fresh Bread: & other gifts of spiritual nourishment [Twentieth-anniversary edition] Ave Maria Pr 2006 11th rpt  159pp pb c v sl mkd & rb, small pen mark on fr, ow vg £4
39670 RUPP J Walk in a relaxed manner: life lessons from the Camino Orbis Books 2005  264pp pb c v sl mkd ow like new £5
39819 SANGSTER P History of the Free Churches  Heinemann 1983  216pp hb, dw fd on sp ow appears unused £7
39721 SARAM B de Nile Harvest: the Anglican church in Egypt & the Sudan Bourne Pr 1992  298pp plates c sl mkd & rb, reading crease, index on title page, pp edge v sl disc ow vg £8
39471 SCARROTT M Ambassador of loss  Fortune Press 1955  175pp 1st ed hb dw worn & sl fd, pages v sl disc ow g £20
39431 SHANKS H Underst&ing the Dead Sea Scrolls: a reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review SPCK 1992  241pp pb plates c v sl mkd, page ends v sl fx ow vg £4
39773 SHEDD W G T Homiletics & pastoral theology  Banner of Truth Trust 1965  375pp hb dw sl mkd & rb ow vg £4
39726 SHRISUNDER D S Pocket guide to Asian religions in Britain  Feather Books 1997  22pp pamp vg £5
39375 SINGLEHURST L Loving the lost: the principles & practice of cell church Kingsway 2001  253pp pb, pages very sl discolouring on the edges ow vg £3
39785 SMALLEY B Trends in medieval political thought: essays by PRL Brown, JM Wallace-Hadrill, KJ Leyser, J Dunbabin, M Reeves, MH Keen, TM Parker Blackwell 1965  139pp hb, dw sl fd & worn ow vg £8
39553 SMITH D M Interpreting the Gospels for preaching  Fortress Pr 1980  118pp pb c mkd & cr, some pcl markings, v sl discolouring on pages ow vg £8
 39784 SMITH O J Enduement of power  Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1956 rpt  113pp hb, binding sl rb, epp sl disc, previous owner's l at fr, text clean & unmkd £3.50
39783 SMITH T Coping successfully with joint replacement (Overcoming common problems) Sheldon Pr 1997  100pp pb, pages sl discolouring ow vg £4
39407 SMITH W C Faith & Belief  Princeton University Pr 1979  347pp hb dw sl worn ow vg £25
39445 SMYTHE R Not one sparrow  Pentl&  2001  231pp pb c v sl mkd ow vg £10
39584 SOME M P Of water & the spirit: ritual, magic, & initiation in the life of an African Shaman Penguin 1994  311pp pb c sl mkd, sl foxing on inside c ow vg £4
39795 SPENCE H D M & EXELL J S Pulpit Commentary, three volumes bound together: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians KPT&Co 1886  ix 298/xiii 199/xv 243 hb binding scruffy, sp fd & sl worn/t, lacks fr endpaper, light foxing in places, text good & unmkd £12
39814 SPRING HARVEST Spring harvest praise 2007/08 Full Music [120 songs including 95 new songs for Spring Harvest 2007] Spring Harvest 2007  296pp spiral bound appears unused £9
39615 ST TERESA OF AVILA Life of the Holy Mother Teresa of Jesus  Sheed & Ward 1979  300pp pb c fd & sl mkd, pp ends sl fx & disc ow vg £8
39458 STEWART D Pyramid Inch: is the second volume of a trilogy to be entitled The Sequence of Roles Chapman & Hall 1966  214pp hb dw sl fd & mkd, ow vg £3
39457 STEWART D Round Mosaic: is the first of a trilogy to be entitled The Sequence of Roles Chapman & Hall 1965  233pp hb dw rb on fr, fd on sp, sl fx & disc on pp ends ow g £4.50
39473 STOREY W G Week with Christ  Ave Maria Pr 1978  110pp pb bk c mkd, sl discolouring on page edges & ends ow vg £3.50
39813 SUPPLEMENT Supplement 96 (full music) Hope Publishing Co 1996  152pp pb vg £8
39351 SWAN L Forgotten Desert Mothers: sayings, lives, & stories of early Christian women Paulist Pr 2001  218pp pb, corner of bk c & few pp sl cr, name on fr fl ow vg £6
39488 SWIFT D F Sociology of education abstracts: report on first stage of project Oxford University 1970  no pagination hb c sl mkd & fd on sp ow vg £15
39419 SWINBURNE R Christian God  Clarendon Pr 1994  261pp pb c sl mkd, pages sl fx on ends ow vg £14
39703 SWINDOLL C R Esther: a woman of strength & dignity: profiles in character from: Word Publishing 1997  203pp hb plastic dw sl b, contents list mkd ow vg £6
39705 SWINDOLL C R Moses: a man of selfless dedication: profiles in character from: Word Publishing 1999  376pp hb dw laminated on, contents list annotated ow like new £8
39649 SYMEON St [Golitzin] On the mystical life: the ethical discourses: vol 1: the church & the last things: translated from the Greek & introduced by Alex&er Golitzin St Vladimir's Seminary Pr 1995  193pp pb c sl mkd & v sl rb, sp sl fd, pp ends v sl fx ow vg £6
39509 SYMONDS M & PREECE L Needlework in religion: an introduction study of its inner meaning, history, & development; also a practical guide to the construction & decoration of altar clothing & of the vestments required in church services Isaac Pitman no date  230pp plates hb bdg sl edge rb, decorated fr bd, sl crack on inside hinges, end papers sl disc ow vg £45
39778 TENNENT R J Church Knowle: Purbeck parish through the ages Anglebury-Bartlett 1981  76pp pb c sl rb, sp sl fd ow vg £5
39673 TERESA Mother [KOLODIEJCHUK B] Come be my light: private writings of the Saint of Calcutta Doubleday 2007  404pp 1st ed hb dw sl mkd & rb ow vg £10
39416 THIEDE C P Rekindling the word: in search of Gospel truth Trinity Pr 1995  204pp pb c sl mkd, page edges v sl fx ow vg £6
39735 THIESSEN E J Teaching for Commitment: liberal education, indoctrination & Christian nurture McGill-Queen's University Pr 1993  332pp pb c sl mkd & rb, reading cr on sp ow vg £12
39788 THOMAS G F Christian ethics & moral philosophy  Scribner 1955  539pp hb binding sl disc, epp disc, text clean & unmkd £4.50
39349 THOMPSON E A Who was Saint Patrick?  Boydell Pr 1985  190pp hb, dw, pages v sl discolouring across the top of page, appears unused £4
 39549 THOMPSON F Hound of heaven [illustrated by Jean Young] Mowbrays 1976  29pp pocket size pb c sl mkd & rb, hinge v sl loose in one place ow vg £3
39727 TIMUR M Theory of morals  Philosophical Lib 1965  524pp hb dw stained, worn & disc, epp disc ow vg £10
39748 TREPP L Eternal faith, eternal people: a journey into Judaism Prentice-Hall 1962  455pp hb dw sl worn & fd ow vg £7
39780 TROTTER E Seventeenth century life in the country parish: with special reference to local government CUP 1919  242pp hb binding v sl mkd/rb & sp sl fd, epp disc, pp v sl disc ow vg £10
39521 TROTTER T Jesus & the historian: written in honor of Ernest Cadman Colwell Westminster Pr 1968  176pp hb vg £5
39505 TYACK G S Historic dress of the clergy  William &rews 1897  134pp hb c sl mkd & sp fd, pages sl disc ow vg £10
39367 ULLMANN C Reformers before the Reformation, principally in Germany & the Netherl&s, translated by Robert Menzies, in 2 volumes T&T Clark 1860  416/643pp (some uncut) ex lib (minimal marks) hb, bds rb & worn on corners & edges, sps reinforced with black linen tape, hinges inside reinforced with white linen tape, text sl disc but clean & unmkd £30
39804 ULLMANN W Origins of the Great Schism: a study in fourteenth-century ecclesiastical history Burns & Oates 1948  244pp plates hb, binding sl rb & mkd, sp number, text clean & unmkd £10
39575 UNITED REFORMED CHURCH In the beginning: ministry with young children & their families United Reformed Church 2004  26pp pamp bent & sl mkd ow vg £3
39448 USBORNE R Clubl& heroes: a nostalgic study of some recurrent characters in the romantic fiction of Dornford Yates, John Buchan & Sapper Constable Publishers 1953  217pp hb sp fd, page ends fx ow vg £15
39504 VAUGHAN Directions for the use of altar societies & architects  Burns Oates & Washbourne 1936  66pp pb, c sl mkd & fd, sp worn, writing on fr c, pages sl disc ow g £25
39566 VILADESAU R Word in & out of season: Homilies for the Sundays of Ordinary Time, Cycle C Paulist Pr 1991  114pp pb sl marks on fr, sp sl fd ow vg £3
39573 VOS J P & T J Celebrating school liturgies: guidelines for planning Litergical Pr 1991  61pp pb c mkd & cr ow g £4
39707 WAINWRIGHT G Christian Initiation: ecumenical studies in history Lutterworth Pr 1969  107pp pb sl mkd & rb,  fd near sp, fr epp cr ow g £3.50
39412 WALKER A Different Gospels: Christian orthodoxy & modern theologies SPCK 1993  231pp pb revised edition vg £7
39775 WALTERS C C Monastic archaeology in Egypt [Modern Egyptology Series] Aris & Phillips 1974  354pp hb c sl rb & v sl stained, fr hinge exposed, sp mkd ow vg £40
39525 WARFIELD B B Perfectionism  Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company 1967  464pp hb binding sl mkd & fd around top & sp, ow vg £4.50
39779 WAVELL S, BUTT A & EPTON N Trances  Allen & Unwin 1966  253pp plates hb dw sl mkd & rb ow vg £6
39409 WEDDERBURN A J M Paul & Jesus: collected essays JSOT Pr 1989  202pp hb c sl mkd ow vg £15
39794 WESLEY J Sermons on several occasions (sp title Fifty-three sermons) first series Wesleyan-Methodist Book Room nd  778pp hb, bds sl fd & worn on corners, sp very fd & worn top/tail, epp sl fx, pen notes on bk endpaper, pages sl discolouring but text clean & unmkd £4
39717 WHEELER A C Announcing the light: Sudanese witness to the gospel Paulines 1998  288pp pb c mkd, rb & cr ow vg £7
39510 WHITTICK A Symbols for designers: a h&book on the application of symbols & symbolism to design: for the use of architects sculptors, ecclesiastical & memorial designers commercial artists & students of symbolism Crosby Lockwood 1935  168pp plates hb binding sl mkd & rb, sp worn, pages v sl disc ow vg £8
 39724 WIERSMA J Discernment & commitment: on the making of Europe Pharos 1993  222pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £12
39533 WILBER K Essential Ken Wilber: an introduction reader Shambhala 1998  199pp pb c sl mkd & rb, ls on bk ow vg £6
39642 WILLIAMS G Wales & the Reformation  University of Wales Pr 1997  440pp hb dw sl mkd & rb, top of epp sl disc, outer page edges sl disc & stained, name on fl but appears unread vg £22
39354 WILLIAMS P A Doing without Adam & Eve: sociobiology & original sin (Theology & the sciences) Fortress Pr 2001  227pp pb binding sl rb ow vg £9
39656 WILLIAMS R Anglican identities  DLT 2004  149pp pb c v sl mkd, small bend in top right corner ow vg £4
39675 WILLIAMS R Tokens of Trust: an introduction to Christian belief Canterbury Pr 2007  159pp hb dw new £4.75
39441 WINTER D Hope in the wilderness  Bible Reading Fellowshop 2003  160pp pb c sl fd & sp sl cr ow vg £3
39438 WITH PEOPLE With people of other faiths in Britain: a study h&book for Christians United Reformed Church no date  80pp pamp vg £4
39429 WITHERINGTON B  III Jesus Quest: the third search for the Jew of Nazareth Paternoster Pr 1995  304pp hb dw v sl mkd ow vg £7
39732 WOOD J Jewish: our culture Franklin Watts 1988  29pp pb c sl mkd & rb ow vg £3
39449 WOOLL E Libel!: a play in three acts William Heinemann 1934  123pp hb c & sp disc, pages sl disc, page ends fx & disc ow g £8
39465 WRAIGHT A D & STERN V F In search of Christopher Marlowe: a pictorial biography Adam Hart Publishers 1993  376pp pb c v sl mkd, plates, inscription on fr endpaper, ow vg £10
39444 YOUNG H One of us: a biography of Margaret Thatcher Macmillan 1989  570pp hb dw sl rb ow vg £3.50
39474 YOUNG J E Studies in Isaiah  Eerdmans Publishing 1954  206pp hb dw disc & sl mkd, pages sl disc ow vg £4.50
39648 ZERNOV N Reintegration of the church: a study in intercommunion SCM Pr 1952  128pp pb c disc & fx, epp sl fx, pp disc, pp ends fx ow g £8


16420 ANDREWES L Ninety-six sermons in 5 volumes: lacks volume 5 Vol 1 On the Nativity/Ash Wednesday, Vol 2 Lent/Good Friday/Easter Day, Vol 3 Easter Day/Whitsunday, Vol 4 Gowry Conspiracy, Gunpowder Treason  Parker 1854  xxx 454/xvi 428/xvi 401/xv 405pp all newly rebound in black buckram, fr free endpaper in first two volumes mkd ow vg  £160
37774 ANDREWES L Ninety-six sermons in 5 volumes: Volume IV only Vol 4 Gowry Conspiracy, Gunpowder Treason  Parker 1841  xv 405pp newly rebound in black buckram, free epp fx all other pp are fine £40
402 ANREWES L Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine: & other minor works   Parker 1846  xviii 431pp ex inst lib[sp l & bkplates inside fr bd] orig bdg fd & b  sp sl frayed pp margins v sl discol £25
38714 ANDREWES L Preces Privatae Quotidianae Graece et Latine  Parker 1853  viii 436pp xii ex inst lib [sp l bkpl inside fr bd] orig bdg sl fd & sl b sl fraying to head of sp, pp uncut, epp sl fx vg £25
38715 ANDREWES L Responsio ad apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini Latin text   Parker 1851  xxxii 500pp ex inst lib [sp l bkplate inside fr bd] orig bdg sl fd & sl b uncut pp , epps sl fx ow vg £25
38716 ANDREWES L Tortura Torti sive ad Matthaei Torti librum responsio Latin text  Parker 1851  xxvii 496pp ex inst lib [sp l bkplate inside fr bd] orig bdg sl fd & sl b, uncut pp, small nick at head of sp, epp sl fx ow vg £25
38720 ANDREWES L  Opuscula quaedam posthuma with Index Generalis in Opera Latina   Parker 1852  216pp+69pp  ex inst lib [sp l & bkplate inside fr bd] orig bdg fd & b, v sl fraying to head of sp, uncut pp, epp v sl fx ow vg £25
 38719 ANDREWES L   Two answers to Cardinal Perron & other miscellaneous works & other minor works + index of texts to sermons & General index to sermons [final volume to complete Works] Parker 1854  cxxii 463pp ex inst lib [sp l & bkplate inside fr bd] orig bdg fd & rb, sp v sl frayed, uncut pp, stitching sl loose, v sl fx ow g £25
38725 BEVERIDGE W  Theological works of William Beveridge in 12 vols lacks Vol 1  unmatched set  Parker 1842-1848  c470pp /vol, ex clerical lib [sp l /bk plate inside fr c] v2-8 newly rebound in maroon buckram v9-12 orig bdgs fd & b, wear at sp heads, (v9 part loss), epp fx ow good set £200
37413 BRAMHALL J Works of ... John Bramhall with a life of the author & a collection of his letters 5 volume set  Parker 1842-5  ex clerical lib orig cloth bdgs shabby, sp heads/tails frayed, 1 sp strip re-glued, vols lack bk epp many uncut pp few exposed hinges pp sl disc overall good set  £100
2876 BULL G   Defence of the Nicene Creed: out of the extant writings of the Catholic Doctors who flourished during the three first centuries... & Judgement of the Catholic Church...Vols 1-3 Works on the Trinity  Parker 1851/52/55  xxiv 732pp xvi 372pp ex inst lib [sp l & book plate inside fr bd] orig bdgs sl fd & b, sl fray at head of sp, uncut pp, epp sl fx ow vg  £75
30021 BULL G  Harmonia Apostolica: or two dissertations...the doctrine of St. James on Justification... [sp: On Justification Part I] & Examen Censurae or an answer...on Harmonia Apostolica to which is added An Apology in answer to T Tully...[sp: Justification Pts II & III] Parker 1842/3  xvi 231/xx 416pp ex cler lib orig bdgs sl fd & b, sps sl frayed, uncut pp, epp sl fx ow vg  £50
4851 COSIN J  Works of ... John Cosin in 5 vols 1.Sermons 2.Miscellaneous Works 3.Scholastical History of the Canon of the holy Scripture 4.Miscellaneous Works 5.Notes & collections on the Book of Common Prayer  Parker 1843-1855  355pp/331pp/322pp/528/545pp ex cler lib [sp l/bkplate inside fr bd] orig bdgs fd & b, sl fraying to sps, v2 loose stitching, epp sl fx, pp margins sl discol ow g  £150
38717 CRAKANTHORP R Defensio Ecclesiae Anglicanae  Parker 1847  xxiv 603pp ex cleric lib [sp l bkpl inside c] orig bdgs sl fd & b, sp heads sl frayed, uncut pp, epp sl fx, pp margins sl disc vg £25
33961 FORBES W  [Considerationes Modestae] Vol 1 Consideratio aequa et placida...justificatione controversiae & vol 2 Considerationes modestae et pacificae: Justificatione, Purgatoria, Invocatione Sanctorum, Christo Mediatore, et Eucharistia trans & ed by G H Forbes; Latin/English on facing pp   Parker 1850/56  501/613pp ex clerical lib vol 2 bdg b/fd, sp tops/tails sl frayed uncut pp good  £50
2877 FRANK M Sermons in two volumes  Parker 1859  xvi 446pp viii 444pp ex clerical lib [sp l, book plate inside fr c] orig bdgs sl edge rb, uncut pp, fl in vol 1 damaged, sl fx ow vg  £50
30022 HAMMOND H Miscellaneous theological works in 3 volumes bound as 4 A Practical catechism with Life of the author by J Fell: Of the reasonableness of Christian Religion, Fundamentals, Schism, Paraenesis: 31 Sermons in 2 vols  Parker 1847-50  cxxxvi 400/xx 410/x 664pp ex clerical lib [sp l, book plate inside fr bd, orig bdgs sl fd & b, sp heads sl frayed, uncut pp, vol 1 fr hinge sl exposed & pp margins sl discol ow g  £100
30023 HAMMOND H Thirty-one sermons preached on several occasions Part I sermons 1-16 (Vol 3 Part I of Miscellaneous works) Parker 1849  352pp bdg fd & b fr hinge wk lacks fl text vg £20
11826 HICKES G Two treatises on the Christian Priesthood & on the Dignity of the Episcopal answer to...Rights of the Christian Church...& an appendix in 3 volumes  Parker 1847 4th ed  xxviii 332/xxv 396pp/484pp ex clerical lib minimal marks, lacks bk endpaper, orig cloth fd & b, sp head/tail sl frayed, v2 stitching little loose, uncut pp, margins disc, epp fx ow good  £75
37412 L'ESTRANGE H Alliance of divine offices  Parker 4th ed 1846  xxiv 567pp orig cloth bdg shabby head/tail sp frayed lacks bk epp inside hinges exposed mostly uncut pp sl fx & disc ow g £16
38718 NICHOLSON W  Exposition of the Catechism of the Church of Engl&  Parker 1842  xxvi 199pp ex clerical lib [sp l bkplate inside fr opening] orig bdg sl fd, scuffed & b, uncut pp, epp sl fx, uncut pp, page edges sl disc ow vg £20
31709 OVERALL J  Convocation book of MDCVI commonly called Bishop Overall's Convocation book, concerning the government of God's Catholic Church & the kingdoms of the whole world  Parker 1844  319pp ex clerical lib minimal marks lacks bk fl, orig bdg fd & rb, sp head/tail sl frayed, epp & fris fx, ow vg £15
 37410 THORNDIKE H Theological works set of 6 volumes bound as 10 volumes  Parker 1844-1856  orig cloth bdgs sl rb sps fd sp heads/tails frayed 2 sp b&s reglued bk epp removed many uncut pp little fx good sound & clean set  £180
36155 WILSON T Works of the Right Reverend Thomas Wilson DD in 7 volumes bound as 8 volumes.  Lacks Vol 1 Life by Keble  Parker new ed 1847  ex clerical libbdgs fd sps frayed one split one with loss, some stitching visible uncut pp epp v sl fx ow g   £70

38426 PARKER SOCIETY General index to the publications of the Parker Society  CUP 1855  811pp orig cloth, bdg rb, top of bds & epps sl water damaged, sp w, corners/top edge of book b, hinges exposed, epps sl fx+off spots, pcl markings on preliminaries, text unmkd £40
38433 PARKER SOCIETY Orig letters relative to the English Reformation written during the reigns of King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, & Queen Mary: chiefly from the archives of Zurich, in 2 unmatched volumes CUP 1846/7  Vol 1 376pp mainly uncut, ex institutional lib, orig bdg sp sl w, epp sl fx, text unmkd: Vol 2 407pp new blue lib bdg, text unmkd, vg set £50
15077 PARKER SOCIETY Zurich Letters (Second Series) comprising the correspondence of several English Bishops & others with some of the Helvetian Reformers during the reign of Queen Elizabeth CUP 1845  377pp+207pp ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, corners b & w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £14.50
15076 PARKER SOCIETY Zurich Letters comprising the correspondence of several English Bishops & others with some of the Helvetian Reformers during the early part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth CUP 1842  336pp/facsimile of autographs/198pp of appendices, ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £14.50
38434 PARKER SOCIETY Zurich Letters or the correspondence of several English Bishops & others with some of the Helvetian Reformers during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, chiefly from the archives of Zurich CUP 1846  576pp ex institute lib (bookplate+sp number) orig bdg fd & w, corners sl b, sp sl frayed top/tail, unmkd text £14.50
38597 PARKER SOCIETY [Bale] Select works containing the examinations of Lord Cobham, William Thorpe, & Anne Askewe & the image of both churches CUP 1849  647pp uncut ex institute lib (bookplates+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £25
38398 PARKER SOCIETY [Becon] Prayers & other pieces ed by John Ayre CUP 1844  644pp uncut ex inst lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £15
15075 PARKER SOCIETY [Bradford] Writings  (Volume 1 only) containing sermons, meditations, examinations, ed by Aubrey Townsend CUP 1848  592pp mainly uncut, ex institutional lib, orig bdg, sp sl t, epp sl fx, text unmkd £15
38599 PARKER SOCIETY [Bradford] Writings in two volumes: Vol 1 containing sermons, meditations, examinations; Vol 2 containing letters, treatises, remains CUP 1848/53  592/432pp uncut, orig bdg badly strained, sp sl t on Vol 2, epp v sl fx, text unmkd £25
38401 PARKER SOCIETY [Calfhill] Answer to John Martiall's treatise of the cross  CUP 1856  418pp uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £9
38402 PARKER SOCIETY [Cdale] Remains of Myles Cdale  CUP 1846  618pp mainly uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, bk bd cr, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £15
38403 PARKER SOCIETY [Cranmer] Miscellaneous writings & letters of Thomas Cranmer (Volume 2 only) CUP 1846  592pp mainly uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £30
38405 PARKER SOCIETY [Fulke] Defence of the sincere & true translations of the holy scriptures into the English tongue agaist the cavil of Gregory Martin CUP 1843  607pp uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £23
38406 PARKER SOCIETY [Hooper] Early writings of John Hooper  CUP 1843  584pp ex inst lib (book plate/sp marking), orig bdg, v small portion at top of sp missing, text unmkd £13
 38407 PARKER SOCIETY [Hooper] Later writings of John Hooper together with his letters & other pieces CUP 1852  640pp mainly uncut, ex institutional lib (bookplate/sp marking) orig bdg sl rb, top of sp t, text unmkd £29
15073 PARKER SOCIETY [Hutchinson] Works of Roger Hutchinson  CUP 1842  350pp uncut, ex institutional lib (bookplate/sp marking) orig bdg sl rb, sp sl t, epps sl fx, text unmkd £27
38409 PARKER SOCIETY [Jewel] Works of John Jewel Four volume set Lacking Volume 1 CUP 1847-50  586/626/732pp mainly uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, corners b unmkd text £70
38419 PARKER SOCIETY [Ketley] Two liturgies AD 1549 & AD 1552 with other documents set forth by authority in the reign of King Edward VI... CUP 1844  582pp few uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l/numbering) orig bdg sl w, part of sp missing, unmkd text £15
15071 PARKER SOCIETY [Latimer] Sermons by Hugh Latimer  CUP 1844  551pp mainly uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £25
15070 PARKER SOCIETY [Latimer] Sermons; Sermons & remains  2 vol set CUP 1844/45  551/526pp some uncut, ex inst lib (sp mk) orig bdg, sps w with sl loss, text unmkd, vg set £50
38420 PARKER SOCIETY [Nowell] Catechism written in Latin together with the same catechism translated into English by Thomas Norton CUP 1853  237pp ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, sp sl t & frayed top/tail, couple of pen textual marks ow text vg £14
38421 PARKER SOCIETY [Parker] Correspondence of Matthew Parker comprising letters written by & to him, from AD 1535 to his death AD 1575 edited by John Bruce CUP 1853  511pp uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £23
15072 PARKER SOCIETY [Pilkington] Works ed by James Scholefield CUP 1842  703pp uncut ex institute lib (bookplates+sp l) orig bdg sl w, sp damaged at top (sm piece missing), unmkd text £25
38422 PARKER SOCIETY [Ridley] Works of Nicholas Ridley  CUP 1841  528pp ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, hinges exposed, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £18.75
38423 PARKER SOCIETY [S&ys] Sermons of Edwin S&ys to which are added some miscellaneous pieces by the same author CUP 1842  467pp many uncut, ex institutional lib (book plate/sp l) orig bdg, sp sl t with some loss, epp sl fx, text unmkd £13
15063 PARKER SOCIETY [Tyndale] Doctrinal treatises & introductions to different portions of the Holy Scriptures by William Tyndale CUP 1848  532pp mainly uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, replacement sp strip, unmkd text £34.50
38425 PARKER SOCIETY [Whitaker] Disputation on Holy Scripture against the Papists, especially Bellarmine & Stapleton CUP 1849  717pp mainly uncut ex institute lib (bookplate+sp l) orig bdg sl w, sp w top/tail, unmkd text £35
38399 PARKER SOCIETY SET Parker Society set including supplement to Ridley, but lacking the 5 small volumes (Cooper, Norden, Poetry, Christian Prayers & Woolton) & extra Latin original of 3rd Zurich letters in all 48 volumes + Index (3 Zurich in 2 vols) CUP 1800's  original cloth, some fraying to sp, 4 vols with little loss, 4 vols ex college lib (bk plate/sp l), 2 with replaced sp strips, better condition than usual sets, fuller descriptions on request [UK POST FREE] £795



SHEPHERD S A  The stained glass of A W N Pugin  Spire Books 2009  c420pp 150 colour illustrations hb 210mm x 275mm  978 1 904965 20 6  [a complete record of Pugin's extraordinary achievements in stained glass design & manufacture...] Photography by Alastair Carew-Cox.  Orders received after 31st May rrp £34.95



Abbreviations:             GW Grove Worship                Gev  Grove Evangelism

33566 ASKEW R From strangers to pilgrims: evangelism and the church tourist (GEv38)  1997  24pp pamp unused £4
38317 ATHERSTONE A Confessing our sins (GW179)  2004  28pp pamp unused £3
33585 BECKLEY P Mission in a conspiracy culture (GEv60)  2002  28pp pamp unused £3
8216 BERG P Evangelism through small groups (GEv10) Grove 1990  25pp pamp g £4
33581 BLACKMORE V Using your church web site for evangelism (GEv53)  2001  24pp pamp c sl faded ow vg £3
33582 BOOKER M Exploring natural church development (GEv55)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38304 BUCHANAN C Infant baptism in Common Worship (GW163)  2001  24pp pamp unused £2
8250 BUCHANAN C Leading worship (GW76) Grove 1987  25pp pamp vg £4
38303 BUCHANAN C Services for wholeness and healing: the Common Worship Orders (GW161)  2000  24pp pamp unused £3
38300 BUCHANAN C & READ C Eucharistic prayers of Order One (GW158)  2000  28pp pamp unused £3
38309 BUCHANAN C et al Collects:  an alternative view (GW171)  2002  28pp pamp new £3
32583 CHADWICK C & TOVEY P Developing reflective practice for preachers (GW164)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38306 COCKSWORTH C & FLETCHER J Common Worship daily prayer (GW166)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38312 DEWAR I Common Worship in church schools: an experiment in integration (GW174)  2003  28pp pamp unused £3
32214 EAREY M & HEADLEY C Mission and liturgical worship (GW170)  2002  28pp pamp unused £3
38301 FLETCHER J Communion in Common Worship: the shape of Orders One and Two (GW159)  2000  24pp pamp unused £3
38349 FOULKES S & JENKINS G Laughing at unbelief: is there a place for satire in evangelism? (GEv65)  2004  28pp pamp front cover v sl creased unused £3
38347 FOULKES S et al Turnaround teams: a tale of two churches in the Missionary Diocese of Wakefield (GEv63)  2003  28pp pamp unused £3
32212 GIBSON P Anglican ordination rites: the Berkeley Statement: 'To equip the Saints': findings of the Sixth International Anglican Liturgical Consultation... 2001 (GW168)  2002  24pp pamp unused £3
38310 HEADLEY C Laying on of hands and anointing in ministry for wholeness and healing (GW172)  2002  32pp pamp unused £2
38384 HOCKEN P Spirit of unity: how renewal is breaking down barriers between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics (GR5)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
32576 HOLETON D R Renewing the Anglican eucharist: findings of the Fifth International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, Dublin, Eire, 1995 (GW135)  1996  43pp pamp new £3
38348 HOLLINGHURST S New Age, Paganism and Christian Mission (GEV64)  2003  28pp pamp cover sl faded unused £3
38342 HOLMES J Vulnerable evangelism: the way of Jesus (GEv54)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38340 HOPKINS B et al Cell church stories as signs of mission (Grove Ev51)  2000  28pp pamp unused £3
33580 JEANS D et al Affirming the evangelist: responses to Good News People (GEv50)  2000  24pp pamp unused £3
38315 LANGE A de & SIMPSON L How to... read the bible in church a training course (GW177)  2003  28pp pamp unused £3
38308 LANGE A de & SIMPSON L How to... lead the prayers: a training course (GW169)  2002  24pp pamp cover sl faded unused £3
38345 LINGS G & MURRAY S Church planting: past, present and future (GEv61)  2003  28pp pamp unused £3
38302 LLOYD T Dying and death step by step: a funerals flowchart (GW160)  2000  24pp pamp unused £3
38305 LLOYD T Thanksgiving for the gift of a child: a commentary on the Common Worship service (GW165)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38344 MAHER I Faith and film: close encounters of the evangelistic kind (GEv59)  2002  28pp pamp unused £3
8202 MAY P Dialogue in evangelism (GEv12) Grove 1990  24pp pamp vg £4
23966 NIXSON R Liberating the gospel for women (GEv28)  1994  24pp pamp vg £3
38391 PORTER M David Watson: evangelism, renewal, reconciliation (GR12)  2003  32pp pamp unused £3
38298 REISS P Children and communion: a practical guide for interested churches (GW149)  1998  24pp pamp new £3
38363 RIEM R Soul in leadership: insights from Aelred of Rievaulx's pastoral prayer (GP102)  2005  28pp pamp unused £3
38299 ROBERTS P Alternative worship in the Church of England (GW155)  1999  24pp pamp small label inside front cover ow unused £3
33559 SANDERSON D Work and office of an evangelist (GEv31)  1995  24pp pamp vg £3
33562 SHERWIN D R et al Evangelism across the diocese: two diocesan initiatives in evangelism (GEv34)  1996  24pp pamp vg £3
38332 SIMPSON R Abortion: choosing who lives.  Evaluating the process by which abortion is permitted (GE126)  2002  27pp pamp unused £3
33584 STANDING R Preaching for the unchurched in an entertainment culture (GEv58)  2002  28pp pamp unused £3
38297 STRATFORD T Interactive preaching: opening the word then listening (GW144)  1998  24pp pamp new £4
38311 STRATFORD T Liturgy and urban mission (GW173)  2002  28pp pamp unused £3
38313 TARRANT I Scripture-based liturgies (GW175)  2003  28pp pamp unused £3
38318 TARRANT I & DAKIN S Labyrinths and prayer stations (GW180)  2004  28pp pamp unused £3
38343 THOMPSON A Gospel magic: how to use magic tricks as visual aids (GEv56)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38316 TOVEY P Preaching a sermon series with Common Worship (GW178)  2004  28pp pamp unused £3
38307 TOVEY P Public worship with communion by extension: a commentary (GW167)  2001  24pp pamp unused £3
38341 UPTON R Homelessness and evangelism (GEv52)  2000  24pp pamp unused £3

38346 UPTON R Reaching those affected by prison (GEv62)  2003  32pp pamp unused £3


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